It be Elemental Sir’ Watson sayz da’ Q

It be Very Elemental Watson! there are 2 ways 2 fly er more yes indeed if ya don’t got lotsa $$$

🙂 an dats me folks lol 🙂

so quark sayz : so many variables there of also …but; all different forms of the ultralights are fun to fly

well, instructor johnny moved to utah, so if ya want lessons frum him ya would have to visit salt lake area now…:(

…not as fun maybe as a powered glider but i can’t afford one they cost way to much mula…sosa i fly a raged ol’ butterfly wing

..not really though; she is in pert good shape. not many hours an lots to go as far as i am concerned, this wing will last me my lifetime ..i am sure when it comes to the ultralight trikes i fly…

~~~~~~~~~~~it’s Elemental Watson no matter how ya fly it is a different lewkin’ werld frum up dere’ @ 3 er 400 ft.



Erica v says; For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire. How do you capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water? Or, more personally, is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?

After i land when i go flying i feel more connected to the earth in a different way! 🙂 indeeD! so!

Take a moment to explore these elements, in or out of balance, together or individually, as you pick up your camera this week.

Look Up Before one Leaps

 Wordpress Phrase of da’ week this past week waz Look Up….so of course furst thing i thought of was having to lewk up before one leaps…


An when in da’ air also lewkin up ever so often to see that the wing is all doing well! It is advised to ABORT jest before taking off because of a twisted line on the paraglider, an on the trike a twisted cable…I have to keep this in mind a lot wit my sport, once upon a time i lewked up to see da’ “JESUS” bolt coming out of my shaft that holds the wing on,


Da’ Jesus bolt is da’ one with the safety clip in it, if it comes out ya jest say “OH JEEESuS!”

,,so i abruptly descended an landed, another time i failed to lewk up before launching an as soon as i took off the wing wanted to do a left turn all by itself, Result of a twisted cable that hold the wing tight on the left side,,,,


so i had to hold the wing in a right hand turn to fly it straight, obviously i came back around an landed…twas’ an assembly problem i had missed on my pre-flight inspection. lol. gewd job huh mikey.


So, anyhow next time i go fly, an every time; i truly have to remember this Phrase..


 LOOK UP! Before ya leap!!

q-jumpa owwwwooooo… 🙂 yeahhaaaaa

Look Up

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

Curve: Weekly Worlwide Photo Share by: Quarksire

**Variations on a theme.***

frum Quarksire once again !



An @ da end of dis curve! lol...

Variations Occur when Life throws one constant curve balls an ya go round da’ next bend an there is lightning at the end, Then another Curve through da’tunnel..


.then well the next day the sky does once again clear an Curves abound ; the clouds recede an da’ rainbows come round da’ bend



Rainbows ussually appear 2 be curved an not straight

These were the pics i auto played in my head i had that are well curved in one manner or another..


As the new night sets in an da’ full moon comes round one again reflects upon curves!


Splendid wishes to one an all my readers this week, Hope ur survivin’ da heat if ‘n ya live where it be hot.

once again when one gets a good curve up! whatcha gonna do…well Q says JUMP!!!!



Stay cool!!!!!! an also Kewl! nevr the less!!!

PS: EvEN though one has a good curve goin’ …one must realize..can’t keep it up together, till one has to land an the curve collapses


Curved Earth lewkin @ a curved shadow!

in da end~! My life seems to be full of curves, an curveballz, ,,

an one jest has to learn to go with the flow.

day er night…!!



Namaste’ frum da’ Q


Find inspiration in the curves around you.

🙂 . 🙂

The Art of Kiting by Q

And that leadz me to this!!


Where Life Imitates art 🙂


Application frum Life to art an art to life, well, in my life the art is assembly {puttin er together } then there is KITING kiting is an art


…Kiting Imitates the art of flying without flying.


…the Flying then is the easy part



an the hardest thing bout the art of Flying is The Ground


🙂 yep yep 🙂


soft landings are always gewd landingz in my werrld 🙂


when i need a fix when i fall down an might find myself with a broken heart! well, i can jest seek My Arts be fine with dat after all


🙂 My Stairway to Heaven! 🙂


i like to go FLY FLY FLY any way i can………Dats my art!.an when i can’t do dat


Waz a white Xmas! in colorado

I Jest ride on an on with all my heart!…


an dats a whole other form of Art!..


Adios till next time an check out WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


for more worldwide interpretations of where Life imitates art!.



Optimistic Now Bout Weightless Circles

And that leadz me to this!…


Being Optimistic Now Bout Weightless Circles…

Optimistic now bout weightless circles…..well i call that thermal-ling in my werld, an when hot air rises an not mine i like to fly in it coming up soon as momma earth warms up this spring makin’ fer some great rocky mountain soaring


🙂 .an well now since i have been off the internet for 5 different Photo Challenge keywerd posts.So…I thought this time I’d take my time to say happy new years to all my readers an web viewers an keep on keepin’ on in 2016 Ahead… “NOW” Snow outside!

2016frtan more snow


having said that my blog in the past years has become Full “CIRCLE


and am very optimistic that i shall be “WEIGHTLESS” very soon once again..


..I am at present NOW jest Undigging from the last storms! that blasted through Colorado…So point is that this blog has come full circle over the years, to where i do appreciate my readership a lot an do so hope they enjoy the photography an stories i bring to them with what concerns me in life, Holistic Healing arts an flying my trike an riding my bikes are what its all bout when i am not busy unburing myself frum the snowstorms that blast through here 🙂 So still learnin’ how to speel here dis’ squirrel is, so i also missed da’ “ALPHABET” challenge …Hopefully i will be a more frequent flyer again but my counseling of others an also healing my self has taken the forefront above my full time blogger posts i have been doing for years.. All so i can say I thoroughly enjoy browsing the weekly photo challenges here, is like being able to travel the werld all over weekly with a buncha kewl people when i access fly round anread an gander @ all ur blogz,


^^^ jest another weightless day in Pagosa! ^^^ going down anyone! ❤

🙂 ^^^ so much fun yeahhhhaaaa.^^^ 🙂

an Now very optimistic always bout recovery 2 🙂

I can also show my fav pics to the werld like in peru flying the paragliders etc etc.definitely weightless below an optimistic also i will get down safe


an all my catagories to the right you might access also 🙂 so keep em coming i get more from werd press folks than the common internet, You guys all rock!…..Optimistic now bout weightless circles… my life goes roundy round!

Thank you all my visitors this year an the few before 🙂 for being a positive crowd of wunderful people …especially the wordpress gangs of weekly challenges frum michelles pet challenges to more! WordPress is growing ever so much ever so often, my congrats also to the wordpress staff for hanging this all together for the publik an kicking ass on facebewk an all the others u rock wordpress guys..and are much better than yahoo 360 or multiply formats were!
Keep on Keepin on Werld N Keep on comin back ,, see ya on the rebound 🙂 …PS: i ussually keep em half way un werdy an short an simple the photo challenge posts but this one is my once a year thank! YOU for Being YOU!…So return ever so often for more updates on Q’s werld of HIGH adventure.



…….love an light an over an out frum Q………

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Intricate

 Intricate as the spiders web it is sumtimes if’n ya fly paraglders , an such with wires in da air!

as intricate as it gets is alike a spiders werld!

as intricate as it gets is alike a spiders werld!

Intricate is da’ werd of da week @ wordpress weekly photo challenge i have lotsa intricate things to take photos of but right off i think of the spiders werld …

lewkin-up and then i think of the werld of intricities i have to sort through with all the tangled wires

an intricate mess!

an intricate mess!

{sumtimes for like a half an hour}


to jest be able to safely take off..


What does the word “intricate” mean to you? It could be the deep, fibrous bark on the ancient oak tree in your yard. Maybe it’s the robin’s nest under construction near your window — that ornithological engineering marvel of mud and twigs. It could be the treasured piece of needlepoint your grandmother crafted, or maybe a drawing you made. It could be the leaves falling from trees in the Southern Hemisphere — the wind arranging them just so on your lawn.

I can’t wait to see your interpretations!

once ur intricate fibers of life are sorted!

once ur intricate fibers of life are sorted!

Hopi n 🙂 an Check out weekly photo challenge for more “intricate” shots! …have a great weekend everyone however intricate ya get an however ya fly … gotta fly fer now but will be back round laterz  to check see ur photos also Hasta’ frum da’


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Express Urself

From Q 2 U


for da’ wordpress weekly photo challenge…Da werd of da’ week is Express Yourself.

SumtimeZ Serene flight are da' best!

SumtimeZ Serene flight are da’ best!





Today, we challenge you to show us what “express yourself” means to you. It could be the delightful, gummy grin of a baby grand-nephew, a message of love written with a biplane in the sky, the clenched fist of anger and frustration, or even a lunch with an attitude. This topic is wide-open and I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Have fun!





WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Serenity

Serenity in da' fall above Echo Lake, Pagosa, Colorado

Serenity in da’ fall above Echo Lake, Pagosa, Colorado

a serene morning before the snows came over hidden valley

a serene morning before the snows came over hidden valley



More Bout For this weeks challenge the word serenity was brought to the forefront…so i typed serenity in my search bar an this is what i came up with in me own werld…frum Quarksire’s Quasicle place in space….where but serenity is to walk out side although is a bit cold this serene spot i live.have had to accept an find my bita serenity here as i have been “stuck” here for dayz under da snow….see my last WPC post  Shadowed…..anyhow?…


a serene flight is better than no flight!

a Cold Serene flight is better than no flight!

A splendid weekend to one an all frum Da’ Q

finding serenity takes acceptance of da' truth many a time.

finding serenity takes acceptance of da’ truth many a time.

in Sunny Serene Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


werd of da' week is serenity!

Werd of da’ Week is Serenity!

click below here to see my other blog bout serenity once upon a time

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Yellow

Werd of the week is Yellow

Werd of the week is Yellow

Werd of da’ week is yellow,

yellow trike an  wing over florida

yellow trike an wing over florida

 here are a few thoughts bout yellow

YELLOW chuckled: “You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun.”A quote from da blog post

Quarked Quarrelling Kolorz

ckick here for article bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors

ckick an tha RainBowz for article bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors




Away with the colors of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Show us what “yellow” means to you.

WordPress weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Wordpress Werd of da' week is YELLOW!

WordPress Werd of da’ week is YELLOW!

Have a mellow yellow weekend frum da’ Q whateva ya do


frum a quarked cockpit

frum a quarked cockpit

Dec 1st 2014 rendition

Sayz have a splendid weekend!

Yes i used to not like yellownow i do 🙂

a yeller GPS an yeller round rainbow on cloud below

a yeller GPS an yeller round rainbow on cloud below

Ps: YELLOW chuckled: as dis blog is dedicated to my cherokee/german/irish…

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