Pleasure to Meet U

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Q-Bird aka mike here 🙂
Jest a Half Bald, half disabled Half Lived  maybe half baked guy lol In the Rockies by Wolf Creek whose passions are to Fly, Soar Glide  and Ryde and Has a pension, a Heart, Mind and a Soul fer doing the next best thing an taking it one day at a time:) Camera in hand Photography a lifetime passion of the Q, fer whatevr its werth, maybe in the future someday, jest a place to share, etc etc.

PHOTOGRAPHY of People Places an Thingz is a fav hobby of mine also

this here place called werdpress!
namaste’.2 U frum…quarksire the quasickle quarked one Q
aka mike
in da’ Colorful Colorado Rockies:)



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it’s always fun to see new colors an faces on deeze pagez here



Thanks for dropping by the werld of Q,

this blog is mainly turnt into a blog bout spirituality, reality the wa y i mis-percieve er see it :), & er non-reality, the sub atomic werld an alike things and ACIM { a course in miracles} and the Cosmic History Chronicles & other interests featured on the sidebar on my home page, Ya will also find me time to time sharing bout chronic pain, and the hidden diseases and disorders many have as challenges to everyday life as i see it or experience it also, I myself ex-driker for 25+ years, alcohol free since 1997 now, and on internet ever since sharing my piece of the pie…the one in 7 billion… lol + er minus lol….

also, a lotta videos which are of interest to the quarked one here, again thanks for dropping bye!…

Peace out ..