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A few videos from Q-Tube  AN in case ur bored check out what its like to fly an ultralight trike.along with many other interests of da Q that might be a cure fer winter boredom @ da ol computer.




Ultralight Trike Flying, Cortez & Pagosa Springs Colorado

i have flown in the middle of the winter many times , its like a flying snowmobile with a wing really…lotsa fun…..an if u are a trike owner , well come on out to pagosa springs this summer for some fun in the sun!.




over an out frum da’ Q 🙂

…have a splendid’ weekend….

oh an don’t get bored now 🙂 lol 🙂 


Weekly Photo Challenge Nighttime2 Bo’s shot

Lightning Electrical Sky

Quarksire Loves to take photographs at night in colorado of the incredible rocky mountain Kind that are very awesome an incredible sometimes.like my latest on NIghttime

Weekly Photo Challenge Nighttime by quarksire

So as my introduction to U.. I am entering this pic of bo’s an link to his page as an intro to the werdpress werld i hang with that bos stuff exists, and like mine u can buy prints etc etc, rolled up and sent to u ready to frame of some kewl stuff so no further adoo!

🙂 !

Striking Photography By “Bo” click on the link here to see the Video> Frum Striking Photography..

     The Shot above links to my web-friend an colorado local!  james-insogna Bo!’s website and his incredible Lightning photography also ..will have to add him to

my You Tube.

check out bo’s vid below :)!

Storm Catcher – July Sky Time Lapse Video

Werd of da' week Nightime

Werd of da’ week Nightime

WordPress weekly photo challenge

PS: Now maybe bo will come here an post a shot a week fer fun HUH ! Thanbks Bo for ur kewl stuff! keep em coming 🙂 Q

About bouldercountyphotographer

James “Bo” Insogna was Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. He studied with the New York Institute of Photography. He Started his photography career 1984. He opened a studio in Boulder, Colorado downtown on the Boulder mall. Shooting for local newspapers, magazines, Skiing, Bicycling, models portfolios and some commercial work. In 1987 the economy got bad in Boulder so he decided to make a move to Scottsdale Arizona. Once in Arizona, He became a staff photographer for the Phoenician Arabian Horse Magazine doing the covers, inside lay outs and a two page spread called Bo Trek. In the late 1980’s – 1990’s he was a respected member of the Arabian Horse Community in Arizona, chosen to photograph champions, riders, trainers and owners. From the first Arizona lightning monsoon season, Bo very quickly became a Lightning Storm Chaser. Striking-Photography.com, http://www.ArizonaLightning.com and aka http://www.TheLightningMan.com was born. A very fun, exciting and dangerous job! Since 1987 he has spent many years pursuing elusive lightning storms spanning miles of natural desert. It takes great dedication, courage and desire to grip a metal camera upon a metal tripod astride mountain peaks with lightning crashing mere paces away. His prints reflect the courage and passion he feels for his art. He has been featured on television and in print. In 1991 The VVA honored him by choosing his Photograph “Operation Desert Storm” as the official print of the Arizona Desert Storm Memorial Fund. The men and the flag represent the “Operation” and the Victory and Liberation of Kuwait. The Saguaro represents the “Desert” and the men and women who served in the Gulf. The Lightning represents the “Storm” and the Air War with swift, precise strikes. Twenty years after leaving Boulder, Bo decided to relocate his family back in Colorado. He settled in Boulder County. Lovin Life in Boulder County! Facebook Twitter G+ Bo featured on ABC News TV 15 Bo featured on TV 3

2 Old 2 Fly I think NOT sayz Quarksire

***** tOO old to fly, well, not for these 2 ladies that come over and fly with Instructor Johhny! @ Top Dog Aviation



although The company auctually does not fly on sundays,,this post-it is in response to a fellow blogger tellin me she was too old to try it! ..so here ya be :),

  if ya want to fly ya might want to make it a weekday like these ladies did,


Weather permitting an health permitting, we fly an instruct wanna bees year round, but this is the best time of the year for new students, still a bit chilly but warming up finally here it is


next post-it i am going to put together some pics of my flight here round my place and even over my own house



so till laters, have a great even er morn wherever ya are on da planet!


check see my videos section if ya would like to see some vids of us flying round etc etc…


an click on related links below to see more 🙂


Quarksire’s – Queen of the Reich

 Queensrÿche: Operation Mindcrime: By Quarksire-Ignacio Colorado 2014


Da’ shot Above is of Geoff Tate and Queensrÿche in Ignacio Colorado this past month a concert attended by the Quarked one here 🙂 was an awesome performance of Operation Mindcrime. Approximately a 2.5 hour concert. I am sorry that my video cams disc ran out of space so i could not present more video, so instead i ended up spending the rest of the concert taking still shots which many i shall share here in this blog…If ya missed my last blog bout that can click on the link below. This post i am posting only my short video clip and a buncha stills i got, so any Queensryche fans that happen to come across my page, well I hope u enjoy this post! Meanwhile back at the Bar it’s beer thirty for the gurlz.  Imagehttps://quarksire.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/queensryche-eyes-of-a-stranger-live-in-nyc-2014/

to read more bout it and wht i have to say click on link above 


was a great show

Geoff and the Fem below


Quark sayz if Queensryche is coming to ur town; there are still werth the buck for the show


shotz  taken with my sony digital HandiKam


Sony Digital Mini Disc Handycam has 120x Optical zoom 6.0 megapixel most of these shots from 100 ft away


ÿ sayz Q – well Fer Fun an a serious message bout da’ world revolution; Drummer moved Very fast fer my shutter speed!


Geoff and Fem Again


The Queen of The Reicht




Lay it on the line says Geoff


Sopeoplebout the end of my picture show fer the eve.

more to come on another post with a poem of mine


da Q aka quaked onesayz Over an out

Take it easy

“One Day at a Time”

see related blog posts below for the whole concert on cd, and more photos an topics on Geoff Tate and Queensryche

frum Quarksire





Rocky Mountain Highs


When i get a chance to be out at 7 er 8 am round here i see mike and or his wife and friends in thier Balloons, now that i don’t particularily call it flying, i call it being at the “intelligent” mercy of the wind,,Its “FLOATING” Acsending or Descending,  or being carried away, by winds, still gets ya up in the air, and frum there it is a totally different view and perspective, so i can’t help but chase them round and take a few shots whenevr i am in town early am…or flying myself, here a a few pics an a vid of mikey and his wife’s balloon and the balloons of pagosa springs …. with 300 days a year of Sun, there are plenty of kewl days to fly round here……








Peace out ..Q


Ultralight Triking 9000 Miles with Henrytrike


Well Henry Trike gets my Vid of the day award, Frum Quarksires Playlist<linkI have lotsa friends round the werld that fly Ultralight Trikes and Powered Paragliders<link and Paragliders and Hangliders, and a few came into my box today , but this was the most Awe Inspiring. This is a video of Henrys adventures in the last year flying round the west coast states,,,Flights in the state of California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Arizona…Some awesome scenery and spectacular footage if i must add, enjoy 🙂 and have a gewd weekend.


The above pics were taken in cortez flying with instructor johnny and the gang at Topdog Ultralights..check out my vids on you tube <linkto learn more 🙂 once again enjoy!

frum da TopDog




an then well, there is the rocky mountain way of flying ultralights also..see the video below and enjoy ur flight 🙂

a few videos in ya find this vid but i can’t not post it today cuz it is in one of my top vids sections in my ultralight triking werld of vids,,,,so i posted the whole playlist for ya to scan,,there are some kewl vids of flying all over the werld frum cambodia to south africa, the south to south vid is very kewl,link :)an da botoka flights<link of  mike an oliver world trike travelers 🙂   to spain to norway<link to the artic on trikes, an surfing da morning glory with billo one morning is very kewl<link :)i have an assort ment of my fav vids in this playlist above ………..,ya can fast forward through the vids if ya don’t like one to the next.again,adios..


Market Yourself by Jennifer

Market Yourself is a video done by a fellow blogger friend of mine whom is finding the best of times jest being herself and being free:) hope u enjoy, i congratulate her on the amount of views she has had and hope this has helped boost her career she is so desiring…

I jest adore this woman! She has helped me a lot emotionally and spiritually and that i have her to thank for so i wanted to share her video here:) Jennifer gets my “blogger of the year” award” for such an uncompromising act, which aint no act at all, thats life folks 🙂 A realization a day sumtimes is what it takes to keep da doctor away 🙂 lol Enjoy!  Hey body gaurd for hire jenn when ya need one 🙂 I come Loaded! 🙂 lol 🙂 take care one an allzzz. Q

till i get my net back i suppose 🙂 over an out 🙂 happy holidaze,,, an remember Forgiveness is the Key to Love even if Chains Have to be Broken!


above art by jennifer b chaz

🙂 peace out

A Song and Music Video highlighting how the world is today. Available on Itunes and Spotify.
Music video by Thorbjörn Ljungeld.
Screenplay: Jennifer Isabella Sundström
Director: Thorbjörn Ljungeld
Camera operator: Thorbjörn Ljungeld
Editor: Thorbjörn Ljungeld
Assistant: Tomas Jakobsson
Make up: Asta Lopatin
Hair: Anette Sundström

Contact:Jennifer B Chaz

oh PS: Speaking of marketing oneself Guess i’m Free BCHAZ 🙂


better than clueless

namaste 2 one an all