Framing up Da’situation B4 Flying wit Q

Frame up da’ situation before ya go jump off a cliff!



Frame is da’ werd of da week @ werdpress photo challenge.


So before one goes an jumps off a cliff one has to check out the airframe in Q’s werld. it b called pre-flight…an also get in the correct “Frame of MIND”


Got to square it all up; top to bottom ..even in a triangle werld….

Square er not.


gettin it all squared up before take off

In q’s werld… still has to frame up the situation!


Even if U are 81 years old!

before they take to the air..


.an even after they land!




so yes a framed up shot once one got it all framed up LOL frum up there πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ This week πŸ™‚

Nancy says I’d love for you to look at things a bit differently. Whether it’s through an actual picture frame, a few stalks of grass, or even the spokes of a bicycle tire, find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see!


Use your surroundings to capture a different point of view.


FishTales and the new Student by Quarksire

Some First Day Students; well?


^^^Instructor Johnny on the right^^^ student on left<<<johnny jest lewks at me an sayz

? u want me to teach this guy to fly huh q?

all i can do is hope they listen an don’t kill themselves, da student dat is.

an god help the instructor lol in this sport of flying hanglider trikes.

got a Newbie here an well he thinks he is going to tell the instructor big fish stories! really it was this big johnny,,an johnny says ok kid lets go flying! lol…


got to learn to listen and go with the flow,,,the instructor knows, an well,


Praying is is an option once ya get moving but doesn’t help much but get in the way!

is time fer action,


upp up an away,a flight around for fun then a lesson for the day!


then to land and take a break get some more ground skewling,


but why he asks johnny?


Β gettin in the front seat and taken her up as the co- pilot pilot,

is like this both our lives depend on this kid,,be sharp an listen up ok!


the first day is well ur option after ur intro ride in the back seat, then is ur first true lesson of flying!

as Instructor Johnny proceeds to toss da gloves down & tell him his very life depends on listening up! πŸ™‚


first time ya get to hang on to the wing in da wind and have the control of the throttle and all and even some guided fying whilst in the air with the instructor πŸ™‚


have another blog a while back explains a lot bout this place cORTEZ cOLORADO, MONUMENT vALLEY AND THE mESA vERDE nATIONAL Monument area….jest west of Durango.


*******instructor flies by wire and well, student can’t feel his handz lol…*******


So click on a lewk for those related blogs if’n ur interested in flying ultralights, or even getting ur light sport aircraft license and gettin’ licensed to fly others up also, so as in pics below u can see this student was calmed down byu the lesson an the cold and a bit more of a realist concerning his life and flying after he returned ,, a wee bit cold also, johhny tewk him up to bout 10 er 11,000 feet so he could see what it was like way high!…. also πŸ™‚


** a brisk mornin’ after a major hailstorm da day before πŸ™‚Β  now a



this is bout the least expensive way about that one can truly fly with a WING affordably now a days, an if ya get a trike like mine well, ya can fly with no license required, Jest a drivers license will do! and well a radio sos ya can talk to all the other airplanes in the area an let em know ur flying round when ya hear er see em πŸ™‚

…okay hope ya enjoyed the pic show today of a student having his first day in the skies!now this student is back on the ground tellin his buddie fish stories bout how da day was so FER REALZZ wow he hey deres still snow in dem there mtns an its cold up there πŸ™‚


he had to take a walk an mellow out after he was taught he had lots to learn,


and to stop with da fish stories…an be happy he is alive! this fine day!.

with Instructor Johnny!

an da’ Q….

PS HAPPY FRYDAY DA 13th FRUM da’ Qster! here πŸ™‚ 2 U …PSSS: AFTER YA get a lotta hours ya can auctually get ur sport pilot certification through these to be able to fly any small sport pilot airpane also fixed wing er what not πŸ™‚ if’n ur interested in a couple a dayz with da q here like this let me know



hasta an over an out frum Q

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Above

Nancy says It’s amazing how different things can look depending on our location. This week’s challenge is to find a unique perspective from above, IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PHOTO OR TWO THAT ARE TAKEN FROM ABOVE YOUR SUBJECT….link back to the “a photo a week” page here with Nancy Merrill Photography

Simple Enuff fer Da’ Q.

So here we go, if u’ve seen these shotz well, u know why i re-posted em, if ya have not then ya will know why i did,


A splendid weekend to everyone




Do i hear an Echo? LoL…

well these 2 pics were taken over Echo Lake in Pagosa Springs, Colorado…

By quarksire aka da’ Q….aka mike in sunny southern colorado Over & out!


March On Top Dogs


march is the season fer me to put thy thingz and thy wingz in order for as to have a summer of fun whenever possible, to get high fly in the sky and ryde motorcycles and such thingzzz…so share of the day from Q is jest a vid of Ultralight Trike Flying, Cortez & Pagosa Springs Colorado with Quarksire Marchin on with the top dogs! an the wizard wings:) now me myself i fly a butterfly wing, not quite as fast as the wizards by Northwing but a real blast nevertheless:)an is a great soaring wing!an trike flying well, is jest RAD! if not id be HAD! LoL πŸ™‚

A Splendid Day an Er eve to one an allz πŸ™‚

Adventures With Instructor Johnny Top Dog Ultralights and Quarksire and Dan da’ man Flyin’ round da’ 4 corners region. Pagosa Springs to Cortez Area Music is from Stigma, throw away and falling in are the songs..




an remember!
Crashin is not an Option

no matter how ya get there:)
Be safe



Ultralight Triking 9000 Miles with Henrytrike


Well Henry Trike gets my Vid of the day award, Frum Quarksires Playlist<linkI have lotsa friends round the werld that fly Ultralight Trikes and Powered Paragliders<link and Paragliders and Hangliders, and a few came into my box today , but this was the most Awe Inspiring. This is a video of Henrys adventures in the last year flying round the west coast states,,,Flights in the state of California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Arizona…Some awesome scenery and spectacular footage if i must add, enjoy πŸ™‚ and have a gewd weekend.


The above pics were taken in cortez flying with instructor johnny and the gang at Topdog Ultralights..check out my vids on you tube <linkto learn more πŸ™‚ once again enjoy!

frum da TopDog




an then well, there is the rocky mountain way of flying ultralights also..see the video below and enjoy ur flight πŸ™‚

a few videos in ya find this vid but i can’t not post it today cuz it is in one of my top vids sections in my ultralight triking werld of vids,,,,so i posted the whole playlist for ya to scan,,there are some kewl vids of flying all over the werld frum cambodia to south africa, the south to south vid is very kewl,link :)an da botoka flights<link ofΒ  mike an oliver world trike travelers πŸ™‚ Β  to spain to norway<link to the artic on trikes, an surfing da morning glory with billo one morning is very kewl<link :)i have an assort ment of my fav vids in this playlist above ………..,ya can fast forward through the vids if ya don’t like one to the next.again,adios..