Mining the Mind of Quarksire

  1. Trials an Tribulation frum Quarksire

    jest a few shots an Videos – to share with a kewl songs i found, trials an tribulations in souther colorado wih the quarksire here. enjoy fer what …well u tell me,,,,sent this page so u can bewkmark in case ur evr bored, an wanna see what Q is up to @ the Werld of Q-Tube. an a lotta linkz an more ! 
  2. Queensrÿche:By Quarksire-Ignacio2014

    Queensrÿche: Opening Act Ignacio 2014 stage at beginning of show Operation Mindcrime on March 22nd at the Sky Ute Casino …
  3. Paraglide fer Fun Quarksire Colorado to Peru

    Its all bout havin fun….Paraglidin’ misc shots from misc adventures in the werld of paragliging with quarksire…from colorado to …
  4. Touching Infinity

    a few shots i put together to music frum round my house me an my life an vicinity an flyin round a bit in da 4 corners area here.
  5. Quarksires Broken off Point

    Hangin out at Quarksires cliffside garage in 2012 werking on a projekt. Filmed by Quarksire. owner of this video and rights.
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  6. Pagosa Springs to Monument Valley

    Quarksire here flying round on his ultralight in the 4 corners region of Colorful Colorado, from Pagosa Springs on over to cortez …
  7. 4 Corners Ultralight Trike Adventures

    Adventures With Instrustor Johnny Top Dog Ultralights and Quarksire and Dan da’ man Flyin’ round da’ 4 corners region. Pagosa …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge : This Week Krista SAYZ: 

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.


In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that captures the threshold — that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning. It could be a door about to open, or something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom. Looking forward to seeing how you capture “threshold.”

– Krista



ANTICIPATION ONCE AGAIN^^^^@ a LAUNCH SITE 6 Freinds wait to be towed into the air by a hanglider trike like mine, i can tow a hanglider up behind me if i wish and have a daring friend that wants to fly! 🙂

an well Q has 5 ways he KNOWS how to FLY Sport planes, Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hanglider Trikes and Hangliders An can’t afford an airplane , sold my paraglider due to health , and can’t afford buy a sailplane or i would tomorrow! so I have a hanglider trike in the garage an another broken hang wing to fix!… so at least i can still fly…when i feel up to it…

Till then I AM Jest

Quark takin’ off to a new reality in my hanglider trike here below….




Quarks off! off^^^^^ an aloft! whoo-hoo hoo hew

and in a nother version to ya now i must say good bye: as we anticipate LANDING the damn thing…..oh please soft landing fer Q 🙂 lol


QUARK SAYS GOOD BYE THANBKS FER DROPPIN IN TO HAVE A LEWK SEE AT ME PHOTOGRAPHY concerning the THRESHOLD jest before flight fer me and well yes A THRESHOLD BEFORE LANDING  too. 2 different thresholds to conquer with every flight fer me anyhew 🙂 ..the rest is easy lol flying that is 🙂 any kid can fly its taking off and landing in wind thats the tricky part 🙂 have to learn how to fly with mind and heart instead of the reactive brain, jest be and do an live in the NOW is the best thing when i go fly and rock on either one of the 2 THRESHOLDS!



ON MY KNEES 4 U – U know who! u ARE!

Every flight this time round fer the werld evry day

On the Threshold of goin up er comin down!
Werlds of werdz changed by Q:)
So, Forgive me please 🙂
Honorable Q says 🙂

When little birdz fly
listen to my werds
forgive me for i fly
i fly to and away
from u i fly
Till the day i die i do
let my fear not come true when with you
i see a new you every time
i fly away
to an fro frum an 2 U
beside my face i see
a new place
a new werld
a new day a new way
every day i fly
to and away from u:)
So, please tell me why.
every time it is
befere and after i fly
i think of u
and shed a tear or two!
i sure miss the real U i knew 😦
deep inside and beside this mind and this place in space
a new different mind for u i prayed for in my latest dreams of U
thanks 2 YOU!



Cheri's weekly wordpress photo challenge