eh Serenity Prayer by Quarksire

Sumpin’ frum da’ ponderable Mind of the recovering Addict!after midnight!

how to find a bita’ Serenity in da’ past!



an prolly the most important fact to have to get a grip on if one is taking the first step of acceptance that they have a hereditary or self developed “problem” of alcoholism and or drug abuse, or abuse of the minds thought system even in general , more to come on that , and how we create many different diseases from the power of thought alone,There is a cure!

“another believe it er not”{ will be a new Katagory soon } frum the werld of Q that article will be for u  i am sure: till then the above prayer is possibly the most important prayer i know from A.A. that continually rushes through my head along with the other propheticisms like



All i can say frum experience is “it werks if ya werk it” and well, it don’t if ya fight it and are to proud to accept ya got a problem to start with { well that is if you do?} do u ? well if u got ur habitz in check like it says again in the big book “Our Hats off to YA!” if ya can be out there drinking er whatnot and still managing ur life somewhat as ya slowly destroy ur mind..believe it er not, some say i am being judgemental when i say that well, matter of fact it is jest a fact of is what it is an i gotta accept it, i can’t stop someopne frum hurting their mind on a daily basis, er whatnot but i can sure the hell try to help if u are one of those that needs this kinna help and admits ya got a prob an are willing to take the steps necessary to get the job done and get over the past

Serenity is......

Serenity is……

and get on with today and tomorrow..

Finding Serenity Before Leaping

Finding Serenity Before Leaping

..,and well, i hope i find the Serenity

lewkin fer life in a serene environment

lewkin fer life in a serene environment

and courage in my heart to also


do so {cuz as to help another i also help myself} so good bye to u this fine one again frum da’ werld of


SumtimeZ Serene flight are da' best!

SumtimeZ Serene flight are da’ best!



the only thing you can really count on is the unexpected! Take it 1DAAT! “One Day at a Time“No matter how old you are now. You are never 2 young or 2 old for success or going after what you want. Here’s a short list of people who accomplished & (against the odds) great things at different ages…These 46 people are an example to me of the “No Matter What” thing, that happenz so frequently in so many human lives, by pomp-co-incidence or choice somehow it jest kinna no matter what kinna happened…So point is U also can achieve anything U set ur mind to really, it might take some time but ull get ther eventually one day at a time 🙂
Below here are a few bits an pieces of history notes on some people
here i thought ya might get a kick outa readin an knowing bout
1) Helen Keller At the age of 19 months Helen became deaf & blind. But that didn’t stop her. She was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.
2) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was already a competent keyboardist and violinst and he composed frum the age 5



3) Shirley Temple was 6 when she became a movie star in the flick Bright Eyes.

4) Anne Frank was 12 when she wrote the diary of Anne Frank. I was 12 when i first read it 🙂
5) Magnus Carlsen became a chess Grandmaster at the age of 13 years
6) Nadia Comăneci At age 14, gymnast of Romania scored seven perfect 10.0 and won three gold medals at the Olympics
7) Tenzin Gyatso was formally recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama November 1950, at the age of 15
8) Pele soccer superstar was 17 years old when he won the world cup in 1958 with Brazil
9) Elvis was a Superstar by age 19
10) John Lennon was 20 years & Paul Mcartney 18 when the Beatles had their first concert in1961…those were the dayz 🙂
11) Jesse Owens was 22 when he won 4 gold medals in Berlin 1936
12) Beethoven was a Piano virtuoso by age 23
13) Issac Newton at 24 wrote Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica.
14) Roger Bannister was 25 When he broke the 4 minute mile record
15) Albert Einstein was 26 when he wrote the theory of relativity
16) Lance E Armstrong was 27 when he won the tour de France
17) Michelangelo created the two of the greatest sculptures “David” and “Pieta” by age 28
18) Alexander the Great by age 29, had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world
19) J.K.Rowling was 30 years old when she finished the first manuscript for Harry Potter
20) Amelia Earhart was 31 years old when she became the first woman 2 fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
21) Oprah was 32 when she started her talk show, which has become the highest-rated program of its kind
22) Edmund Hillary was 33 when he became the first man to reach Mount Everest (highest Mountain in the world.
23) Martin Luther King jr was 34 When he did the speech “I have a dream”
24) Marie Curie was 35 years old when she got nominated 4 Nobel Prize in Physics 1903
25) The Wright brothers, Orville (was 32 ) & Wilbur (was 36) when they invented & built the world’s first successful airplane & making the first controlled, powered & sustained heavier-than-air human flight. 2 of my heroes.
26) Vincent Van Gogh was 37 when he died & virtually unknown yet his paintings today are worth millions. Imagine dat!
27) Neil Armstrong was 38 when he became the first man to ever set foot on the moon
28) Mark Twain was 40 when he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and 49 years old for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
29) Christopher Columbus was 41 when he discovered the Americas
30) Rosa Parks was 42 when she refused 2 obey bus driver’s order 2 give up her seat 2 make room for a white passenger.She became the “mother of the Freedom Movement”
31) John F. Kennedy was 43years when he became President of the United States
32) Henry Ford Was 45 when the Ford T came out; and originally it was “hemp” powered and made out of Hemp plastic.
33) Suzanne Collins was 46 when she wrote “ The Hunger Games”
34) Charles Darwin was 50 years old when his book On the Origin of Species came out
35) Leonardo Da Vinci was 51 years old when he painted the Mona Lisa
36) Abraham Lincoln was 52 when he became president
37) Ray Kroc Was 53 when he bought the McDonalds Franchise and took it to unprecedented levels. he told Q once that he didn’t make his $$$ offa da burgers but offa the land all the franchises sat on, {fewd for thought}
38) Dr. Seuss was 54 when he wrote “the cat in the hat”and a multitude of other childrens books that radically influenced my life as a kid in the 60’s
40) Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III was 57 years old when he successfully ditched US Airways Flight 1549, in the Hudson River in, 2009. All of the 155 passengers aboard the aircraft survived.
41) Colonel Harland Sanders was 61 when he started the KFC Franchise
42) J R R Tolkien was 62 when the lord of the ring books came out
43) Ronald Reagan was 69 when he became President of the United States
44) Jack Lalane at age 70 handcuffed, shackled, towed 70 rowboats
45) Nelson Mandela was 76 When he Became President”

46) Otto Lilienthal-was the first real pioneer of aviation and became the Glider man at an early ageOtto Lilienthal (23 May 1848 – 10 August 1896) was a German pioneer of aviation who became known as the Glider King. He was the first person to make well-documented, repeated, successful gliding flights. He followed an experimental approach established previously by Sir George Cayley. Newspapers and magazines published photographs of Lilienthal gliding, favorably influencing public and scientific opinion about the possibility of flying machines becoming practical. He died of injuries sustained when his glider stalled and he was unable to regain control; falling from about 15 m (50 ft), he fractured his neck.:)

he is my kewlest hero, cuz he designed the wings i fly on after the drawings of da vinci etc cayleys stuff. 🙂

Not that it mattered a lot to anyone else mattered a lot to this old guy , to review the facts above…so point is , once again

no MATTER WHAT! if it matterz to u really !

here are some Q idiumz fer ya fer da day!!

“Keep On Keepin On”


“One Day at a Time”


what MATTERZ REALLY! though to me and should u too if’n ur in recovery,,,,,is Keepin it simple, accepting u can’t fix others no matter what they do, u can’t fix em is part of what we learn in this program is some people get it some do not , others die trying or not!….so today may u put ur indifferences aside and lewk at the true u and what ya want to do with ur life, an jest DO IT “make it so” as my buddy luge would say , she gone now but it always sticks with me to this very day!.

stop regrettin an lewkin back..

“MAKE IT SO!” an






“all propheticisms aside ~ lol get rid of the isms ok!”

“1DAAT” – means one day at a time

“1HAAT” – means one hour at a time


“1SAAT” – meanz One second at a time.

So, do whatya gotz to to to tame the Ol’ stinkin thinkin mind! an believe,,ya become what ya think, and if ya change the way ya see the werld well, the werld round ya jest might change,,try it for a time er 2, whatevr it takez!

Over an Out frum


No Pain No Gain

wingin da’ Pitts

PSS: I have a nother multitude of people that have been instruments in my life i could add to this list but id be here for 46 more:) so gewd night er mornin to u wherever ya are on da planet




Q and link of the day of the most influential person of all time to my life is below!

Cure 4 Cancer Anyone


Expression vs. Frustration

When the spirit is frustrated and cannot expand, this is made known through the feeling system of the individual— as has always been the case.


So, Barely know by beery few People are my perceptions about hangin’ in a Beary Gewd way! Jest Barely at least!

Hope everyone has a gewd day an great weekend 🙂 Today i am going to use this opportunity on a relaxing by the fireplace kinna Saturday, a no pressure No Problem Kinna day!


Keeping Fear{false evidence appearing realz}

Away..Away yes Away with da’ fear frum me myself I and what othersz have to say is,

Enjoy this little photo log with a few pics of my playing arena here



Prayer, especially the redundant type, is little more than a one-way conversation which results in the speaker gaining little when he/she elects not to listen, as well. If the majority of our Western religious institutions emphasized the act of meditation as strongly as that of prayer, their members might experience accelerated spiritual growth on a yet unimagined an uparralleled scale.


Those who master us through fear, master us for life.


Such limiting beliefs and judgments have interfered tremendously with the natural communicative pathways between embodied entities and All That Is. They have greatly reduced the creative ability to transmute Universal Energy at will, all but eliminated the original fluidity of reality, and entrapped humans within the very tools which were intended to empower them. The result is that humankind has become mired within an illusory “reality” of their own creation, cut off from the overarching reality, guidance and direction of All That Is


It would seem that these “feelings” serve as the energy form that converts our “beliefs” into our created reality. The stronger our particular beliefs, the more expanded our creative results. Some would call this “simple faith”, but it is more complicated than that. We can successfully connect the two if we are willing to make an honest evaluation of our inherited beliefs. Also, we can drift far off course, but we can not sever the tethering line which keeps us connected to Thee Spirit. Thus, with intent, we can reestablish a course correction at any point in our existence.

These beliefs, and any others which limit human development and expression, are no longer to be tolerated. The state of the earth becomes less and less stable as more and more energy is fed into the existing limited beliefs. Now is the time for the piece-by-piece dismantling of the dense energy network that stifles the spiritual, mental and physical evolution of the human species.

The opposite of expression is frustration. Spiritual frustration is the antithesis of the Creator’s intended purpose. It also signals its own presence through the feeling system. Frustration is acknowledged by unpleasant emotions. The spiritual insurance against continuous frustration comes in the form of self-preservationary reactions to unpleasant feelings which are hard-wired into the body. Such reactions virtually override the mind where the human limitations reside. The emotions contain creative arousal energy which moves the individual to corrective action. Such a force is the natural spiritual aggression, yet missing the intentional focus. Such corrections preserve the species, but since they lack intention, they do not facilitate human purpose. At best, they buy time.

While “buying time” does not necessarily mean we own it forever, it does enable us to expand our consciousness and continue to open our “spiritual” eyes until we can eventually recognize the pattern and purpose of life’s meaning. distortions we can learn to live without.


For spirit not only has consciousness with which to know itself, it also has intention through which it can experience, feel, manifest and direct itself. This intention has become disassociated from spirit in the realm of human understanding to the degree that it now needs its own name. It has been termed Divine Will. It is through this disconnection that so many no longer experience the guidance of “Godly” intention. It is through this disconnection that self preservation has become the motivational norm. It is through this disconnection that events seem to come out of nowhere, rather than to be creatively designed and attracted by the individual through willful choice.

In a manner of speaking, spirit relates to light and will relates to darkness. Consciousness is the fastest vibratory aspect of spirit, and will is the slower more physical magnetic vibration which exists as a porthole of sorts into physical existence. Consciousness is the point of power and will is the focus of that power. The will vibrates the darkness to receive the light of spirit in the physical form. It is through this process that imagined thought forms become physical objects and probable events become actual physical events. Together, consciousness and will create the desired intended reality.


Imagine a “porthole” below the waterline on an ocean liner. We can open that porthole and the ocean will flow into our environment. We need only to trust in our ability to control that “flow” in such a way that it can serve to give us say, a comfortable shower. While this might be most difficult to imagine, just think of all the technical miracles the human race has already brought into its reality and how many more are in the process stage right now. We have harnessed vast rivers to bring light into our nights, for example. Now, a greater enlightenment awaits us.

Probably the most distorted and misused phrase in today’s lexicon is the utterance that it is “God’s Will”. Dragged to the fore at every unpleasant experience in life, it is used to placate those who have adopted and accepted the victimization mentality so nourished by the full spectrum of our religious, political, economic and social institutions. Nothing could stretch us further away from the obvious truth. Not only does it stamp out the spiritualization of humanity, it reduces humans to some type of warped cogs of an erratic wheel of destiny.

It is time to reclaim this aspect of spirit for a more complete understanding of and participation within the human condition. Although the term “Will” is utilized, it should be clear that it is still part and parcel of every human spirit.

It is time to reclaim this aspect of spirit for a more complete understanding of and participation within the human condition. Although the term “Will” is utilized, it should be clear that it is still part and parcel of every human spirit.

So many of the terms we use in daily life are tossed about with little appreciation of their meaning and influence, but we can correct that. It requires little more than quiet reflection and a willingness to connect our words with those beliefs which bring about the consequences in our livez 🙂


The purpose of human existence is for a given spirit to develop and express its potential in physical form. This is also the intention of Divine Spirit as carried out by Divine Will within each individual. Both are manifested in body, with the spirit experienced as consciousness and the will, experienced as “feeling”. Will power is raw emotional energy. Both aspects of spirit are to remain in balance with each other as two halves of a whole.


Consciousness and Will: Complimentary qualities in the process of human life. We can only hope that this new millenium will bring a true understanding of their value and utilization. When this comes about, we will be more than we have been and more than we have ever hoped to become.

While we are told that we have the gift of Free Will, we are also led to believe that we can only exercise this gift in a limited fashion and that we are tethered to a controlling Being who is perpetually testing, rewarding and punishing us in some arbitrary fashion. We are led to believe that this is a “state” we can only hope to pray ourselves out of. Meanwhile, as the bumper sticker states: Shit happens.

Upon examining the will as a separate entity to learn its function, it is now necessary to conceptually place it back within spirit where it belongs. Will is not separate from spirit. It shall now be recognized as its feeling aspect. Feelings shall now be respected for the spiritual intention that they communicate. Feelings shall now be respected for the powerful creative will energy that they contain. Feelings both communicate intentions from spirit and magnetically bring them into physical reality.


“Feelings” have a dual and equally valuable purpose. They serve both as a guiding force and as a magnetic force. We have the capacity to bring into our physical reality that which is in our best and higher interest. However, as a result of the gift of free will, this “capacity” can also bring that which is not in our best interest. With understanding and practice, we can acquire the former and avoid the latter.

Thoughts empowered with emotional energy will be more likely to become reality. Whether the thoughts are surrounded with joyous expectation, or dread, worry and fear, they will create events connected to the imagined mental scenario. The mind does not know if an event has been good or bad, but the spirit does. Spiritual intention has been accomplished in physical reality when the feeling pleasure is experienced. If there has been interference from the realm of mind and spiritual intention has not been accomplished, a painful event will result.

Indeed, every unit of matter is imbued with conscious spiritual intention following the pleasure/pain, attraction and repulsion principle—including subatomic quanta .

Because the mind reflects the creative aspect of the human being and because it is exposed to so much information which is individualized by time and space, it is nearly unlimited when it comes to unique memories and creative opportunities.

But it does not come that way. Just as a new body arrives with each birth, a new mind is born for a fresh beginning. Each human being arrives on Earth with a blank slate to be impressed upon by human experience. A blank slate upon which each individual can create their own desired reality. Humans have complete freedom of will to determine what the contents of mind are to be. With this feature, the mind is not so much like a window to the world, or even a mirror of the world, it ismore like a canvas upon which the world can manifest. Like an artist paints a picture, each entity can create a mental landscape like a portrait through which he or she can experience life. The mind holds pictures of the existing world, and adds creative improvements as well. Thus, humans have the fantastic mental agility to create as many unique realities as there are unique human beings. This individualized mind is intended to support and orient the embodied human upon his or her particular destiny path.

The idea that we can build/create our own experiences in this reality and thereby gain knowledge and wisdom is alien to our current societal outlook. Fear and a victim mentality drive our system. The adverse consequences of this state of mind are everywhere. There is an old Chinese proverb: “When one is foolish enough long enough, he/she eventually becomes wise.” There are many reaching that point daily. As it was used in the above paragraph, art is the metaphor for our spiritual evolution. We need only to learn to appreciate it.

If we feel pain and see examples of pain around us, we should note that such is a service, a motivation to act. There would seem to be no shortage of such “opportunities”. It should also serve to show us that we are much more than the total sum of our thoughts . We are also our feelings.

For the spirit is embodied in flesh, and despite the interference of mind, it speaks that language of spirit—it speaks the language of feeling. The rational powers of the mental realm can be overridden by impulses of the physical realm.



may the rains come ur way soon an wash away all the fears u have bout silly thingz in ur life.!


Fear has its role in our existence, but it is only to stimulate the sensible action of fleeing a life-threatening situation and to, thus, maintain our physical existence and comfort. Once this has been accomplished, “fear” can be compartmentalized and we can go on enjoying that life we so naturally just preserved. Keeping it at the forefront of our thinking will only end up obstructing our growth and development, which is only a more subtle form of death
Conquering the spiritual challenges fully opens the chakra centers and allows full conscious experience and fosters excellent mental and physical health. It is through the successes of their creative adaptations that all human culture arises, and mass consciousness takes a place in the creative formation of the life experience. It is at this point when right and light responses can replace the cruder fight/flight, and approach/avoidance responses that served only self-preservation purposes.
Just as rivers can never permanently run uphill, so the human spirit can not avoid it’s destiny, that being an envelopment with All-That-Is. Each time we embrace a fresh thought, share in idea, create something new out of the multiplicity of our existence, we move toward a greater level of expansion, of which there is no limit.
Despite the repeated mistakes and cycles of ongoing pain within the Earthly experience, the patterns are readily available for conscious comprehension and punctuated enlightenment to occur at any time. The higher destiny awaits, beyond space-time, whole and intact, ready to unfold before the willing eyes, minds, and hearts of humanity
There comes a point of morphic resonance when the human race turns from its less evolved practices associated with such emotions as fear and anger and begins to relate to each other in ways that promise greater joy and fulfillment. Each of us contributes to the achievement of that “point” with our personal commitment to that END!.

Evolutionary Path Of Evolving Consciousness and Feeling Experience
-Â -Â -Â -Â +Â +Â +Â +Â + +
Fear => Anxiety => Growing Pain => Acceptance => Learning Anticipation => Confidence => Excitement ð Courage => Faith => Universal Oneness
Anger => Frustration => Annoyance => Tolerance => Acceptance => Patience => Curiosity => Mirth => Compassion => Universal Oneness
Sadness => Loneliness => Acceptance => Liberation => Attachment => Trust => Hope => Love => Universal Oneness
Disgust => Annoyance => Tolerance => Acceptance => Curiosity => Camaraderie => Attachment => Friendship => Compassion => Grace => Universal Oneness
Envy/Guilt => Anxiety => Frustration => Acceptance => Confidence => Compassion => Grace => Universal Oneness
Attachment =>Trust =>Hope =>Love =>Compassion =>Faith =>Universal Oneness
Worthiness => Confidence => Pride => Gratitude => Devotion => Universal Oneness


To BE CONTINUED! Till then Keep on smilin’


Mikeys Empty Room with Da’ Mindcrimes

Quarksire’s Operation Mindcrime in Mikeys Empty Rewm



My empty Room ! the night she died 😦 an ever since i been cryin’
2001 a space oddessy it was….as she lied there on the floor….
every day goes by ,,,i rememebr more and more…….
Is a cryin shame; Death that is when love is left apart; holding a cold hand.
Rolled her over cold ya know; her soul entered me; did not want to let go
evry time i see things i see; i see things that remind me of her
like memories wrapped round my throat;
i seen her for months inside me;
till she one day so gracefully; left me;
told me to go find and seek the eyes of a
loving stranger
i tapped memories beyond this time as a result of her
and my day of future passed and the dayz she lived inside me
In a weird way; well she’ll always be inside me
as i stare off my mountaintop where we should have
landed together here and me
now she became a bird so free
and went off into the universe to find a new destiny
although she was proud to have known me
and Will come to my side whenever i call her, soulfully,as she come to me in this silence, in my empty rewm, no speep today – i can’t pretend

even if i do have the eyes of a stranger with me
she was then always…jest lewking back at me….
here alone in my Empty Room….i sit an ponder?
What justice was in this fer her an me??i wunder now,,what universal justice…
Growing old,,,one day closer to seeing her once again
– Universes so mightingly willing -willing on this still chilly morning
i lewk back on thee,,,,and still see here
sitting on that hilltop with me.telling me…days before….
No matter what happenz mikey – I’ll always be over ur shoulder
watching .yes watching…..over YOu .over YOU!..
Ur free,i’m i’ll always be with thee..Jest call on me
Says my Angel so dear when i call upon thee..
She everlastingly tells me
,,,remember my name,,,
an never forget me
,,,….Dear …..Q….
Through and through Eternity
I shall see u In Infinity
Indifinitely – Intensely – effervessently – Equally –
One day again We Shall become ONE…
She told me……….
The Night before she died~~~~~
so now i Sit here …
in this Empty room , all in all out
I hear her voice even sumtimes flying in the wind
I lewk ,,no ones round,,in this empty room or about iwhilst in da’ air
she Keeps me there…
Always telling me…..
She might even one day be there…..
In the eyes of a stranger
once again years after seeing the mind,,,in this mt rewm well,,,destiny still has this holy charge for theee……no matter what where who or when i play the rest of my life out,,jest one of many angels voices i can call upon to myself through-out all of eternity,,the way i see it the quarked way now,,in the quasicle, quintiscent werld of Q

believe it er not poem frum Q…about Q an Once 4 evr an angel, an once said,yes widowed for life….Go find a new wife! after me she said, so to this day i am still ,,in My empty rewm!…….

Frum a true story of a heart torn apart,,by alcohol, drugz , and Insanity! in 2001 ,,,Quarks Space Oddessey …he’s been on evr since,,,knowing new better different realities…..besides my physical hereditary disease…I still of the realities, of the past, war, pain, and tragedies,,that have happened to thee over a lifetime of watching people’s die but having them 4 evr on ur mind…holding onto and keeping forgiveness….an realizing …….
of keeness, in perception and an overwhelming reality, that we are quantum in nature and once we know we might never forget that truth,,,an for me well thats something to Live for ,and also something to be willing to die for one can alwways be re-born to live again.One truth .one forever destiny, for all and all ya see..ok over an out frum Q
Hope all who follow me ….reach their very own personal Destiny – Yes there is a reason for all things..if nuting else an education to me ,,,those gone are my teachers,to the fact that what will be will be ,,,can’t control people places and things, but graciouslu accept and honor all that is offered to theee,,and to the very best one can.and be the very best man one can ,be…tillll death becomes over me;evry time i think im over it i have memories that remind me of U angel..lewkin back at me!

Above disertation by Quarksire aka Mikey in Colorado

13 years after 2001 a spaced out tragedy for Q

PS: YA DON’t Jest Die , as sheri tells me ya simply change ur adress,,in this place and time of universal 4 evr mind

even if it was a mindcrime – the way it turnt out fer me..perceptively

forgiveness has to rule # 1

Queensrÿche Lyrics below…….to the song that keeps her voice alive 4 evr in my head…
some angels voices ya will recgonize yes in eternity and heaven er wherever ya go 4 evr i do so believe……correct me if im wrong lol….ok once again over an out frum Q

jest another part of me eternal destiny!





Empty room today
And here I sit
Chalk outline upon the wall
I remember tracing it
A thousand times, the night she died.
Why? [why? ]
Theres no sleep today, I cant pretend
When all my dreams are crimes
I cant stand facing them
Now who will come
To wash away my sins
Clean my room, fix my meals
Be my friend?

17  links here below jest click on the time

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Geoff Tate – vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars
Mike Stone – guitars, vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass guitar, vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums

Miranda Tate – backing vocals on “The Hands”
Ronnie James Dio – Vocals on “The Chase”

Sadhguru on Inner Engineering


What is Inner Engineering ? – Who is Sadhguru?
whats ur idea of well being? Happiness /Saddness?
good bad ill will or health , whats it all bout?
well,,,,,even if ur sick or ill? well? I say!
it is what irt is accept it & get on with it!
ride on fly on walk on do whatevr uit is ya got to do
jest be safe 🙂 whist ya walk on the path to
welcoming your SELF to the realm of self realization!


Breath talk awareness???????? whats it all bout she said to me,,,i said listen up.pick up a chair,,,or kick back on da couch either way , listen up , breath and enjoy er not ur choice…
ull get what i mean eventually after exploring the info put to gether at the same werld here but by anoterh id 🙂
are you the body? are u the mind? are u a brain er what? er a nervous wreck an why? well Isha Kriya offers some information concerning this if ur interested in analysing er checkin it out.when ya give 30 minutes of ur mind er time a certain way what happens? when ya might even bend the laws of time? …….. well some wish to bend destinies of others ,,,when i know all the destinies eventually are the same.believe it er not .if one could “REMEMBER”………….a simple fact! call it whatevr ya want kall it kundalini,,er yoga, er medidation, er pleasure seeking, er the swami way , lol,,call it whatevr ya want it in the end is what it is …very simple really! Clarity of vision is a matter of choice……..There are many ways of reaching the POINT! where actions speak louder than werds evr did!,,and the fears thet were to be gotten beyond were er were not ,,was simply ur choice int he end u will see,,,,,,,whether ur exstatic ! bout if’n u are!!!! jump er not ur deal!.trust or not ur deal!.listen up is all i can say……JUMP!

quark says jump

quark says jump


ABOUT Sadhguru:

Jaggi Vasudev, commonly known as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, mystic, philanthropist and author of over 100 titles in 8 different languages.[1] He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organisation which offers yoga programs around the world, including India, United States, England, Lebanon, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Uganda and Australia. The Foundation is also involved in various social and community development activities, which have resulted in the Foundation being granted special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.[2]

MORE ON SADHGURU! click here

Call Me Cloud

Call me cloud
Final fantasy VII – wish you were here (love story)
Last Moments;……….Wish u were here,,,,,

Nope not a Floyd blog,,,but well those that know me personally know i have held 3 of the dearest people in my life i have ever known loved and lost as cloud holds his in this video,
Held them in my arms with them not having any “breath” after “bodily “death”..prolly saddest thing to me i’ve had to have done.also possibly the most enlightening!….Well,  wishes can be wished all ya want but well, 2 of those times i was late to my destination and or it might not have evr happened, so i have held guilt for many years over it… can’t bring back anything but memories to this life, is why i strive forward in an attempt to move forward without hesitation and get on with life, best thing one can do the way i see it, will jest have to find a way to put in proper perspective for all the folks that come into my life what is real and what is not, those that have a crazy imagination or haven’t grown up enuff to respect my life well, i can’t do anything to save them, i jest have to move forward and pray for them no matter how much i love them. Because i have judged and do not agree with thier version of love does not mean it is right or wrong is jest what it is ,,,another last moments award for mikey!..cept this one is still alive……..So, Point is LAst Moments.,, well important to some not so important to others. I jest want my last moments to be moments to appreciate instead of hate!….good not bad note how we go out ya see, well some of us don’t have any choice, and some of us even have out lived our time,,

becaused we loved !,maybe again and again to stay alive,

so if we are always loving at everything we do then when that magical moment happens,

at least we know, we were doing the very best we could do!
i am a firm believer love helps one stay alive yes it does and lack of well does the opposite…and that the holy spirit we are does not die either* believe it er not* for i now have prooff…thank u higher order of thingz:).
an i know the video well, is jest a game an animation, and is mixed together from two different games with cloud and tifa/aeris/aerith ..etc etc,, this vid is, those who know well, don’t knock it is jest a game right and how ya play it is what counts in the end, not in how ya mix it up, even if it does get mixed up, the outcome in the end right before the end is whats important to me:) after whats mixed is thouroughly be it:)… LIFE THAT IS !  the way i see it!,,,no matter who ya are:).,Was told recently Reason for everything mikey!,,well i am glad that person has it all figured out , cuz well, i still don’t have a clue, My god told me to come here to have fun… enuffffff,,,frum da eyes of Q @ 3 am

heres to u whomever u are wherever u be,an also, if u know a better way through, jest drop me a line 🙂 would love to hear frum U.,,Till then…make the best of ur night er day , cuz well, ya never know….

..enjoy,…y’….. namaste’ …..2 u frum….



is what it is,,So, enjoy every day as if it was ur last over and out…an don’t let the werld or anyone else get ya down as hard as it sounds……. .Q……Aka Snow Covered Colorado :)……..
PS; nice to have a phone back :)… 🙂 ……


messages in the rain

The Sky is a Calling:)……What I am Dreaming of:)

jesta a few poetic titles? from a past life !?


 A nocturnal one I am> Sleeping in layte as usual…..

…..Dreaming of “Trading Yesterday”

only up early when the Sky that calls is warm and clear!:)

 listening to the spirit dreaming song,

 hope will be on my time this time,

 knowing that the love I give will not go away……*

: live what I am dreaming of 🙂

 May My Capricious Venus Never again be alone:)

One day soon she shall put on her wings so free

 and Fly Away Home to me:)

So, Yes its ur Love & this:)

That inspires this soul-song Transmute has been the keywerds since saying Happy Autumn ~ soon the leaves will be fallen

LIke a Wind Muse from far up north

 – Always where the poles come together a fire desire exists:)

 From this Canyon – with or without you –

on the other side I see u floating

With the imaginary Druid and the Dinos in Heart Harmony –

Realesed from any pain Lewking forward to the Fall and the Blue Expansion she says ~ Tell ME!:)



Brass Tacks Chapter 21

My questimation is like it might take ya as long to read this post

 as the video I have posted here:)…

b’cuz of a a piano God! 🙂

and an Angel

and this video is kinda primarily what I talk about in chapter 21:)


~ Brass Tacks – Chapter 21~

There is a term, “when ya get down to the brass tacks of it all!” ….I have heard this one many times oveer the years…in cased in different texts of terminology to mean or describe different aspect of certain thingz…. In the end, at the end ? of a book, well if knowledge is kept then perception call always be seen, even in future events,….that whats been fortold to me anyhew……:)

OKay brass tacks…why they don’t rust and wither away I guess:)….they last a long time, so because it’s baan a long time, it’s taken me lotsa years to figure this one thing out!…… as i wither away on the back side of me eyelids every night, i think to the sand man and hope I ‘ll always be here another day, but I know thats impossible to keep up forever, i gonna try to keep it up for man years ahead, no matta what the pain, I am sure ther will be some kinda gain:)….as long as I wake up tomorrow!:) to BLACK:) b-4 I open me eyelids:)….and remember where I have been:) and re-member where i am going:)…

.hoping the master of puppets will help me along with every day:) …..So, to get to the bottom of the brass tacks and all one has to go through many chapters in ones life:) Seeming like there is a differnet difinition to each chapter that is lived….chapters not neccessarily being a specific set of years days or months.

 Some chapters are months long,,,,some are weeks lol..

…and some are years:)…chapters of ones life..

.{when ya get to be 50+ er so ya will know what I mean……all segmented and broken up to be the miost Important times in ones lives….Sumpin to maybe write about, not jest a vanity bewk but a book of another kind, determined to teach one who wishes to read a few lessons in life. A book bout Smart Decisions and bout bad decisions at the same time:)…some bad decisions that even became the smart decision because of the experience and the lesson learned:) Got to stay on track here fer the 21st time now….cuz 21st century speaking we{ as a race} have learned an enourmous amount of knowledge never expected or realized by many of the scholors of the past:)….

in a way those brilliant philisophers could imagine where we were headed they had no idea how to get there….but then guys like budda and christ and krishna came to show us that the christ is in one and all…right inside,,,,inside you and me:)…all ya got to do is believe!…..if ya don’t that’s ur choice…but I know what I know now and see what I see for being the truth that is hidden inside this daredevil self that I call me:)….

And oh yeah 🙂 ….it’s safe to be a daredevil if ya know tha limits that he puts upon ya 🙂 ….be it forces of spirit, nature, or wind and fire the weather,,,,It’s all the same 🙂 …… believe it not:)…if ya differ with me it’s okay….don’t matter to me anymore:)…I know what I know 🙂 ….but not quite like the master that plays this game 🙂 …the master of puppets 🙂 lol…will blog about that another day 🙂 it’s all a matter of perception – what the specific outcome will be 🙂 ….Kinda like flying and landing safe for me 🙂 … the beginning of the end of another grand day every time i do it:)…

~ SO gettin’ back to brass tacks and the expression I think it is only beffitting to end this part of chapter 21 knowing that the are 2 things:) 2 things & 2 things only that really exist when ya get to the bottom of the brass tacks of it all:) There are also only 2 choice in all of ur domain!!! and yes you and me have the power of choice, and the freedom to choose , because the higher order of creation told us thats what we could do:)…once upon a time when we realized who were it was buried by clouds of dust and and earthshakin’ like never before…making pillars of sand out of most of the world:)…now that some of it is washing away we can see some of the truths of the past coming to light{ another post another day}…but for now we stayin’ with what is :the brass tacks of it all

” back to only 2 things,

 2 things for every thought .

…2 things for every action:)..

…..not really an inbetween cuz it all has to start somewhere:)..

.As i so wholeheartly agree it has to start with thought:)…I believe thoughts are Thingz!!!!!!!!!” and well, it werks for me:)….. Back to 2 things!….. 2 things I have been talking bout since my first out of body experience while in body and conscious of it…believe it er not:)…

since that time in my life I realized many years ago that there was again these 2 things> 2 things separated from the one…the one atomic force that is within us all:) many different ways and descriptions of these 2 things also exist:)…many different interpretations:) determined and based upon perception:) and well even based on that we can’t ever get away from these 2 things for no matter whats sake in life



 Is a perplexity that many do not ever overcome….

~~~~~~LOVE OR FEAR~~~~~~

 are the 2 things i am talkin bout:) Everything you think and do have to do with one or the other:)…… whats a prob is when people get the 2 mixed up, cuz ya can’t mix em up…it jest don’t jive in every day life ya see…to mix up these realitys:)to try to base one reality on both of these 2 things? positive or negative




 If ya do that then ya are perplexing the smooth chaos that exists between these 2 things and mix em all up… In essence ya mix up the energys in ur field by truying to believe it is a love based action or set of werds when it is based upon fear based thoughts all the whil e i s jest ludicrious to me:) lol… but many do it:)….many can’t stay on the side of the fence they wish to they lif=ve on both sdides of reality:) Which is okay if ya can handle it i guess….to percieve it from both sides of the mind….both sides of the “mind of god” God knows all ya remember if ya believe in some sort of god in ur life:) and that all knowing god has a choice….. and shows ya both sides of ur reality simultainusly, and at many times in ur day, that mind inside lets u and u alone to make the choice:) FEAR or LOVE???????? I BELIEVE this is where ya have the choice from one of these 2 things…is what ya are thinkin right now positive or negative?

 is it based on fear or love?

 and which ones would ya like to be a representative of ur self with out going mad or crazy?

 For they are both “what they are” and it is what it is again:) love is love and fear is fear + is plus and – is negative:) they don’t like to mix:) but they can both be riding along side by side in symetry:)

 It’s ur choice whether or not and which ya chose when ya have thoughts or actions? are they fear based? or love based? all boils down to these 2 realitys:)


the WAY I SEE:)


 comin from this ol PIANO TARIUM:)

Well it is much better than a sanitarioum lol..

.. hope i didnt loose ya at the bakery

Jest Trying to get down to the” BRASS TACKS OF REALITY:)” may ur sandman treat U well this eve:)

 may ur dreams fade to black when ya arise:)

May The Master of Puppets:)

Sow ya the right way:)

 to make the right choice now:)



frum Q