Mining Repairs by Quarksire

was to be a great show this picture show of Quarksire’s to only fall into disrepair as the original goldigger knew, would not be there to complete the affair of this picture show, In the mind of Q, Who woulda Knew? is all i can say,

I feel like a broken Clay pot on this ol’ mines floor!



Affected by a Goldigger

of da’ mind no more,
like a clay dish on the studio floor
Quarksire now knows da’ old Miners Score
deep down the mine shaft in that lonely rewm….
swept under the carpet crushed on stepped on and more
is how this feeling is…….betrayed upon for want of not to
accept an clean up ones mess!


Whilst Mining 4 Lives & Thoughts!
A million broken pieces now, fragmented an shattered so unkind
lays because of lying lacks and acceptance not
– that apologiez………
were in order an forgiveness to be had………
……..but not in the plan this incarnation! 😦 for Q whom is
Under Da’ Carpet..Once Again…..On Da’ Floor!
Q again now knows da’ score………


~ So ~

remains a million pieces – scattered – then stuffed under dat rug…..
fer; she was going to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess, but,,,,,, well…
instead Q got lines of “love” fed to all the broken pieces of almost disrepair;
Instead Q got a treasure trove of disrepair, out of the heavy Air…
as the Goldminer once did , she then jest left it all in disrepair….


This think air down deep inside, the mind of the Mind of possible dis-repair
again, when asked to pick up the pieces , the little gurl swept em right on up!
yup yup!

AS IF TO; be some kinna good fortune gone bad

Like Gold that has somehow turnt to lead

A Goldiggerz Goal was
2 try to make Q once again fall on his head:(
so the big Q feels like this pot and that pot today – Plenty Of Trouble i guess…
swept under the rug once again an stepped on again….

crushed under the rug frum above
the angels from above , have the female ality and the lacks to keep that broken Pot!
right where he belong, under that rug,,,cuz ya know .he was of a bad strain – that pot…..
so; Like a clay dish, that she broke intentionally on the studioe floor
and swept under the rug and more – i feel for – and i this broken clay pot well,
don’t get to see her light no more,,,,,,,,,,,for this!
IS as an angel thats come left and gone,
she wishes to be to me again this day in this thing i call life
…with Mikey …..Da Q who struggles not to see strife in life….
Like a broken ol’ clay pot thats fallen on the floor…
but to be swept under da’ rug, to be seen er heard from no more!
that easy huh.well,

fer some witches,

their brooms, well don’t werks so WELL

so clyde says left turn mikey!



and as time would tell, as the clay pot lays under the rug, waiting to be swept up someday……
BY SOMEONE???? That might find the correct pathway to mine and strike love in one of the veins….
in this mess of a thing ,called “a Quarked Life:”
Till then i lay under the rug,,,pieces of ex-strife- again – lewking fer a new “WIFE”….


okay .back to mining TIME inside the old hard drive fer da’ Q Till next weekend – Dis Pilot is – hoping the weather will be gewd an warmer to go fly again,,,an again and again….yep gettin’ “HIGH” is what life becomes all bout..

After and Whence some one has been brought so low…
by another soul who lives – Down Below…In the resources of the A MIND – NOT SO KIND!
Swept under da’ carpet in the viewing rewm – so she can go Mine another Vein – In the Chasams of this ol Mine – . Q’s mind.- this time ..
Remember “Crashing is Not an Option” and well, don’t let miners that mine the wrong veins, and hit the wrong pathways, cuz greed over-ruled their very own PlayRight and Fantasy – let them mine themselves to the end of the dark tunnel that goes no where, whilkst i mine the tunnels of treasure, that reach to the sky again, to be able to break through once again , somewhere on the back side of this mountain of life without strife,


Light will appear on the other side of the tunnel.


oh an yeah ,maybe also, a “new Wife” lol…in all due time…
God bless : many blessings and peace out to all who came by to see what part of this hard drive this guy was mining, whilst he was under dat rug….waitin’ fer someone to come help put the pieces mind meant to melt back together again ! :)…

Someone Mining this mind for love, will find diamonds along the way…with a bit of gold…I should hope to say an pray…

seeking the mountains of love above! to be found , wherever one travels…this to now know once again frum Q..



Namaste’…2 U frum..Q

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge : This Week Krista SAYZ:Β 

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning β€” that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.


In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that captures the threshold β€” that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning. It could be a door about to open, or something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom. Looking forward to seeing how you capture β€œthreshold.”

– Krista



ANTICIPATION ONCE AGAIN^^^^@ a LAUNCH SITE 6 Freinds wait to be towed into the air by a hanglider trike like mine, i can tow a hanglider up behind me if i wish and have a daring friend that wants to fly! πŸ™‚

an well Q has 5 ways he KNOWS how to FLY Sport planes, Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hanglider Trikes and Hangliders An can’t afford an airplane , sold my paraglider due to health , and can’t afford buy a sailplane or i would tomorrow! so I have a hanglider trike in the garage an another broken hang wing to fix!… so at least i can still fly…when i feel up to it…

Till then I AM Jest

Quark takin’ off to a new reality in my hanglider trike here below….




Quarks off! off^^^^^ an aloft! whoo-hoo hoo hew

and in a nother version to ya now i must say good bye: as we anticipate LANDING the damn thing…..oh please soft landing fer Q πŸ™‚ lol


QUARK SAYS GOOD BYE THANBKS FER DROPPIN IN TO HAVE A LEWK SEE AT ME PHOTOGRAPHY concerning the THRESHOLD jest before flight fer me and well yes A THRESHOLD BEFORE LANDINGΒ  too. 2 different thresholds to conquer with every flight fer me anyhew πŸ™‚ ..the rest is easy lol flying that is πŸ™‚ any kid can fly its taking off and landing in wind thats the tricky part πŸ™‚ have to learn how to fly with mind and heart instead of the reactive brain, jest be and do an live in the NOW is the best thing when i go fly and rock on either one of the 2 THRESHOLDS!



ON MY KNEES 4 U – U know who! u ARE!

Every flight this time round fer the werld evry day

On the Threshold of goin up er comin down!
Werlds of werdz changed by Q:)
So, Forgive me please πŸ™‚
Honorable Q says πŸ™‚

When little birdz fly
listen to my werds
forgive me for i fly
i fly to and away
from u i fly
Till the day i die i do
let my fear not come true when with you
i see a new you every time
i fly away
to an fro frum an 2 U
beside my face i see
a new place
a new werld
a new day a new way
every day i fly
to and away from u:)
So, please tell me why.
every time it is
befere and after i fly
i think of u
and shed a tear or two!
i sure miss the real U i knew 😦
deep inside and beside this mind and this place in space
a new different mind for u i prayed for in my latest dreams of U
thanks 2 YOU!



Cheri's weekly wordpress photo challenge