Know thyself – cuz Ya Never Know!

  So whats the point he said she said??? there are 2 many points to this subjekT! lol.
although it is mostly bout what one loves…whatevr that is!…

Ten years ago i loved what i thought was an angel ? only to find out after months that the angel loved the devil more than life itself…what do i mean buy the devil..”D evil” well to me definition of EVIL is simply ..anything that is opposite to LIVE in well the “devil;” lol..has to be …against lived.or da’ live…….

then 3 years laters the same kind of scenario trips up my life to no end….by another so-called angel, one i have a hard time forgiving for not being an honest human an taking me for Time, energy, money, direction and sending me into a downward spiral emotionally for years! 😦 Yeah that was love ……I am still today at this moment paying for that wunderful adventure….guess i was cheap entertainment 4 a year o the internet, an a few months sex for her…whatevr is all i can say now…cuz i have to accept that there are people who are against live….an all out for themselves in evry way? money wise though being the most important to these kinda lovers it is more important than all the fears that they behold in life$$$$… much for angels…..
So, point of this is one thing . “YA NEVER KNOW” bout anything or anybody really truly.i did not choose for them to be selfish or greedy or to rip me off for cash an time an life an emotions whatever 4?..or do ya bout them?..? or do we jest have to make better choices? wtf? i do not know what the answer is but my present relationship does not exhibit or even come close to or have any tendencies to be against live…an definitely is not against lived, because her lived is what makes her that person that she is today!…..

well one in many millions to me my lady is…nothing of the sort or kind against live…wtf for she says…why be against ur life? an if ya are well ur close to suicide…i guess…anyhow an against live Evil…why be that now when what we have lived brought us to be who we are today? why join up with the “devil” against lived an whom is Evil? …..what on earth for really? $$$$$ in the end with these greedy selfish people…they do not care what the causal effects of their taking frum u for their own personal benefit…very cold an self centered in my book of life ..unto death when we part! yep!…as they walk round talking bout how they notice all the self centered people etc etc? like wtf..Hippocratic to the max i see in so many people these days…hurting on others? finding humor in it an then saying they are innocent in all their false judgements an taking frum ya?…

BACK 2 the POINT! YA NEVER KNOW!….I simply want to live an love …simple right…..LIFE!

what is it ya never know…well, lotsa things in this life of pomp an circumstance, good choices vs. bad etc etc fate er destiny? which is it an why? YA WILL PROLLY never know where ya come frum really….other than jest one thing really …love an desire to live! that’s bout it!…other than that ya prolly will never know ? when fate ? destiny? luck bad er good? or pomp or circumstance by being in the wrong place at the wrong time??? Fact; some things an people in my life will be part of my infinity 4 one reason er another!


WELL? YA NEVR KNOW …BOUT ANY OF THAT IT JEST IS WHAT IT IS AN WILL BE WHAT IT IS ALSO? MY point is a LOT OF IT IS SIMPLY ABOUT CHOICE; why should human being be so inconsiderate to others as to take a child of theirs away frum them an not ever let that child see them after 6 years of life? moving to another part of the state? an disappear…but on the back side of life stalk ya for $$$?.an reprogram the child with nonsense!….why would sumeone go nuts an kill my lady and her father an rape her an steal car an money an drive off 500 miles away to then kill a group of 4 in a campground ???wtf? then when they find this guy an pull him over he puts his cig out in the middle of his forehead? before they take him off to jail? nope he wasn’t drunk or on drugs either ..jest a crazy who should not have been let out on parole but was an ex-murder who should have never been let out? as far as i am concerned in the furst place ..system failure to me…an welp is bout it..the whole good system is collapsing upon itself cuza the bad? is a trip how society as a whole don’t want to get a grip an get along, truly sad really……so wtf is what i am saying to U today is ya NEVER KNOW when shit will or can happen in ur life…My experience though is that if ya fear the crazy people they will be attracted to ya…so HAVE NO FEAR! ..most important though is one has to KNOW THYSELF an be able to get a grip when crazy shit does happen in their life…….
Why would someone intoxicated to the max choose to take a drive with the 4 year old in the car to the races! lol. such alcoholic stupity auctually!..@ well @ i know by personal experience an everyones is different because of choices of habits..once again i choose today LOVE instead of fear!..(an alcoholism).(escapisms) an ism’s in general!
but really ! Ya NEVER KNOW ..either after the habits ya might choose in life what will become of it or because of the HABIT! everything bout ya changes 4 ever…cosmic cosmology in a sense to me is where one recognizes that happening in their life! that is to be lived! once ya turn round ur perception and analysis an stop being a selfish human as the doers that hurt ya well, ya see the HABITS one chooses are of most important to their very own existence an life itself! in all and every ways everything is bout HABIT! an choosing the correct ones…ya only got so much room in ur brain an so much time in ur life so depending upon the HABITS u choose is what will become the outcome in this standpoint alone…..

So on that note well, i have in my lifetime learned to choose certain habits that were good for me rather than badhabits that were good for me rather than bad! habits like my addiction to flying, driving, Riding an experiencing FUN things….an doing my photography, old to scare the shit out of myself an rock climb though lol…been there done that i got hurt more than once doing it…so having an addictive personality an having healthy habits is a good thing! in Q’s book of life….over the years i have traded my BAD habits for so called better or gooder habits lol…as a child would say!…an for that fact i am grateful ..i have chosen to not disengage frum my personal reality anymore..which i did every day 4 about 26 years as a functioning alcoholic an businessman in the worlds workforce…if i would have continued that HABIT of drinking i would have killed my self or another doing it …having to come to terms with that an quit was hard..very hard…but well, i am alive today because i do not as a result i can still fly my ultralight or drive my car or ryde my motorcycle to my hearts delight @ long @ i don’t get sick over my latest adventure with dis-ease an the bodys (PKD) is a dna flip and a genetic flaw they say that causes mine…as with many debilitating diseases, they are all jest a genetic flip…with different causes of symptom in different places based upon the flip…for 10 years now i have had my kidneys failing in a bad way an knew it ..they the kidneys in my abdomen are bout 4 times the size of the normal persons kidneys..maybe 5…covered with polycysts they are…an the cycts are spread all over in my abdomen also???oh did i say it hurts? …well has come to the point of dialysis…in my werld…an thats a whole nother post it…
THE point of this post it was to give preponderance to the fact that well….YA NEVER KNOW! ….bout anything really or anybody! as la live learn an grow ya know better..but that does not save ya frum the THEN…an point of that is ya forgive the THEN so ya can live in the now! even if someone ya knew 5 10 er 20 years ago is still negatively affecting ur mind with negative energy 😦

SO KEEP THE GOOD, IS ALL I CAN SAY….when in recovery..because…


all i can say is one should always keep hope in their higher power within themselves to pull them thru if they really want to get thru is really tough ? indeed it is a lot to accept that some people are simply selfishly programmed an so addicted to their programming that they will never change…bred by fear live by fear so to say….therefore that is not love an my objektive as of late is one thing LOVE….an well till i die i am going to live my very own version of the great american dream…an hopefully fly an ryde an well, live an have fun with my love, an simply experience a few good fun things in life instead of focusing on the bad an the past …



Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

……….I jest got a Notification frum a freind whom knows my werld well, and knows bout chronic fatigue and ADPKD etc etc, told me i needed to re-post this for my day ; because well; the forces that be are what they are whether ya believe in them er not , “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” i accept my character defects and do what i need to stay on top of them, although having 5 years of ur life taken for anothers selfish cause for it to be all turnt against ya is insane in my bewk; as i have said before i am not here to fix others; unless they wish to be fixed…. namaste’ 2 one an all if ya know what that means well, i always meant it all along and am tired of being assaulted as a daily ritual in my life with no closure! fact is folks i have been abused and taken advantage of in more ways than one, spiritually morally, financially, and spiritually, I allowed this to happen because of LOVE for another ….. i guess for me thats what love is all bout now, my loss an their gain….IC THERE WILL BE NO AWAKENING TO ZERO POINT in her werld as long as her karma now has to take its instant toll upon her life for her deeds done … yeah another is what it is blog, if ya don’t like the fact i smoke pot and have to use medication for pain and might have a small genitilia as claimed well, then go troll somewhere else if not enjoy ur stay here today,,,,,,


I never ever deserved to have been hurt upon, but well, da kids in palestoned werld overt there didn;t ask to be abused or have missles fired at them either, 😦   for the GREATER OF THE MANY SACRAFICE THE ONE HUH! WHAT WAR CRIMES YES INDEED….. AS TODAYS LIFE IN DA LIFE OF q ALSO HAS been today…….one big war crime of judgement and falsities to create a reality that doesn’t even exist 😦 sad but true ,bless U, so sad but true there are “VICTIMS” even though i preach victimship denied! don’t know bout u but doing my best dealing with others assaults publiky for years through sick double minded and double toungued  multi  meaning poetry 😦

I guess some would rather be sacraficing love to keep fear and judgement alive in the heart 4 ever an remain a hipocryte to the holy spirit now forevr for all said an done 😦

Her greatest belief denied now,z golden rule

” do unto others that which u would have done to you!”


Learn bout ADPKD HERE

and Learn Bout Chronic Fatigue Here

Learn bout what quark says bout smoking pot here

learn bout chronic illness an how i deal click here.

12 sreps to surrender and alcohol sobriety is best for me 2

jest another day in the life of fighting and learning to live with invisible pains etc etc, don’t have to be pained by an unsupporting bigot or abuser or selfish user in my life when i need help even jest taking care of myself a lot, thought life was supposed to be a 2 way street i guess not when ur dealing with blue angels that are holier than thou 😦

Da Angels are Confused


Cosmic Awareness Speaks



The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY
a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw

A few thoughts on the above quote!
another one to add to the Ponderables List…by Q.
~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~
Really now the way i see it the greatest and grandest gift we could ever give ourselves or others is rapt attention for another!….of one thing we can absolutely be certain; we each are especially special and in this Werld by design, god’s design.


And we are in one another’s daily travels by invitation, if we choose not to accept the invitation , then well it may be the biggest loss evr we have evr chosen or not chosen by our own ego, and not the designed plan. We all share a destiny and our understanding and joy…

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Emily Knows

Wake me up Inside,

says da little over due gurl

Sing me a love song sayz Emily

Sing me a love song sayz Emily

…….jesta waitin to come into this werld, as her young mom knows, to keep happy thoughts and love in ones heart at times like this is very important, although i don’t do crosses etc etc,,i do cosmic history, an i do do people whom are sincere an in love. an as real as the heart allows to be happy joyous an free with their own understanding ……..they will learn in their dayz soon enuff what the crosses we have to bear are all bout, such as life, an chronnically speaking,quark here has been sicker dan my dogz since this day last week whence i took da shots of emily an carson here, me an my invisible illness, whod evr know huh. not them ! 🙂 as long as they keep that feeling of love inside, all will be fine , according 2 Q

an emy smilez happy indeed!

an emy smilez happy indeed!

..well point of da day is emily knows da truth of the life inside, and happy songs make her happy till the baby comes this a way! an sad songs will not be in the near future for emily an carson……but only happy love songs yessss,,,,indeed…she also knows well what it feels like to feel like Q 24 /7

wit kidneys half da size of a baby.<link.

have a great weekend allzzzzz


next time i sing a song fer U

next time i sing a song fer U

Finding Your Flow Day 12: Activating Expression

Healey Institute for Healers

blue rose

Journal: Fri Day. Sunrise: 5:58 am EST. Albany, NY 58° F. Sunset: 7:49 pm EST. Vishuddha. विशुद्ध. Throat Chakra. Centering thought: “My life energy expresses its truth.” || Mantra: Om Shakini Namah. “I activate my creativity.”

Yesterday, we were asked, “How will you express your truth today? How do you communicate your feelings? Voice the words that need to be said. Speak from the heart, and open up to encouragement, enthusiasm, exuberance, and nourishment. Open yourself up to other people and the world around you.” Words carry so much power. Let them out.

Self-expression is an integral part of spiritual growth—it’s an extension of the way we approach life and look at the world. If we experience the world through the filter of anxiety, fear, frustration, and dread, then our expression will also be filtered through those same negative emotions. To create life-affirming expression, we need to…

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Two-Cents-Tuesday-challenge across the board

Question your assumptions.

Across the Bored

Presumptions and postulations with a twist

well my 2 cents werth Tuesday anyhew frum

Q fer 1

“Two Cents Tuesday



Let Wisdom:)…Tell Ya the Next Best Thing 2 Do:)

……Maybe it’s Slow Down?

a blog to me bout myself believe it er not….

especially when ur only 1/4 of the way to florida lol

Let todays wisdom show u the way – as ya choose ur fate:) 2 ur destiny!

Abounding within the mind…U are attached to ….part of …and

Within this mind is found Wisdom….

Somewhere out there not really …

somewhere in there …well not really either 😉

somewhere inbetweens’t yep…

right smack dab in the middle of it all!

Have a Bowl Of Quarksters wit ur coffee this mornin'

Have a Bowl Of Quarksters wit ur coffee this mornin’

serve up some quarksters today,,,ahhh detail but detailz :)!

Right in the middle of it all is Wisdom:)…..

Let it Know U ~ and vice a Versa!

Millions of bits of Experience always put into jest 1 second:)

 the second of a life u live

when ya take action….

Wisdom lets ya know in a split second how

to determine which road to take

when there are many different paths to go! 🙂

well, ya either have one of 2 choices with every think said or thought er done in ur life is it a love based thought or deed or not?

well, ya either have one of 2 choices with every think said or thought er done in ur life is it a love based thought or deed or not?

As with Joy ya don’t have to arrange for wisdom to appear…

Wisdom jest simply is..

IT IS>…..It’s own ellaborate self calculated by the past

condition in the mind it is… is billions of bytes of info hapening all at once it is in Q’s WERLD ANYHOW THATS FER SURE IF NOT URS IS IN MY UNIVERSE! AS YA CAN SEE BELOW! 🙂 LOL:)

Quarksires quantum werld is also Inside U!

Quarksires quantum werld is also Inside U!

Wisdom will jest BE if ya let it….guide ya along da way…w/trust.

Reflecting upon whats the right thing to do …is the wise thingz of the mind werkin’ to make thingz better the next go around……however and whatever that is about…is each and every-ones individual chosen path…all slightly different …some dramatically, some not even close to the same….Although any way ya lewk at lifes experiences ya have to allow for Wisdom to show its face through out the day..don’t do Stupid thingz…INSTEAD!..

or smoke a bowl of quarksters have a glass of H2O an Simply "Have Fun"

or smoke a bowl of quarksters have a glass of H2O an Simply “Have Fun”

IMAGINE DAT! LOL .Cuz ya see what would life be without hopefully making a few wise choices?….or experiencing a few stupid ones lol.ur choice when it comez down to dat one yeah dat one!..

Then it seems as though one must allow wisdom to expose our very own weaknesses, and protect us from making a wrong turn when on a precarious road, whatever kinda road it might be:)……


Like hanging out on my wing a lot i have to let pure instinct and seat of the pants sensations tell me the next best right thing to do, in an instant, the next correct action to take,….I used to experience that in most all sports i have done as snow skiing, moto-x,auto racing, paragliding to triking to soaring. Anything that involves velocity, Motion, Speed, I have to allow my own personal self to disconnect to the degree that the devisive action whether flying running down a hillside or whatever, that action is determined by something i rely on a lot, it would be for me, wisdom, and billions of bits of experience that come into play , all within a split second to help ya make the next best wise choice. Even if i feel like i am on top of it all! Disconnect enuff to connect 100% if ya know what i mean and be in the NOW no matter what it is u DO!…MY 2 cents werth 2 Day! 2 U..

Quarksire says jump to it get er done an live in da now! NOW!

Quarksire says jump to it get er done an live in da now! NOW!


Let it BeLet the voice inside do 4 U🙂


~ trust it ~ from experience belief creates ~



~ SO ~

Question your assumptions.Jest my 2 centz werth

this groovy 2 cents werth tuesday it is, “a good perception a day keeps da’ doctor away” says da Q an da’ sleep monkees also lol hasta’

…Q-Bird over an out!.oh PS:

join 2 cents werth challenge here 🙂 and don’t forget ur pingback now dat i have given my 2 centz werth fer da’ day well how bout U?:)

Join da' The 2 Cents Challenge broought 2 U Tuesdays here by Q - put ur 2 cents werth in 2 Day!

Join da’ The 2 Cents Challenge broought 2 U Tuesdays here by Q – put ur 2 cents werth in 2 Day!


Join Share the werld here and see what otherz round da' werld are up to in da' werdpress community! :) don't be shy click on this werld here now:)

Join Share the werld here and see what otherz round da’ werld are up to in da’ werdpress community! 🙂 don’t be shy click on this werld here now:)

quarksire is

Uncyclomedia UnCommons – When Pigs Fly!

~ works fer me ~

When She Said :I will

“When Pigs Fly Mikey!”


Dere’ ya have it!


a few abstract thoughts er 2 sent ur way today from da’ Q…

cuz i got to hang out with the pigs fer a week and learn what it was like to be swimmin in swill’ LoL…


to really get to the essence of how things work @ a Pig Farm well,

ya got to get used to the smell of Pig Poo an Swill’


a totally new food flavor! – C’mon piggies dinner time – Time fer some Prison Swill’ that came frum over the hill!


and Thay all come a runnin’ – one at a time an one fer all! they come fer Da’ Call of Kc’s Wand


it’s a Prison When Pigs Can’t Fly – Say why oh why,,, said the piggy swimmin’ in da’ Swil’



well came out like this folks;

in the End PIGS CAN’T FLY SO………this song is for my angel that told me

“When Pigs Fly!”…


This Tough Mom say Suck on this Q an Have a GREAT DAY

It’s Either Heaven or Hell ya know!

Suckin’ on da’ ol’ Pig Swil’!

Dat’ came frum da’ prison by the ton-full frum over the hill



Photos Taken by Q at the Illustrious Pig Farm Of My friend Kc’s whom i sold an ultralight trike to…was all for a few dollars more an a learning adventure too, heck i never knew what pig swil’ was before i went over that hill to visit him an his PIGS, and damn if i didn’t get to see one fly, but well, one piglet i saw fly, unwantingly, by a vulture that came down a picked him up , took him high into the sky for food for more vultures down the road, KC was always hunting the buzzards daily that came to steal the new born piglets, is common in pig society for the vultures to try to come feed on the newborn, especially when its feeding time for the pigs and the piglets are left vulnerable in their pens, well, vultures knew when , and so did KC then was hunting time fer him, Needless to say lotsa dead vultures hanging round the fencelines here, cuza he didn’t want his






Talking about lions …….

Werth leaving well enuff alone, Blogger i follow Dr. Rex has the kewlest post bout Big Kitty Kats i Have ever seen – Click on the link – read the rest of the post and watch the second video is so very very kewl 🙂 to say the least! – will post an additional link laterz concerning this to my comments, till then Enjoy Everyone & don’t let the Pride Get Ya Down ! Q

It Is What It Is


~~January 15, 2014~~

Some fellow bloggers saw the post on “canned hunting” and sent these links for me to see. How anyone can even think of harming, hurting, killing these majestic animals is beyond me.

(Thank you to Kitty and Pat!)


Lions are the only cats that live in groups, which are called prides. Prides are family units that may include up to three males, a dozen or so females, and their young. All of a pride’s lionesses are related, and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age. Young males eventually leave and establish their own prides by taking over a group headed by another male.

Only male lions boast manes, the impressive fringe of long hair that encircles their heads. Males defend the pride’s territory, which may include some 100 square miles (259 square kilometers) of grasslands, scrub, or open woodlands. These intimidating animals…

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Queensrÿche: Eyes of a Stranger, Live in NYC 2014

Da shot below is of last nights adventure to ignacio colorado, fer operation mindcrime, presented by geoff Tate and His newly reformed Queensrÿche:

Queensryche –   Eyes of a Stranger, Live in NYC 2014

This shot was taken with a cell phone last night

  the Q other shotz  taken with my sony digital to come in the future





By Queensryche: was a great show Same show this year here in ignacio as video here, same group of new groupies to the queensryche venue :)…video footage an lotsa stills to come ..will be in for processing till the 3rd of april, I am transferring to disc an dere are some very kewl shots,,,so this is my last tribute blog to Geoff and Making My whole week month and Year and Life so much better :)….will be off to another group to enetertain some of my musical fans and friends that come across the quarked music videos :).
was the most fun i’ve had in 4 years plus:) yessireeee 🙂 way all these guyz Geoff Tate and the otherz pulled of was 2 kewl fer skewl everyone 🙂 as far as the Q was concerned pics an video to come 🙂 in due time :)….now it;’s ummmm well of to a multi-dimensional wilderness with da Q :)… by the way if ya read this Thank to U very much Cindy Lou and Shannon 🙂 more than inspirational to me 🙂 and yes the past 20 years has been great in pagosa cuza knowing people like U miss lou…special place in mikey heart u have, bringz me to the now though lol…,,, guess i need that haircut i was tellin Stevo Bout 🙂 . we’ll see bout that!..thanks Stevo and gals for all that was and is….and fondest of fond memories, 8 hr adventure to the,@ The Queen of The Reicht.. well Geoff u got ur coming soon in my werld, to bad the jacuzzi wasn’t 24 / 7 huh well maybe nesxt time 🙂 different venue huh okay,,,catchya all laterssss…….da Q aka quaked one in Colorado on me ol hilltop :)…into multi-land 🙂 see ya on the other side 🙂 ……rendeveous ya spell? dat editor .? ok well thanks .to all again that read this that were there that know the mikey 🙂 I’m Eggshausted 🙂 but what else for eastertime 🙂 an ressurectionssssss 🙂 of one kind er another 🙂 thanks again all who participated in Q’s life tonight , a bit.ur all very much appreciated / a lot



Queensrÿche: Queen Of The Reich


For she had really never given it a second thought she lewked in da’ mirror



It was then she realized, she was beautiful, and a Star.. more than an angel indeed….

a shining star that wanted to reach out and touch the werld she seen

…so became a story….The story of THE QUEEN of the REICH ! in Q’s Life !



a dream an a hope was what waz
that shed recieve me in all the simplest of choices
shed choose to forgive & trust me
allow me to be her rock an her friend again;
was a hope a prayer an a dream – that now only seems lost in time
when the angel closed her eyes-

oh what did she see? did she see me
that angel – eh? – will she be coming back again like the thunder chasing the wind

or dissapearing alike da’

lightning that jest fades away as a spark in the sky…..
= Will my angel ever open up her eyes –

– will this feeling ever come back again –
i can feel my soul – now against the wind – as i fly ***courageously about!***
if there was the Emergency of Now!?

well,,,, i am all alone….
there is no help to me…

not today…an
if she was thinkin i might get led astray,
what bout the wayz she was 2 me till today
i told her i loved her an my mind was true and sound-
now shes no where to be found..
I hear her voice when she said shed always be around
and now i wunder,
So? what made her lead herself astray?,

 leaving me with nothing…….without her……..
well i wunder is all i can do ,,what is to do …without her Once Again This Day in My Life!
couln’t keep it going to make us stronger

no she wouldnt let that be,

,,cuz she was always a wooried…
that i might get led astay…ya see!

So, in the end there she will be above the grave,, she so dug fer me….

An Jest a place fer me to lay me weeary ol; head

Queensrÿche: Queen of the Reich –

oh an she spoke fluent german too


how bout dat sayz Q

~~~queen of the reich by theartofdarrenvannoy digital art ~~~


Queensrÿche – The Lady Wore Black

     For she had really never given it a second thought {being any sorta model that is} till one day she lewked in da’ mirror 🙂 It was then she realized, she was beautiful, and a Star.. a shining star that wanted to reach out and touch the werld she seen…so became a story.

The Story of Debra Lynn


She had never thought she’d be any kinna star, cuz all along she was jest being the star she was this star inside….jest hopin’ to have found a way to come alive to her friends an her werld she so creates, at such an age, who doesn’t deserve but to realize and know…They are Tha Star! of their very own picture Show!




…She played the part had fun doing it and in the end..she helped her star grow jest a bit brighter by opening her wingz to who she was.that day.a Lady Dressed i black !..Well, re-creationing the past is always a fun thing to do..especially if’n it can help another succeed in this thing called life.


It all goes together hand in hand each successful step we take towards a future to be hold that is wundrous yes indeed…So. Point of is she stepped out one day, into the LIGHT got noticed and became the STAR! she knew she already was over night…this lady who wore black Debra Lynn;  Who in da’ end became a publicist a model an many other things as a result of the one day she went to a concert an wore black, took her mind her time her body and brought it to pen an paper for an article to make her first stash of cash and keep it goin’. for years and years traveling with the bands,etc etc, ABove shots are scans out of resolution so the originals can’t be stolen for commercial purposes…..Goes to show ya can be anything ya want to be, all ya have to do is get out there And DO IT!


Heres 2 lewkin @ YOU!



Queensrÿche – The Lady Wore Black
On a lonely walk this morning
A light mist in the air
Dark clouds laughing at me in silence
Casting shadows through my hair
In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit
Eternal life was her debt to pay
The lady wore black
Its the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free
The wind song whispered a warning
Telling me to beware
Of the quiet shadowed woman
And of the sadness I would share
We sat together for sometime together in silence
Never speaking in words
Of all her thoughts she spoke with her eyes
And I listened remembering all I heard
The lady wore black
Its the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free
The words she spoke were of forgotten lives
And of all knowledge gained
Memories I had and didn’t know why
With a smile she explained
I should have listened to the winds cold warning
And walked the other way
I touched her soul and now I bear her sentence
But for her love I’ll gladly pay
The lady wore black
Its the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free
Lyrics by: Geoff Tate : Queensrÿche
1983 Debut Album – Queensrÿche
SO jest for fun and the show,,is like a blast from the past for mikey here to be able to attend this event… to jest be one of the few that changes with the sign of the times, is all i need to be, yep many years back, to when the Lady Wore Black.



enjoy ur week-end frum