WordPress Worldwide Weekly Photo Challenge eye spy

Quarksire’ thinks of eye spy

Lewkin_at_you_Q 007

*Variations on a theme.is dis post fer da’ week fer me: Enjoy my eyespy photos:)


eye spy” makes me think of my many photos i have taken that are of subjekts an them not being aware the pics are being taken, with my telephoto lenses er whatnot:

vic_by_quarksire 001

….people an animals included.


one of my cameras i have 12o times optical zoom so is fun exploring things u can take pics of 40 er 50 yards away an have em lewk like ur right there in frt of them:


…so is my idea of eye spy: when ya can capture feelings etc etc frum a far away:


… doing weddings, concerts, sporting photography, an lotsa people functions with camera in hand sumtimes one can catch some very kewl shotz playing “eye spy ” frum far away :


Outside inside wherever ya are at camera in hand with telephoto on it is a fun thing to have round:


Never know what ya might come across in ur travels across or upon this planet:


So thats my interpretation of EyeSpy in mikeys werld here aka quarksire da’ Q


.Julies eyes an well, ..the werds of the week at wordpress worldwide photo challengeย 

Eye Spy

Weโ€™ve got our eye on your photos this week. (See what we did there?)

๐Ÿ™‚ “EYESPY” ๐Ÿ™‚

till next time over an out frum Q

333 Responses an quark was 333 how kewl is dat! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ tada!


WordPress Worldwide Weekly Photo Challenge Trio

>>Good things ‘c’ome most often in three so i gots 3 shots of 3 here fer da week :)3 of my favorite top dogs in da’ pic above ^^^an da one below


so 3 topdog ultralights here


Tres’ Kittys ๐Ÿ™‚ below @ da’ hanger on da hill ๐Ÿ™‚


What comes in threes? Submit an image for this weekโ€™s photo theme, Trio.>> ….Twas’ da’ directive fer da’ weekly photo challenge,so my werld jest goes to da’ top dogs in da’ air an da ones on da ground round here also3againso?

๐Ÿ™‚ tada fer now ,over an out frum Q ๐Ÿ™‚

ground ed with da’ dogs an kats fer now i am ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully i’ll get round toit an mount the skiis to my ultralight for some winter flying this season – we shall see., funny theres a nother whole set of 3’s also… my prop has 3 blades, my trike has 3 wheels or skiis…an it is a TRI-ANGLE wing also ..kinda a tripo the werld of 3’s

..stay warm werld..


What comes in threes? Submit an image for this weekโ€™s photo theme, Trio.

For this challenge, share your own take on the weekโ€™s theme, trio.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Texture

Ok Kinna schetched out over the Pingback master at werdpress daily post…

guess they didn’t like my last post …

zig zag


i gave ping back a couple rings and well no answer but see others pop up ever since… so all i can do is wunder what is up with that…anyone that reads me from wordpress? possibly got an answer, er is there some guideline or boundry i have crossed please tell me ? i am wunderin till then well i am jest schetched out a bit With a Bit of Texture of course round da fringes i guess ๐Ÿ™‚ over an out frum



da above was da roof of da car before it became dis’


ย Like so!


frum dis”’..more 2 come in another postit ๐Ÿ™‚

was a fun projekt !

here in Q’s werld

frum texture to smooth!

frum texture to smooth!


Texture Werd of Da' week

Texture Werd of Da’ week

Weekly Photo Challenge Zig Zag

Late on my return Blog fer dis’ one ..but hare it is…

Photo Challenge Zig Zag


High in da' rockies

High in da’ rockies

Zig Zag 1 an a quarter is da’ way to go & my Zig Zags

Come frum France





Almost 4;20 here so will Zig Zag my way outside for more yardwerk today!


This week, share a photo that foregoes the straightforward in favor of the twisting and winding.
For this weekโ€™s challenge, share with us your own take on zigging and zagging. It can be a winding path, the Herringbone pattern on your coat, a scar: any jagged line that tells a story. I canโ€™t wait to see what you come up with


Zig Zag Werd of Da' week

Zig Zag Werd of Da’ week

mAGNAMOUS mONDAY 6-30-2014

Where things jest Flow an Flow:dA Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page I wrote this VERY LONG article bout Tigers and Death and Extinctions and all last night and postin’ it in my magnanomous mondays section here


There have been 300,000 men women and children killed in India in the last 200 years by these vicious predators, while tree huggers think the Tigers are “beautiful animals” they continue to feed on defenseless villagers, happiness truly is a world without the Tiger, as many a indian believe ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This area in India has had hundreds of man eating Tiger attacks over the last few years, Man is the easiest prey of all for these beasts and lack of jobs and poverty is why these people put their lives on the line to feed their families and go into this area to harvest these Fish and Crabs to sell……………India got tigers, Philippines got crocks, and we got congress, Thieves an selfish pre-historic thinkers.
Tigers love water, are avid swimmers, are extraordinarily savvy and vicious. They clearly do not have much difficulty finding and getting a meal.
In some parts of India, humans paddling a canoe through a swamp will put on a face mask facing backwards strapped to their head, giving new meaning to ‘eyes in the back of your head’ and ’20/20 hindsight.’ that was an old trick but somehow the tigers got wise to it ,,,imagine that fearless backwards mask wearing indian .jeez….
This use to confuse the tigers who can’t quite figure out if they are being observed by their quarry er not — hunters always play the element of surprise, after all….well,,,,,Now if India can get these Bengal Tigers to eat all of their rapists, the streets would be a better place to live. For the women at least. i ‘d say anyo9ne convicted of a kill crime..i am sorry but let them go live in the jungle with the tiger.send them into the reserve for their crimes,,,

now correct me if i am wrong but , We’re talking about a country where most people are vegetarians and millions worship monkeys or whatever. Cuz they haven’t found their Creator yet?..what a trip huh.all seeking the same thing in the end,,,,,,,,Death, after years of food like the tiger they yes they and evryone you know will be consumed by this big thing i call the tiger really!!!!DEATH –

DEATH KILLS !!!so does many forms of ignorance an neglect!!
at some point we will have driven them into extinction. all da lions an tigers.. believe it er not………
Only 3200 wild Tigers left. Fewer than 900 Gorilla’s left in the wild, This is Incredibly sad. We had, Saber toothed Tiger’s, Grizzly Bear’s, Wolves in North America in the not, to Distant past……..
now realistically speaking from an outside source lewkin in here…..India has more problems than just Tiger attacks. India is about 1/3rd the size if the US with 4 times the population. When you cram that many people into a habitat of man eating big cats you’re going to have problems. However, disease from unsanitary conditions and contagious diseases in general kill a lot more people in India than Tigers do. With a population of 1.2 billion people India is on track to self destruct if they don’t do something to curb the population growth, with or without Tigers. Soon there will be no tigers or any other predators except for humans because we are squeezing them out of existence. I hope they don’t try to kill the tiger now. India has the 2nd largest human population on the planet and is doing nothing about it. I try not to buy anything made in India because it contribute to their unsustainable growth. The U.S.is # 3. Shame on us. China is # 1 and look at the pollution they generate. Another country I try not to buy from. but nevertheless i do cuz sometimes they have the least expensive product offered in the market i am seeking….an i don’t think that boycotting a suffering country is the answer either? jest because they cannot find balance, the werld has to teach them what balance is and also the way i see it the whole werld ought to team up get together and try to have some simbalance of laws regarding “creation of other human beings” etc etc,,,if u live in an environment where the creation of one more human is not sustainable then well, what should they do then,,,should not have more children till the country finds some balance…yes,,regulate childbirth where the earth and werld cannot support that kind of growth. is all there is to it the way i see it,,simple easily done nope not at all, would take the whole werld getting together to recognize the problem and then teach instruct ,,,an oh yeah the hardest part “control” excessive childbirthing….in poverty conditions!.i mean why? anyhow .?
The more nature and man collide the more often such things will occur. Wild animals are wild and will do wild things which is not wild to them…..so the country’s that can’t afford condoms,,,an the story of tony the tiger and the grand ol’ elephant also there an in africa etc etc….why don’t we fly our military chapps in for a good samaritan efforrt and well,,,,,donate a few billion condoms! instead of dollars to them! would be my take on it anyhow, Number one: if the people there would stop reproducing like flies they would have far fewer problems.
Number two: the reserve parks for tigers an elephants alike etc etc are supposed to be a place where the tigers (what few remain) can live safely. If the people need food to eat they should put pressure on their government to see to this vital need rather than forcing them to either starve or scavenge for food. and the gov should also use military force to keep the park safe and people safe also!
~~~~~~~~Number three: after all the mayhem egotistical “great white hunters” have inflicted on tigers over the centuries to satisfy their own sick vanity my sympathy is entirely with the tigers. This i will tell ya though owner of a buncha Kats,,,,I will say I don’t get in the way of my cat while he’s devouring meat, and he’s just a housecat….is common logic or the damn cat will scratch or bite all there is to it, aan well i have had cat scratch fever once before cuza of a bobcat , i thought i won , but well his teeth sunk in deep into my wrist and i went to er for 48 hours plus over it, so Kitty kats ussually don’t carry the saliva to give one cat scratch fever but well, wild kittys do with jest a bite or a scratch , werd for the wise anyhow if ya ever get bit by one seek medical attention asap,….believe me catsctratch fever is 10 times werse than the werst flu , ya feel like ya are going to die, is a nasty poison, takes a few hours to set in an starts out like flu symptoms…..
To quote Chris Rock “That tiger didn’t go crazy… That tiger went Tiger”. A source of food to a tiger is just that. It doesn’t care whether it’s a human or a hooved animal. As people encroach further into the tiger’s natural habitat, more of these attacks (meals to the tigers) will occur. How do you prevent the attacks – stay out of the tigers domain. What really needs to be done, is to help the people most likely to resort to foraging in these regions. Set aside some land for farming and assist them in planting foods that are akin to the environment. It doesn’t matter if they cannot use the crops for food. The produce could be sold and the proceeds would be funneled back into those communities. An entire segment of a new economy could emerge for these people, due to the support needed to supply, feed, clothe, and house the workers.
Irrespective of the feelings of people who favor the rights of wild animals; in fact, growing humanity is slowly taking over areas where these wild animals reside. In most cases Humanity’s need for more and more farmland as well and simply more safe living space is a human demand as it always will be. sadly enuff,,I believe that the wild animals we read about and see today will end up in both Zoos as well as in secured fenced in large landed reserve throughout the World.
And forests well, ? what will become of the forests of the werld we are cutting down for pulp and paper etc etc, when we could be using a regenerating forever crop like hemp instead, has the werld really gone mad ? i wunder,,,thats a whole nother set of blog the thousands of ways hemp and the oldest living thing on the planet could help mankind with , to survive that is.but well man don’t see that both the mushroom and the hemp plant has many many uses werld wide in the thousands, from regenerating life to curing various cancers and diseas4es, and if ya brave the correct type well, then ya also find out the mushroom speaks! yes it does folks,,,,unlike the scrambled mind on lucid lsd well, the shrooms well, speak a language all man understands..and it is the oldest language in the universes..in a wild way it is chemical synthisis and well, communication through a universal quantum fine structured i like to call the sub atomic werld,,, anyone interested in this werld well, jest stick around with Q a bit and read the cosmic history chronicles pages i gots etc etc…will, help educate ya a bit if ya don’t klnow the information yet in ur lifetime….Many things the world order would rather mankind not know so they can keep us all enslave4d in their economic money game till we run out of resources,,,what then .? soylent green? well, we shall see when all the oceans are dead to have to re generate someday if they can re-evolve,,,and that could take millionss of years, anwell all the animals are gone and there is limited food and water for a starving over populated planet? well? what then folks HUH did anyone even think it could come to this anyhow huh.??over population becoming problems an unsustainable for a planet being damages by the masses…..
When i was a child i used to scuba dive with my parents and friends off the coast of a california and baja and all and well, back in the sixties, ya could plop off the boat out off the coast of sandy eggo in many areas at about 35 er 40 feet and well, back then ya would see abalone on rocks and even tentacles of big lobsters jest hanging round all the rocks and caves for the grabs,,,well, now 40 plus years later,,in the blink of an eye , a friend of mine who dives the coast there a lot now has told me how he has to seek and find an is lucky if some days he even comes home with a catch let alone his limit…so in the usa we have the wildlife and fish and game to hopefully control the masses and the herds of animals in the usa all over the country….well managed and controlled correctly and kept in check the amounts of kills allotted if any is very important for growth of the species also, to many of them over populated is not good also so we keep the herds where necessary here by proper hunting and management controll accordingly ,,,i believe a lot of the same approach we have to hunting in usa should be a world wide thing also,,,,world scale wildlife and game control..!!!!,,,
well that was my rant fer the day …all started with the articles i read last night concering the many deaths by wildlife to humans in india and africa,,,and then studying a bit of why is it happening…Well jest another part of something that needs “controlled” in this werld i am sorry to say we prolly wont get a grip on till it is too late and all of man is living offa some soylent green substance er what not or peas in pods.who knows…….what the future will bring if mankind don’t get a grip the way i see it..Thanks fer reading my rant fer what its werth if anything ? what bout the UN ,well what a joke right now…not to say who er what , i try to keep my blog werld non political, in that aspect , let the people show and do an make whatevr happens in the future happen i say.,,,,hope they do right is all i can say this timer round,,they running outa time once again! in a big way believe it er not ,,an time is accelerating at an enourmously fact not to be able to recovered from wasteful state,,wake up werld……………so is what it is again.have a great weekend folks……Quarksire.
Maybe we STOP allowing the Chinese to just digest tigers without regard to its existence. What is the deal with the Chinese men anyway-they must have a lot of problems with their manhood to have to resort to eating parts of endangered animals to be more VIRAL.
PSS: the WAY I SEE IT! ! For all the Gorillas that have had their heads cut off while their kids watched, for all the elephants and Rinos dismembered for their horns and tusks, as their kids went homeless, for all the Tigers cruelly killed for their organs, as their cubs watched, finally the victums get one in against the vile poachers.
PSSS: “The attack underlines the difficult existence of millions of poor Indians an african natives,who make a living by scavenging in forests and rivers, often at risk from wild predators.” The tiger attacks also underlines the difficult existence of what is left of the tigers’ habitat as villagers and loggers continue to scalp the land. How about hearing it for the animals for once?
to bad they can’t freiking talk huh!!!!!!!!!!
well, they do really send clear messages every time we invade thier territory, but well, we humans will jest eventually wipe em all out, jest like abolone an lobster and shrimp and all the rest of the food at the bottom of the food chain u watch humans if ya don’t get a grip is what it is!…. The very essence of life is a constant battle for survival, from the largest animals to the smallest microorganisms. Neither man nor tiger is at fault.,,what do u think bout this or do u ? Large fish eats the smaller fish and we eat the large fish. an also the small fish and what the fish eats etc etc and what eats the fish? the endless looping agoony of killing off a whole species.so well,,..We kill bacterias or roaches with chemicals and the survivors, in response, develop resistance by altering their genes. Mutations and natural selection are the driving forces of evolution. Eliminate man from the face of the earth and in a few million years reptilians will do
what we do today…… believe it er not! jest in a bit of a different evolved way,,,an heck the air they breathe might even change also,,so would all the earth as a result and all of life that wished to stay…well,,,jest a few ranting thoughtz fer the WeekEnd!
Unfortunately we live in a time when everything on or in our planet that has any market value will be cut down, dug up or otherwise extracted and converted to profit. Greed knows no limit. There is no such thing as “enough”. Short term profit rules the roost and the future is someone elses problem, like our children and grandchildren. Humankind has become the planets worst enemy and they will go down in flames while the exploiters shout “I got mine!”. The coming extinctions will eventually include much of the human race. The planet can not support our abusive practices and we lack the resolve to take the steps necessary to mitigate the disaster we face. Like the song says “Call something Paradise, kiss it goodby”.
*Tiger Cub
(by San Diego Zoo Global)


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Magnanomous Mondays Heartfelt Photo Challenge

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Whats ur heartfelt picture story?

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So; wit a bita Compassion ; it is born ; Magnanomous Mundacities;

4 aย Magnanomous Mondays Heartfelt Photo Challenge

all 4 a bita fun to see what happens; Puttin it out dere’thanks,

SO; ,yes ,,shere a link on the page,,with a kewl story or picture story ud like to put together or already have with a story with ur paintings art or photographs ๐Ÿ™‚ ..and link back here ..will be a growing page for links galore to artists of all kinds werldwide for fun i do so hope sum weekly fun frum aย 

purple soul w/a purple toungue an all lol


frum Willies Werld an Da’ werld of Q

…Where every picture tells a story an ten pictures could write a book! ..A place where we lewk either back ahead er both and forge a new future to be a past hopefully one not to dread in ones head…got it! ok now get one with it ,,create – don’t reacte!….so do as many chapters as one wishes, and do a Bewk of sorts every Monday when ya plan the week ahead or lewk back at the past as what is er what is not to be in the future past once again ..is what i do in my

Mundays Mundane Journal,

now turnt into jest journaling on the net now so here it is..my mondayz!…,,get my drift,,well, whats life without a plan huh,,future er past an future past again,,plan the plans ,,but not the outcome is my cupa’ tea i serve weekly NOW with the Magnanomous Mundacities i have to share on Mondays, is what i plan here anyhow is to get a grip on days of future past and get on with the future whatevr it might be,, an blog bout whatevr suits my freiking fancy on monday,, whether the werld likes it er not lol!


Ussually a story er 2 an a picture story also er whatnot,,,if ur part of one of my Photo Groups er whatnow feel free to make pages and comment and link to this page..and or that page on Magnanomous Mondays as they come around the werld of Q..

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and well hopefully things flow positively!; er even if er not well, is a day i set aside to re-arrange all them thoughts, put em in perspective an in da’ right place and all an move forward without hesitation towards and into a greater better and a new week; an start all over once again so to speak;ย  always hopingย  for the best outcome even for the werst situation is what my monochromed sumtimes monday and mundane mondays are all bout! where any topic goes, fer the picture show



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Quarksire's Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page Ping back here:

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page Ping back here: do a page and link it here; jest click on me heartfelt heart here!….to join in an share!