Eternal Realizations

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition

from one sentence> comes realizations bout realizations….

do they matter?

When it’s time to deal with this reality one might say!


it’s time 2 deal with it!


enuff is enuff!

in one sense this might be nonsense this time lol

and in another it might make some


I used to say the following a lot,

“a realization a day keeps the doctor away”

now I often wonder what the realizations matter…?

once ya have surpassed what ya have to learn bout time?

and matter and analysis, and perception,

and the mind of the god u believe in er not?

so lets go roundy round here with q this time:) if ya got the time?

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition…can only be destorted in thought nt reality..

within disertations of and through this space this time:)…So…..said when done….

Time,,,,is an Eternity, Eternity – Limitless……..dichitomys? noway:)

FACT is: Time is a limitation, eternity is limitless. Time stands within and
functions through its definition,
Eternity adheres to no
definition in its infinity
. All that you experience within this form
has been allowed for your to be able to learn,. It has been placed forth simply so that you can learn
that you are not the self you perceive yourself to be. Therefore its tools, as limited as they are, have been made useful so we can

journey beyond all limitations.and the of words!

is anything absolute and does it really matter? this time?

so what bout the limitations of time this time…and how shall we react to the future or the past or the future past?…i wonder if one concerns themselves with what came first or what came last? Wonder where thier analytical conceptual ideas are now…this time around? those concepts are not a pre requisite for my knowing or not knowing:)…for no matter what happens within one’s life ya cannot learn the concepts or “presence” of peace…in ur life through right understanding alone.  Cannot know or learn what true authentic love is either from jest the knowledge without the experience of it:)…Do ya think there will be a test where all of the conceptual one way beliefs will be evaluated for u to judge or to be judged uponst? I think not!

will it matter in a hundred years?   

answer : unknownst to me that one is!

Should I or we concern ourselves with memorizing all the phrases givin to live by?…for these practices mean nothin to me<.or u either in the log run..wondering where the true desire lies? to invest onself deep within words, definitions, and concepts is that of ones own choice and space and place…not my place…I have gone far enough beyond now that I choose to jest “be it” to jest “do it” and enjoy it while i can:) whatever it is…in whatever time and place and space…make the best of this place I can is all i can do…this time around:)…while ya gotz time!

will it really matter in a hundred years er less?

so words rule and words gain,,,and words can cause pain?…but what about time …do the words remain????for beyond all conceptual thinking this time I know that there resides a “peace”..and a place..beyond ideas of definition is this place and this space where there is Peace and Serenity… matter what is happening in ones life i do so believe…ya can see this place and space foretold:)

even if on feels like a pebble on the sea bed of rocks bigger an better than they?!


^^ jest a pic from the frt yard here ^^^

well nonsense …or no sense at all this time…is what it is bout…eternity……and how ya want to feel this time:) this is the moment , year, and day…this is the time to sense who we really are…not to limit oneself by beliefs and other’s directions,,, but to find a road of our own, the road to peace..which is so seldom found by so few in this world today!…..for many have so many obstacles to peace of mind within thier own mind……….the  obstacles to peace there fore is these concepts and values that are clung to so tightly as so to keep from percieving peace but to be always searching for it

OUT THERE? somewhere? ,e jest a pebble in da sea of rocks larger than life.


ERE? somewhere?

when it’s in there!…………..okay I lost it at the rondeveus point ..but i think ya understand this place in ur space where time and eternity become one and concepts and theology and religions are thrown right out the window!:)

~ it’s auctually so very simple ya know ~



Then I said  no way:)

BUT?/AND so! ~ now i know:)

Time is of essence….I was told

…… no way! ~ not this time:)…but whats true seems to be true again….

So proudly I wait and stand beside u:) whomever U are:) releasing all the obstacles in the mind this time

I radiate peace and stand beside U…without belief but the knowledge of just “knowing” I AM who and What I AM:)


U are as special as ya are …forever and forever…for an eternity!

Much Love and Peace sent to U this day:)!

for this prolly won’t be the only time either lol:)

sumtimez is jest a repeat of the all….

fer questions and answers to be in the same sentence is a living dichitomy…yeppurs, it sure is!…………

believe it er not!

Jest a little Part of the quazicle werld of Q

Q…aka mike in da rocky mtns. in colorado……