Transient things Photographed in Time


This be the Rocky Mountain Way2 lewk @ da werd transient!.werd of da’ week was transient….Transient..Drifters, nomads, and even the state of impermanence: this week, share your photos of transient…..well my choice is a few things that only the photo keeps forever in time..

there are a few different ways to interpret that werd but for me it is thngs that do not stick around……….so in a way jest bout anything can be transient dependin upon ur perspective….especially things which once photogaphed will never be the same…..

here are a couple of shots of things that are transient in my werld but come back evry year.cept well.the tree has fallen now so no more shots of lightnin’ or rainbows beyond it..etc etc. my take on transient with a couple a few of my fav shots…i have taken over the years!

peace-out frum da’



twas’ a darin’ night to be out walkin on hilltops….






………..Drivin’ into da’ storm Photo: by Quarksire 🙂


Rainbows ussually appear 2 be curved an not straight

In Ur Face – Lightnin’ photoz by Q


In ur face Lightnin' by Q

In ur face Lightnin’ Foto by Quarksire

CAME TO MIND DRIVIN ROUND TAKIN PICS OF LIGHTNIN STORMS LAST NIGHT! – ah but what does Q do when it’s dar an lightning storms are keepin him awake…chase the storms thats what! is a lotta fun!

one-strike2best_by_Quarksire 002…I gots lots to get developed an werked with here bout 3 rolls will see what comes back…since now i have to send out for my lab werk…heres a couple of shotZ nevertheless!

behind_tree_lightning_by_Quarksire 001

4 More “IN UR FACE”

lightnin2012aLIGHTNING pHOTOGRAPHY by Q click here


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Reward

Imagine this….I said to myself for 24 hours? reward?


hmm..well i came up with a few rewarding pics etc etc…


an have seen some rewarding times also, but could not really pinpoint a post-it concerning the werd of the week here “reward” so i typed it into my own search bar in my site here an saw what i feel is the greatest reward for doing the weekly

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge 

i come up with a few web pages here an the top 2 with hundreds of visits

so i guess the reward is in knowing that some people do see some of my stuff an like it evr so often ,,,an if ur one of them there likes, then I thank U for rewarding me with a “like”


have a splendid rewarding week everyone wherever ya might be – me well i am being rewarded with lots an lots of snow here …More to come

More WordPress weekly entries concerning the word Reward click on da’ logo below …Peace out


werd of da week "Reward"

werd of da week “Reward”