aNCIENT aRROW Time Capsule 4 U from Quarksire

an “james” of course 🙂

Chamber 4 & 5 Wingmakers


This well this internet well… like one big giant time capsule for me……..

In 1997 wingmakers brought me to the internet for the first time ever so frum da time capsule I bring you todays post-it a 2 faceted Gem of a poem an music to go along with the poem… with 2 titles Missing – One Day! – untangeable an unchangeable are many thingz here fer me so…the POETRY AND THE VIDEOS BELOW ARE JEST A MERE FRAGMENT OF THE TIME CAPSULE ALL THE MUSIC ART PHILOSOPHY AND everything James Original website here has to offer,, hope u ejoy the music an all if ya never heard it especially the chamber 1 and 7 music etc etc and poetry is pert fascinating stuff, i am starting in the middle here as a introduction to wingmakers and the ancient arrow projekt 🙂 over an out frum Q enjoy da pages , all here below is propert of james,,an wingmakers…take care over an out…Q

Facing another evening without you
I am torn from myself
in movements of clouds,
movements of earth spinning
like the sure movement of lava as it rolls to sea.
Yet when I arrive
you are still gone from me
23 footsteps away;
a cluster of punishment.
A bouquet of the abyss.
When I look to the east I think of you
softly waiting for the vines to abdicate
their portion of your heart.
So you can be chiseled out of the matrix
with smooth hammer strokes
from my hands.
Freed of the coal, the black rot
of untouched shoulders,
you can open your eyes again
flashing the iridescent animals,
valiant vibrations of your rich spirit.

Centerpiece of my table
I stare at you in candlelight,
the windows behind, black in their immensity,
only enlarge you.
Making you more of what I miss.
The procession of prophecies
has entered me again
casting doubt in my mind like rain
on dead leaves.
I go among your body
to feel the presence of your heart beating
something golden spun from another world.
You cannot feel me.
I am invisible in all ways to you, but one.
A reflection in the mirror.
Beneath your eyes
you see me dancing away the body.
Dancing away the mind.
Dancing away the incarnations
of my absence.
One Day
One day,
out of this fleshy cocoon
I will rise like a golden bird of silent wing
graceful as the smoke of a fallen flame.
I will dream no more of places
hidden–secreted away in heaven’s cleft
where the foot leaves no print.
One day,
I will walk in gardens holding hands
with my creation and creator.
We will touch one another
like lovers torn by death
to say goodbye.
We will lay in one another’s arms
until we awaken as one
invisible to the other.
One day,
I will isolate the part of me
that is always present.
I will dance with it
like moonlight on water.
I will hold it to myself in a longful embrace
that beats perfection
in the hymn of the Songkeeper.
One day,
when I curl away inside myself
I will dream of you
this flesh-covered-bone of animal.
I will yearn to know your life again.
I will reach out to you
as you now reach out to me.
Such magic!
Glory to covet the unknown!
That which is
is always reaching for the self
that cheats appearances.
Who dreams itself awake and asleep.
Who knows both sides of the canvas
are painted, awaiting the other
to meld anew.

~ chamber 4 ~
well when hanging out in chamber 4 one can find the true score,,,an more ,,,i tell ya, but then who am i to tell ya anything lol.check it out fer urself ..
heres a bit of Chamber philosophy from chamer 4 from u click on this paragraph to read more 
“The entity model of expression is designed to explore new fields of vibration through biological instruments and transform through this process of discovery to a new level of understanding and expression as a Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is the fullest expression of the entity model within the time-space universes, and most closely exemplifies Source Intelligence’s capabilities therein. It is also the natural state of existence of the entity that has transformed beyond the evolution/saviorship model of existence and has removed itself from the controlling aspects of the Hierarchy through the complete activation of its embedded Source Codes. This is the level of capability that was “seeded” within the entity model of expression when it was initially conceived by Prime Creator. All entities within the time-space universes are in various stages of the transformational experience and each are destined to achieve the Sovereign Integral level as their Source Codes become fully activated.
The transformational experience is the realization that the entity model of expression is capable of direct access to Source Intelligence information, and that the information of Prime Creator is discovered within the entity level of the Sovereign Integral.MORE…

^^^^^^^CLICK HERE<<<<<<<<

an brought to u by “James” the original wingmakers webby werld

For its been 4 years an more now i still single and the wingmakers, well they told me she never let go of fear and they were right , i should have known …batter not but better thoughts an about from forward on all i can do is sing the song of chamber 4 an move right on to

~ chamber 5 ~




an so an an so forth enjoy ur day ! whomevr ya are whever ya bee:) skip right on through to six an well is a big turn in events fer da Q 🙂 yep yep 🙂 21 chambers an chapters to go!

This section of the site will acquaint you with the various artifacts that were found in the WingMakers’ time capsule in northern New Mexico. These artifacts are not completely represented mostly because of time constraints and the need to remain very mobile at present. However, all of the 23 chamber paintings are intact, all of the poetry has been translated, 10 music compositions from the first 10 chambers have been decoded, and thus far, two of philosophical papers have been posted. For the most part, the technology artifacts are being withheld from the site at this time due to strategic reasons. However, two of these artifacts are shown – chambers one and four. i WOULD GO ON AN ON AN TELL YA BOUT THE CORTEUM AND THE “ANCIENT ARROW PROJECT” ITSELF BUT THIS BLOG IS BOUT THE ANCIENT ARROW PROJECT MUSIC INTERPRETATIONS ETC ETC FOUND IN THE “OPTICAL DISCS”..WELL MORE TO COME SOME DAY IF I BLOG BOUT THAT ,,EXPLORE WINGMAKERS! WEBSITE HERE AND WELL U’LL LEARN FOR URSELF WHAT I DID WAY BACK IN 1997 I LIVE HERE IN THE AREA, AND KNOW MORE HISTORY THAN I WISH TO EVEN TALK BOUT HERE IN DA MEESELY OL BLOG WERLD , DO SOME RESEARCH THOUGH..CHECK OUT THE TIME CAPSULE AS U LISTEN TO THE PLAYLIST ER WHATVER BELOW 🙂


For they are Jest a FE MORE 🙂 Starz of todayz Picture Show frum Q

Hasta’ Q..Oh an Remember!

“Crashing is Not an Option”

No matter how ya fly this fine day!!!!!!!




Mikeys Empty Room with Da’ Mindcrimes

Quarksire’s Operation Mindcrime in Mikeys Empty Rewm



My empty Room ! the night she died 😦 an ever since i been cryin’
2001 a space oddessy it was….as she lied there on the floor….
every day goes by ,,,i rememebr more and more…….
Is a cryin shame; Death that is when love is left apart; holding a cold hand.
Rolled her over cold ya know; her soul entered me; did not want to let go
evry time i see things i see; i see things that remind me of her
like memories wrapped round my throat;
i seen her for months inside me;
till she one day so gracefully; left me;
told me to go find and seek the eyes of a
loving stranger
i tapped memories beyond this time as a result of her
and my day of future passed and the dayz she lived inside me
In a weird way; well she’ll always be inside me
as i stare off my mountaintop where we should have
landed together here and me
now she became a bird so free
and went off into the universe to find a new destiny
although she was proud to have known me
and Will come to my side whenever i call her, soulfully,as she come to me in this silence, in my empty rewm, no speep today – i can’t pretend

even if i do have the eyes of a stranger with me
she was then always…jest lewking back at me….
here alone in my Empty Room….i sit an ponder?
What justice was in this fer her an me??i wunder now,,what universal justice…
Growing old,,,one day closer to seeing her once again
– Universes so mightingly willing -willing on this still chilly morning
i lewk back on thee,,,,and still see here
sitting on that hilltop with me.telling me…days before….
No matter what happenz mikey – I’ll always be over ur shoulder
watching .yes watching…..over YOu .over YOU!..
Ur free,i’m i’ll always be with thee..Jest call on me
Says my Angel so dear when i call upon thee..
She everlastingly tells me
,,,remember my name,,,
an never forget me
,,,….Dear …..Q….
Through and through Eternity
I shall see u In Infinity
Indifinitely – Intensely – effervessently – Equally –
One day again We Shall become ONE…
She told me……….
The Night before she died~~~~~
so now i Sit here …
in this Empty room , all in all out
I hear her voice even sumtimes flying in the wind
I lewk ,,no ones round,,in this empty room or about iwhilst in da’ air
she Keeps me there…
Always telling me…..
She might even one day be there…..
In the eyes of a stranger
once again years after seeing the mind,,,in this mt rewm well,,,destiny still has this holy charge for theee……no matter what where who or when i play the rest of my life out,,jest one of many angels voices i can call upon to myself through-out all of eternity,,the way i see it the quarked way now,,in the quasicle, quintiscent werld of Q

believe it er not poem frum Q…about Q an Once 4 evr an angel, an once said,yes widowed for life….Go find a new wife! after me she said, so to this day i am still ,,in My empty rewm!…….

Frum a true story of a heart torn apart,,by alcohol, drugz , and Insanity! in 2001 ,,,Quarks Space Oddessey …he’s been on evr since,,,knowing new better different realities…..besides my physical hereditary disease…I still of the realities, of the past, war, pain, and tragedies,,that have happened to thee over a lifetime of watching people’s die but having them 4 evr on ur mind…holding onto and keeping forgiveness….an realizing …….
of keeness, in perception and an overwhelming reality, that we are quantum in nature and once we know we might never forget that truth,,,an for me well thats something to Live for ,and also something to be willing to die for one can alwways be re-born to live again.One truth .one forever destiny, for all and all ya see..ok over an out frum Q
Hope all who follow me ….reach their very own personal Destiny – Yes there is a reason for all things..if nuting else an education to me ,,,those gone are my teachers,to the fact that what will be will be ,,,can’t control people places and things, but graciouslu accept and honor all that is offered to theee,,and to the very best one can.and be the very best man one can ,be…tillll death becomes over me;evry time i think im over it i have memories that remind me of U angel..lewkin back at me!

Above disertation by Quarksire aka Mikey in Colorado

13 years after 2001 a spaced out tragedy for Q

PS: YA DON’t Jest Die , as sheri tells me ya simply change ur adress,,in this place and time of universal 4 evr mind

even if it was a mindcrime – the way it turnt out fer me..perceptively

forgiveness has to rule # 1

Queensrÿche Lyrics below…….to the song that keeps her voice alive 4 evr in my head…
some angels voices ya will recgonize yes in eternity and heaven er wherever ya go 4 evr i do so believe……correct me if im wrong lol….ok once again over an out frum Q

jest another part of me eternal destiny!





Empty room today
And here I sit
Chalk outline upon the wall
I remember tracing it
A thousand times, the night she died.
Why? [why? ]
Theres no sleep today, I cant pretend
When all my dreams are crimes
I cant stand facing them
Now who will come
To wash away my sins
Clean my room, fix my meals
Be my friend?

17  links here below jest click on the time

01. Freiheit Ouvertüre – 0:00
02. Convict – 1:36
03. I’m American – 1:45
04. One Foot In Hell – 4:38
05. Hostage – 8:51
06. The Hands – 13:21
07. Speed Of Light – 17:56
08. Signs Say Go – 21:09
09. Re-Arrange You – 24:26
10. The Chase – 27:36
11. Murderer? – 30:46
12. Circles – 35:20
13. If I Could Change It All – 38:19
14. An Intentional Confrontation – 42:45
15. A Junkie’s Blues – 45:18
16. Fear City Slide – 49:00
17. All The Promises – 53:58


Geoff Tate – vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars
Mike Stone – guitars, vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass guitar, vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums

Miranda Tate – backing vocals on “The Hands”
Ronnie James Dio – Vocals on “The Chase”

Publication of My Wings!

My Wings - By - Just Patty

My Wings – By – Just Patty

You can give a child strong foundations
So powerfull that they break away
And when they exceed your expectations
There is only one thing to say
Fly my little girl, grab your wings
Let the world know that you are here
Musing upon many things
Your mind bright and clear
You gave us so much to think
And you never lost control
Sometimes you were on the brink
With confessions of a lost soul
Fly my little girl, the world is yours to play
Never let your heart be still
And whatever people may say
Just listen to you own will

Just Marijke
after reading all this i am out of werdz an cannot say anymore {but then i’d be fibbin’ now wouldn’t i :)} jest do so hope that those whom might wish to go to pattys werld and get the book, if a 1000 wordpress followers do it jest think what it might do for a struggling poet with a condition such as mine that ois very disabiltating and hard to live with but as patty an I know we do the best we can any given day “One Day at A Time”
Patty is a great example of what many of the great poets angelic and educational – an beautatious here can do if they put their mind to it again “one day at a time” where 10,000 baby steps makes one big step for mankind, some how some way in the days of the future past- Believe it er Not; I now also werk with a publisher and if anyone wants real authentic printing press books made ad created jest drop me a line, I can get ya quoted; i do internet marketing and publishing for those whom might be interested also, an web design assistance, some for free.


I shall Forward this to all my poetically inclined human beings and hope they can reach out this next month and get a copy of Pattys stuff and support her a bit, jest think ur only one person but add that by 10,000 folks that might GET IT and the book also, over time it really helps in the world of writers that are sincere in sharing FEELING amongst other things, in this poetic way, i applaud ya patty and when ya get to book 13 ya will have to start a new volume is all there is to it keep em comin i say 🙂 peace out &,,Over and out …Da Q 🙂 GREAT JOB PATTY CONGRATS LIKE I SAID AN KEEP EM GOIN FLYING ROUND THE WERLD UR WERDS THAT IS ! Hang in There ! 🙂

Quarksire aka  Mike




Don't mess with patty says Q or the WordPress Wolf Pack will Get Ya!

Don’t mess with patty says Q or the WordPress Wolf Pack will Get Ya!


As of today, you can buy my poetry book My Wings by following this LINK

Yay! I am so exited! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Wings is a collection of poetry written by the heart and soul.

Cover My Wings1

This collection contains 111 poems divided into two parts: My Dark Wings & My Light Wings.

Part 1: My Dark Wings is a collection of dark poetry describing some very recognizable emotions like: grief, fear, frustration, melancholy, depression, but also the strength and courage to battle on no matter what.

Part 2: My Light Wings is a collection of light poetry containing motivation, love, support and the will to enjoy life.

This poetry book is illustrated with some amazing black & white photographic artwork.

a peek inside 3

Soon available on Amazon as well.

Get your copy today!

Read the first two reviews of My Wings below.

Thank you so much Phil and Adrian. ❤

Lots of love,

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Great Gig In the Sky

Since l Lost to her great Gig in Da’ Sky and Because there are Echoes frum da past present today and always prolly will still forver be, i guess i have to write and say my piece since i am not replied to for over a week, is what it is, not a lot i can do from 1500 miles away……so i gotz a couple of pieces i have written here..maybe they explain sumpin , maybe they don’t , but no matter what i got it stated how i feel! bout the imposition on my heart , mind , soul and pocketbewk this relationship has taken me over the past 5 years 😦 Since i have been alone an stranded for a week since i got out of hospital last week, she helped me the day before by paying for my meds and told me the day after i got out she would call the next day, then signed out of my life for 8 days plus now with only a werd on messenger that i am a controller?,an a couple of wordpress blogs bout her perception of me and the werld i guess?

  well i had no internet for a couple of weeks for my christmas 🙂 yippy…another x mas with my dogz lol.. So,have done a lot of listening to my hardrives and what i have the most of besides queensryche and tool and Zep ids the Floyd here, so is on my mind for all the floyd lovers out dere at least they can like that bout this so called “blog”


Great Gig in da Sky

She knows who she is 😦 too bad i did not 😦

Silly games she played against me ; as she judged her Werld away; An mine too 😦

Suicidal sick dellusional judgemental thinking is what causes ripples across this world

This world of Mine, so blatently deceived, for so many years 😦

Who’d ever expected LOVE to do this 😦 i never did…….
her goal for the past 40+ moons now:(

Proving indifference to the world  

From lies to insults to blatent neglect

Her treadmill rolls over and over on others she says she loves 😦
her perception of the world a suicidal plight. 😦

thousands of hours of love –
thousands of dollars in money
 thousands of wishes for truth,,,,,,,
and well,
in the end a powerplay for control – and was really for a few dollars more

 the total destruction of a man that could change the world,,,,,
at least the one she lived in .lol…………

so ~  too bad she had to come change mine
 for the worse now 😦
  { it will get better yes,indeed}

NO excuse in the world can ever
nor will ever
justify her ever ever hurting on me ever 😦

That will be on her heart and soul 4 ever !

So This is what i know now this fine day, that which is not 😦

May each and every one somehow find peace of soul for a moment today
and realize all u see
is not all ur fault!

An go on with ur day
~ forgiving those who do and do not know what they do ~
against the better half of YOU!

For as long as u stay tru
to urself and others u shall always remain
The Divine Being u are

No matter whom ya are
wherever u are
2 day!

over an out frum

Lost in confusion and total self bliss
I’ve found the relation between dream and wish
A dream is a fantasy lived only while asleep
But a wish has a compass vast, far and deep.
A dream can bring true the wish never thought
As your mind wanders aimlessly and feelings are sought.
But a wish is a simple, momentous undertaking
A grasping of things while still in the making.
Now my understanding of wish and of dreams
Have broadened my scope – or so it would seem
But still I’m confused and nothing is clear
Because you are a wish, yet a dream so dear.
With the breath of each day, I wish for your sight
Visions of loveliness turned to dreams in the night
You’ve become such a fantasy with realistic tones
I long for your love and time spent alone
Sadly enough my dreams cause confusion
For all their purpose are meager illusion
And though the dawn of each day may be cheerful to sight
I fear the darkness and my continuing fight.
For now its a war – a battle within
A dreadful nightmare which rationality must win
What should I do? Where shall I begin?
Should I ask for your love or remain a dear friend?
In my dreams youre my lover and my world is complete
But in life your a martyr to hope so elite
I’ve grown to know you and care with a passion
But fear lies within mutual attraction.
If I am to approach you with some indication
Would I strengthen our friendship or cause detonation?
This is the confusion, the struggle, the fight,
Until I am sure, youll remain a dream in the night
not sure where this came from…:)? but it was buried
deep in ones self…!
so to that end here sumpin’ i like to share whenever i get a chance
and its been a year er so:) so here it be:)
hope ya enjoyed ur visit & Remember !
if and when u feel like u jest got kicked in the head

and ya get out of bed and into recovery
and if’n ur all tired
of jest being fed up with pestilence
well, 🙂
🙂 So Be It Make it So Q 🙂

Warm Memories

~Happy Birthday Blueangelwolf~

~ Warm memories ~ Thank You! ~ 4 ever an after!


We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath of moonlight.
As our external sun diminishes
An internal sun brightens,
The flow of all
Is the intensity of the immediate ~
Flesh on flesh opens
As a flower to the sun’s rays ~
Each of us cosmic holograms,
Each of us completely all other
Wedded to loss and sweetness of consciousness,
Wedded to love and the terrible terror of this life ~
Mourners sprawled onto the shifting sands,
The beach of eternal unknowing,
This tentative foothold we have in forgetfulness
Slipping away as it must and as it should in reaching
More more more as we thrust into quantum fields ~
Feedback of the indifferent sky searing our eyes.
Walk into the flaming suns within yourself and come back to you,
The you of molten gold on the bottom of your soul crucible
Mired in denseness and dread of not-feeling darkness,
Slimy thickness of black oil covering the water of life ~
As within so without,
Within a desert ~ so without,
Or within the fountain eternal springs creative fires,
Twitch and ripple out of your jaded skin,
Throw off the pelt of ego needs
Suffocating in the shallows,
Reach beyond on the waves rolling to the thousand rays of a sun burning
Into the heart of you me and all ~
Veins and arteries are all the mangled branches desiring realignment
Unconditionally to the cosmic order of Love ~
Part of the great sigh of completion
In harmony with absence imbued with light ~
A universe squeezed into a tiny infinite burst of Joy!
In this pivoting between perception and recognition
Associations abounding,
Snapping past the two plus two
Making five the pointed stars of our bodies
Outstretched against the black void,
Our two-stranded DNA snapping electromagnetic
To the rhythm of blinking stars,
All of us together
A mating ball of snakes
As the Dreamer rolls the dice of the eternal now
Along the alley of space-time
A wave of tangled light in the void
Gathering points of luminosity ~
Consciousness glowing and growing
Entering the dark uterine presence ~
Generating a new physical world ~
Continuous creation.
We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath of moonlight.
** Just passing through **

above poem by blueangelwolf – aka angela ! 🙂

Above blog a tribute and thank you and a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Angela 🙂

loving thanks & cheer an best wishes 2 U 4 ever ,

with warm memories!



Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (MJ Cole remix) – 0:00
Synkro – Everybody Knows – 2:45
Tolerance – Chamber of Secrets – 6:25
Phaeleh – Losing You – 7:46
BT – The Emergency (Gemini remix) – 9:36
Thrice – Broken Lungs (Adventure Club remix) – 12:35
Down Jones – Can’t Walk This Way (Command Strange remix) – 15:22
Little Dragon – Twice (16 Bit remix) – 17:00
Asa – Catch You (Koan Sound remix) – 18:20
Birdy – People Help The People (TIP’s Sunken Hearts remix) – 20:25
Glebstar – Major Tom (Dubstep Remix) – 22:50
Submotion Orchestra – All Yours – 24:18
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands (Kashii remix) – 27:00
Enigma – Now We Are Free – 28:55
BT – Every Other Way (GZUS remix) – 32:06
The xx – Night Time (Synkro remix) – 34:25
Unquote – Cold Tenderness – 36:16
Blackmill – Journey’s End – 38:13
Mt. Eden & Ruby Frost – Oh That I Had – 40:05
Loz Contreras – Sarajevo (Blackmill remix) – 43:30
Shorterz & Enigma (feat. Little Palm) – Rag Doll – 46:45
Tolerance – Timeship – 48:40
Gemini – Blue – 50:28
Phaeleh – In The Twilight – 53:13
Hiatus & Shura – Fool’s Fortune – 56:30

Windy Ways


~ be very careful down here ~ er’ up here as it may be ~
~ fer this may be ur one and only chance? Quark says: Paraglide fer Fun Quarksire does Colorado to Peru…whoohoo! Windy ways are jest another way fer a wayward mind, as boredom an 2 cupsa coffe this am allowed time to share a bit of Entertainment as my catogory for what i percieve as entertaining to be grows, so nevrthe less hope u find some of my vids entertaining also.…this am was an inch of snow on da ground but is bout melted now and time to get out an around before the ground goes to the night and it freezes once again, a day fer car repairs an firewood in colorado fer da Q….Puttin Snow Skiis on me trike for the winter here hoping to go out and soar above the winter playground here in pagosa springs. Enjoy ur day er eve…if ur stuck inside like i was this am, keepin da’ ol’ environment warm, and or bored , check out Q-Tube Namaste’ 2 U frum Q 🙂 if ya have a youtube acct leave me a comment and share ur page with me here also…at a later time i shall do a post to honor my top bloggers i read that have made a great impact on my life one way or another. Ans some of the top thingz! that have had an impact on me life also, we are also  different i love reading out others also 🙂 So? 🙂  Till then take care,,,Q aka Mike in Pagosa…….In da Wundurful rockies!! 🙂 an no, i don’t spend all my time in frt of the computer but well hen ya live where i do ya do what ya got to fer linking to the werld and Entertainment once again, I like to do blogs that are Educational and enlightening and might be integral to their life in some way to show em a better way, cuz thats what were all lewkin fer every day the way i see it , that ol home improvement thing hard at werk here anyways and my grandma would alway say: “anyways aint a werd mikey neither is aint” , so ever since well i like the twisted english language and twisting it round a bit also fer fun:) i do not have tv so i utilize Q-tube as much as i can, as much as my bandwidth will allow being up on satallite connection for my connect since i be way up in the hills..but way better than the crawl of dial up which used to be the werld LoL..what a trip..huh Have come a long way BB auctually,,,even though i don’t really go that far, but well, lewking forward to gettin out to see more of earth as when $ an time allows, anyhow till later, today manana er whenevr i get back to it Peace out~oh an PS: yep… come Fly or Ryde with Q anytime if’n ya dare to, “) chow! can ring me anytime on me yahoo mess in ger LoL as my nick is also quarksire there so is email but i don’t want the s p a m or even like to eat it LoL so well i don’t post it here. So, agin dare to soar with Q why don’t ya , ya only live in this incarnation once! ya feel better anyhow gaurnteed when ya get ur feet back on the ground as great as it is LoL 🙂

Love Shaman Ritual

~ Love~

~There is an experience that brings an end to all uncertainty and an end to all questions. The experience of Love is Divinely Inspired and changelessly Eternal. Love does not come and go or rise and set like the sun, nor does it shine brightly only to fade and disappear for a time. Love is not personal or specific. It is impossible to Love something specific, for Love is Whole and knows no parts. Love is without an opposite, being Everything God creates forever. Divine Mind is God, is Love, is You, is All.


You can never leave behind or be separate from Love. Illusions will inevitably fall away, but Love remains Eternal and extends on and on forever. Love is all-encompassing and cannot be limited. Love can seem to be temporarily forgotten or covered over in awareness by the belief in linear time, yet the Holy Instant of Love is always now and is ever present.
God is Love. God, Being Love, is One and Abstract. God, Being Love, does not take different forms or come in a variety of degrees and gradations. In this world there appear to be many thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that conceal awareness of Love. Yet they are merely temptations to forget that Love is All there Is. Whenever the temptation to deny Love arises, remind yourself that You are Love and God is Love and nothing can separate the Oneness of God’s Love.
God, Being Love, has no opposite. God is All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and All-Loving. Illusions brought to Love must disappear, as darkness vanishes in the Presence of Light. Love is All since God is All. God, Being Love, has nothing to do with fear. God, Being Love, has nothing to do with disease, depression, pain, sadness or any of the forms that fear seems to take. Illusions of time may seem to veil the Face of Love, but Love remains untouched. Love can be but Itself and knows only Itself. Love and fear, God and the world, have no meeting point. The awareness of One implies the nonexistence of the other. The five senses of the body seem to deceive for a time, but Love is revealed as One and All through Inner Vision the world knows not. Pray sincerely and let your prayer be a unified desire for Love, for God. Inner Vision will lead to the remembrance of the Love that You Are and God Is, a Love without opposite.
Ego is make believe. Can make believe be real if only Love is real? Ego is opinion. Can eternal, unconditional Love know of opinion? Ego is falsehood. Can Love, being true, have awareness of falsehood? Love is true and real and only love is true and real. Love is One and is therefore beyond the “possibility” of comparison or compromise. What can the belief in duality, in past and future, have to do with Eternal Love? And what could break apart Love, which is forever One?
Love extends Itself, Being What It Is. Love is All-extending. In extending, Love remains loving, for Love remains Itself. There is no loss or gain in Love, for Love is completely without lack or limits. To know Love is to know completion and fulfillment. How could Wholeness ever understand anything but Itself? And what could Love “need,” already Being Everything forever?
Do not question Love. If you believe in questions, question everything which seems to be “not Love” and be willing to accept only That Which Is True Forever. End the wait now! Accept now the Eternal Love of God. What else could be more worthy of your acceptance? There is nothing to seek and nothing to find, only Everything to accept right now. I am Love. Such is the Truth.
Thank You God for the simplicity of Oneness! Thank You God for Being Love and extending Love forever!
A Course In Miracles

Fly High


not the story of Icarus!
but morelike
 Icarus, defying the gods,
wanted to fly like a bird,
but the sun punished him
 and sent him crashing into the sea.

on their fabric wings
and holdin’ all along
Greater ideals than to defy the gods and gravity.
They want to taste the splendour of the world
through the span of their wings.
To play a small part in the great symphony of the sky.
To empathise with the Egret and the Albatross
as they thank fate that they were not born
to an earthbound life.

One where their only strife
is heavy winds
and dark cloud days,

May all ur days help ya rise above it all no matter what ,

an Fly High Till Ya Die 🙂 lol


Love Me I Need You

All I can say is it was absolutely love at first sight

Trading one love for another is a hard thing to do

but knowing when marriage is right or not is what counts

Tending to fall in love easily and swayed a lot always at

how her body is and how her body fits mine, Lost Beyond time

I became as i cradled in my the cradle of my new love, Tonight

was quite the adventurous day id say today,

Jest to get to and to meet my newest love, Hopefully she will outlive me.

I want to keep her in the family! I do !

She will then be my wifes if i end up with one,,, or will be my sons when i die:)…….LoL……..


thought i was talking bout a wonman huh! welp in a way but not really oday.

It;s a mistU ! 3000 GT

today i rode the small harley 120 miles across and through Radical lightning

and thunder storm to get to meet my new love here,My New Red Bullet…Which will turn into a black bullet with a Red an Fine teardrop Blue streaks on da side sumday 🙂 Will lewk Unique.Maybe a custom artist I know can do some of the tears for me, since she does tears good, makes em goo id say!.even if ya don;t think tears are good , is what it is, jest a bit a blood sweat an tears! ya know , finally pays off, and a bit of faith and higher order guidence and not listening to ME jest following moment to moment or the miracle would have never happened.

The Saab is now jest an old love will be sold:) for a little gold.
So this brings me to well i don’t know .?? everlast?…well i am jest happy that the higher order of things were with me when i wished for this deal this am when i saw the guy post this car and asked him if he might want a motorcycle, and well he did, so he traded me straight across for this i feel good because ill be the fastest pizza delivery around lol and well anyhow is faster than ill probably ever go in it. Does 200 kph or 140mph in like a snap on the runway! wowza…So is another thing i own that needs a wing lol, unlike my ultralight airplane the wing on this ladys back, is to keep her on the ground at mach speeds….

Jest found out my mom and a couple of other close friends read my blog here so, i wanted to share this right away to let everyone know the higher order of things is with me yes, and if ya know me this is more my style than the saab and it gets good gas mileage also, next mission is studded tires for the winter i suppose, ok, over and out enuff from me..and well a few titles from some of Angelas poems in RED! and comments of mine in blue….okay over an out …Q yeah still dancing with the angel if she wants to , but well, I simply still do KNOT KNOW!:(:)..


Just Say Hello –  My dear

    What a MessNo Fear

    Proceed With Cautionand lewk Forthright

    Harmony or NotFearless when Thought alot

    Forgiveness ~~ and Counter blessingz

    Epicenter Love ~~~ A Way of Life

    Bubble Blast ~ Into a new life

    Bubble Blessing ~ a new life with a new wife:)

    Purgatorium no Longer has to be:)

    When Time PaintersCome to Time Everlast!

Oh How so much true blue here cuz i sure miss U!



an one last lewk at her behind lol………………

some of the Gaurds Red stays as part of the sheme i doing on the side of this lady I am Painting This Car 95% Black,,,,,,,,,,


so today i married a machine i hope she treats me well and well, loves me cuz well, i need her more than she can ever imagine, to bad she really can’t imagine, or id prolly sleep with her lol….I hadn’t been doing good for the last 5 years i guess at anything i been picking on to love, frum anybody to anything, everything and everybody seems to break, well not this time, with a bit of TLC,

The guy that ended up with the sportster will love it, i put 140 miles on it today alone jest taking it for the visit, I am sure he will get quite a few thousand miles of fun and rally time outa it, is a nice rally bike 🙂 I believe his wife will like riding it a lot once she gets the hang of it also 🙂 Best of luck to them, So, I am sure glad i did have evrything happen as it did today the failures got me to a success.was the end….., and am thankful to all the powers to be for this to be back in my destiny, at least my kid will inherit something nicer than a volkswagen Someday, hopefully not soon….lol:)….

an this time it won’t be the old story of TLC  MY OLD WAY WAS our old  LLC LoL {Takes Longer Costs More}…LoL…so well, hope this babe will love me back as much as i already love her, one damn nice handling car , i got to hand it to mitsubishi, since they used to make airplanes in WW2 to fight USA with ,,,now Car of my dreams, closer to the fj-40 than the Saab anyhow.handles more like my vette did but i believe better handles like the generation 6 vettes..ok, over and out for realzzzzzzzzzzzz…night alzzzzzzzzzz er day wherever u be:)


over and out Q