Because U Can – Self Empowerment

Here are some Heartfelt treasured Thoughts:

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I wish to Pass on to My best Friend: an anyone else that might feel inspired bu the werds below 🙂 in these times of transition

Positively thinking of course! got to get better right! yep..has been a tough couple of weeks, but this too shall pass 🙂 right 🙂

SO NOW!  listen Up!..

Drop the idea of fighting as a means to stand up for ones very own rights. Drop any “us vs. them” thinking, begin to see yourself as equal to all other people, equally worthy of love and good treatment, and equally capable of being erroneous, making mistakes, and screwing up. We are all human, we are all created equally, we are all equally responsible for ourselves.
Start to make small changes in your every day life to enforce a sense of power to yourself, do things which give you a sense of responsibility, become accountable to yourself. Face small fears first, to enforce to yourself that you CAN.Then begin to truly believe this is true, because you CAN.
Investigate your feelings – get to know how you feel and why you feel it. This is the beginnings of self-awareness, which is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself as a sentient being. Understanding why we feel the way we feel, where those feelings originate in our childhood, why we operate the way we do is so rewarding, as well as illuminating. It frees us to step outside of our conditioning, and be more than we previously thought we were..

Realize it is okay to feel hurt, used, abused, neglected, betrayed etc. But it is not okay to languish in those feelings, or pull up a chair and live there. Nor is it okay to invite further abuse into your life simply because you’ve endured it already. And it is faulty logic to assume everyone else in the world is going to mistreat you too.
Let go of the need to place blame, in any and all situations; blame is pointless. Instead, focus upon your actions, your reactions, your feelings, and work towards the knowledge that you are human, its okay to mess up, so long as you learn from your mistakes and move forward in life.
**It is through self-aware understanding of who we are that we become capable of screwing up in life without feeling guilty, making mistakes without feeling like we have to run away or build alibis, or point the finger of blame when “bad things” happen to us.

Life isn’t fair or unfair, it is simply consistently chaotic, as this is the nature of the Universe. And it is constantly responding to our feelings, and what we are exuding vibrationally. If you are sending out victim vibrations the Universe will very non-biasedly send you more of what you’re putting out. So you owe it to yourself to begin to explore and experiment with the vibrations of being in charge of yourself, so that the Universe can adjust it’s output settings towards you.
When you shift the way you feel, and behave, the Universe will shift naturally in turn, and your reality will change as a result. And this is the nature of life within the confines of polarity within our Galaxy.
So as a favor to yourself, and to the planet by extension (because a happy you sends out ripples of happiness to the Earth) you owe it to yourself to:
Get to know yourself – deeply.
Be honest with yourself about who you are, and how you feel, and accept yourself completely.
Realize that the Universe loves you as much as you love yourself – become responsible for intensifying that Love by loving yourself more profoundly.
Let go your attachments to drama, polarity, and self-pity. The best attention you can receive is your own positive honest aware attention.
*Wishing you empowerment and sovereignty in each moment forward.*

I truly adore ya an am glad u are in good spirits also ..thanks 4 connectin 🙂 very kewl to know u are smile n again!

…Love an Light over an out
4 evr an evr my dearest!
***an 2 da werld also ****

an thank Q to the channel that sent me that above was in an email i had saved but forgot who channeled it recently but thought it was prolific enufff to pass along forward an er keep to read again.

your Q wit an answer er 2 also 🙂 chow fer now 🙂 Happy Holidaze to one an all as a new year is jest round the corner  🙂


Healthy Verses Un-Healthy Co-dependencies by quarksire

If you’re the enabler in a codependent relationship — meaning you promote the other person’s dysfunctions — you can prevent them from learning common and needed life lessons.”


an is the last thing i wish to do is change anothers destiny and fate unless it is for the better, guess for the better might jest be in the eye of the beholder.
Tonights topic for the Q is C0_dependent Relationships. the healthy and the unhealthy aspects an view points of it!
First off The Wiki Definition!
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Mother Hen” redirects here. For the musician sometimes known as “Mother Hen”, see Jane Getz.
Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. People with a predisposition to be a codependent enabler often find themselves in relationships where their primary role is that of rescuer, supporter, and confidante. These helper types are often dependent on the other person’s poor functioning to satisfy their own emotional needs. Codependency often involves placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others.


Codependency can occur in any type of relationship, including family, work, friendship, and also romantic, peer or community relationships.Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or control patterns.
So from there is where i wish to take the discussion to the forms… an to a direction that might make a person take a better lewk at whether they live in a healthy or an Unhealthy for of C0 Dependency.
Yes there is healthy co-dependency… it is of the simplest kind,,,the honorable approach to daily life etc etc… with constant loving communication, and then comes the all knowingness trust because of knowing the other is faithful and committed and true to ya. A healthy kind of co-dependent relationship honors each individual for that which they truly are. A healthy kind of co dependency is that where one lives with faith that the other party will do the best they can to communicate and honor what it is said will or wil not be done or promised, to honor them.
The Healthy kind of co dependency comes from knowing an believing in another person and what they say and preach is to be true, many can talk the talk but when it comes down to it in life they can’t walk the walk.For Example, if i am to tell u “i’ll call ya later” and don’t call till tomorrow or the next day? well is that healthy or not?…

Some believe that codependency is not a negative trait, and does not need to be treated, as it is more likely a healthy personality trait taken to excess. Codependency in nonclinical populations has some links with favorable characteristics of family functioning.
An unhealthy kind co-dependency come into play when like for example a person tells ya they will call in the am and they do not? or that that are dying to see ya but blow ya off for another way? or person? then call ya an try to convince ya all is ok even though they chose another person over u 😦 is insane really!.

So, point of this blog is kinna the same as the last few post-its frum me, bout the essene mirrors and which mirrors we choose for which people to reflect our lives offa of, don’t let ur self get trapped into the mirror that wants to use U for to release thier pain and anger upon, an if they do well, all one can really do bout it is cry a bit, try to forgive them an move on for the ignorance they imposed upon ur friendship and honor u might have shown them with all ya had to the best of ur ability, a sad loss truly, jest another caring individual…U might be, but if they do not or judge U and find someone or something better than u and turn u into something U or they are not, like fear; well like i said unhealthy people hold pain inside from things of the past and until they release that pain an memory they will keep living that thing over and over, all things relative to that bad what ya can do is Say a prayer to the holy spirit to hel[p that person forgive thier memories of the past and forgive them again for taking it out on U. sad but true, move on move forward an recgonize a love lost that will never be replaced for that which it could have been ,yes one of the saddest things in the werld it is yes…but,,don’t blame urself don’t bl;ame them,,,forgive it all an let it be give it up to god … the best i can do when dealing with another unhealthy co-dependent behavior, making u a reactor to thier drama filled egoistic life now 😦 where money – judgements-an opinion become more inmportant than love an honor an truth. .again forgive an move on .pray for them an thier allergies to the truth to be removed !.an want to bounce thier negative energy offa u they say they do not own? 😦  well, Enuff on this subjekt fer now i think ya get my point jest mayvbe !



I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself!

I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself! or another!

Love an light 2 u today!