Mikeys Empty Room with Da’ Mindcrimes

Quarksire’s Operation Mindcrime in Mikeys Empty Rewm



My empty Room ! the night she died 😦 an ever since i been cryin’
2001 a space oddessy it was….as she lied there on the floor….
every day goes by ,,,i rememebr more and more…….
Is a cryin shame; Death that is when love is left apart; holding a cold hand.
Rolled her over cold ya know; her soul entered me; did not want to let go
evry time i see things i see; i see things that remind me of her
like memories wrapped round my throat;
i seen her for months inside me;
till she one day so gracefully; left me;
told me to go find and seek the eyes of a
loving stranger
i tapped memories beyond this time as a result of her
and my day of future passed and the dayz she lived inside me
In a weird way; well she’ll always be inside me
as i stare off my mountaintop where we should have
landed together here and me
now she became a bird so free
and went off into the universe to find a new destiny
although she was proud to have known me
and Will come to my side whenever i call her, soulfully,as she come to me in this silence, in my empty rewm, no speep today – i can’t pretend

even if i do have the eyes of a stranger with me
she was then always…jest lewking back at me….
here alone in my Empty Room….i sit an ponder?
What justice was in this fer her an me??i wunder now,,what universal justice…
Growing old,,,one day closer to seeing her once again
– Universes so mightingly willing -willing on this still chilly morning
i lewk back on thee,,,,and still see here
sitting on that hilltop with me.telling me…days before….
No matter what happenz mikey – I’ll always be over ur shoulder
watching .yes watching…..over YOu .over YOU!..
Ur free,i’m free..an i’ll always be with thee..Jest call on me
Says my Angel so dear when i call upon thee..
She everlastingly tells me
,,,remember my name,,,
an never forget me
,,,….Dear …..Q….
Through and through Eternity
I shall see u In Infinity
Indifinitely – Intensely – effervessently – Equally –
One day again We Shall become ONE…
She told me……….
The Night before she died~~~~~
so now i Sit here …
in this Empty room , all in all out
I hear her voice even sumtimes flying in the wind
I lewk ,,no ones round,,in this empty room or about iwhilst in da’ air
she Keeps me there…
Always telling me…..
She might even one day be there…..
In the eyes of a stranger
once again years after seeing the mind,,,in this mt rewm well,,,destiny still has this holy charge for theee……no matter what where who or when i play the rest of my life out,,jest one of many angels voices i can call upon to myself through-out all of eternity,,the way i see it the quarked way now,,in the quasicle, quintiscent werld of Q

believe it er not poem frum Q…about Q an Once 4 evr an angel, an once said,yes widowed for life….Go find a new wife! after me she said, so to this day i am still ,,in My empty rewm!…….

Frum a true story of a heart torn apart,,by alcohol, drugz , and Insanity! in 2001 ,,,Quarks Space Oddessey …he’s been on evr since,,,knowing new better different realities…..besides my physical hereditary disease…I still of the realities, of the past, war, pain, and tragedies,,that have happened to thee over a lifetime of watching people’s die but having them 4 evr on ur mind…holding onto and keeping forgiveness….an realizing …….
of keeness, in perception and an overwhelming reality, that we are quantum in nature and once we know we might never forget that truth,,,an for me well thats something to Live for ,and also something to be willing to die for also..so one can alwways be re-born to live again.One truth .one forever ..one destiny, for all and all ya see..ok over an out frum Q
Hope all who follow me ….reach their very own personal Destiny – Yes there is a reason for all things..if nuting else an education to me ,,,those gone are my teachers,to the fact that what will be will be ,,,can’t control people places and things, but graciouslu accept and honor all that is offered to theee,,and to the very best one can.and be the very best man one can ,be…tillll death becomes over me;evry time i think im over it i have memories that remind me of U angel..lewkin back at me!

Above disertation by Quarksire aka Mikey in Colorado

13 years after 2001 a spaced out tragedy for Q

PS: YA DON’t Jest Die , as sheri tells me ya simply change ur adress,,in this place and time of universal 4 evr mind

even if it was a mindcrime – the way it turnt out fer me..perceptively

forgiveness has to rule # 1

Queensrÿche Lyrics below…….to the song that keeps her voice alive 4 evr in my head…
some angels voices ya will recgonize yes in eternity and heaven er wherever ya go 4 evr i do so believe……correct me if im wrong lol….ok once again over an out frum Q

jest another part of me eternal destiny!





Empty room today
And here I sit
Chalk outline upon the wall
I remember tracing it
A thousand times, the night she died.
Why? [why? ]
Theres no sleep today, I cant pretend
When all my dreams are crimes
I cant stand facing them
Now who will come
To wash away my sins
Clean my room, fix my meals
Be my friend?

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Geoff Tate – vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars
Mike Stone – guitars, vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass guitar, vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums

Miranda Tate – backing vocals on “The Hands”
Ronnie James Dio – Vocals on “The Chase”

A Quarked Year

A Quarked story it is

This friday the 13th an well…

Quarksire’s Story
unlike the story of Icarus!
It’s jest bout celebrating life
whenever one can:) in Quark’s werld.


Although Sumtimez is more like
Icarus, defying the gods,
he so wanted to fly like a bird,
but the sun punished him
and sent him crashing into the sea.
So I am as if He icarus was
TYPES THAT NOW HAVE TRAVErsED THE WERLD – Unlike he ever Really knew!

Oh if Icarus could see these fabric wings

he’d sing with joy and delight ant 2oth century flight!
on our fabric wings
and holdin’ all along – so today we hold on yes we hold on to
Greater ideals than to defy the gods and gravity.
I forever  now taste the splendour of the world
through the span of my wings, whenevr i get the chance.

Even when i am not flying i can be there be NOW.
To play a small part in the great symphony of the sky.

all i have to do sometimes is think to get high:)
To empathise whats its like to be with the Egret and the Albatross
the Eagle Hawk or the Crow as it may be

as they thank fate that they were not born
to an earthbound life.
One where their only strife
is heavy winds
and dark cloud days.

An lightnin dat might strike ti make em fall,

one has to be very careful
Thermalling High to rise above it all,
may that be my conquering quest for the day

whenever it is i can fly…….!




seek positive charges an energy
Let it Be – Let the voice inside do 4 U:)

what u could not do for urself 🙂
~ trust it ~ from experience ~  belief creates ~

Action Creates New Reality

an possibly a life werth living

to its fullest

enjoy ur day and know friday da 13th well

might have been the luckiest day of ur life

once upon a time ya never know:)

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