A DELTA Winged Flyer da’ Quark is

*** Variations on a theme ***

**** da’werd of da week is Delta.

an is sumpin i think about a lot..but in a different sense…than the rushing of water going out to sea for my kinaa thoughts of DELTA are those of my wings i fly…da’ delta wing…damn i want to get back in da air soon! Being grounded sucks! Truly………so i spend a lotta time in recovery thinking bout the cool days i got to fly my DELTA wing i da past…lotsa hours upon da’ wizard wings …an bout 40 er 50 hours on da ol’ butterfly in da garage an bout 20 0on a wrecked 21.5 golf strutted wing in da garage i got to fix an repair sumday another projekt yep! lol …jest sortin thru some pics of da past here!……an rememberin.”crashin is not an option” but if one must do it gracefullY! 🙂 ***


For this week’s photo challenge, share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time.

~Bottom Line is at all facets of my life @ present …Reality has it i have been in recovery for the last week not able to hardly stand the pain, very humbled here to say the least..when everyday chores become a challenge let alone going out to fly lol….. ~

check out last weeks post-t if’n ya missed it bout Transient things Photographed in Time

Flying Colorado wit Henry Trike in his Ultralight trike

Drift Upon The Sky an come take a ride wit henry! in Kolorful Colorado.. FRum henry trike 🙂 come flY Colorado; a few vids today fer ur viewing pleasurE…


come fly wit da’ Q

Fly at 15,000 feet over Pikes Peak in Colorado with Ultralight Trike
Henry says: This was one of my dream flights. Tracy, Rick and I flew over world-famous Pikes Peak (14,110 feet) with our trikes. We took off from Meadow Lake Airport and flew to the north of the peak and approached the peak from the west side to avoid the rotors created by 45 mph westerly wind. It was the most exciting and beautiful flight I ever had



~Fly Colorado Ultralights–Pikes Peak Flight–July 23-2015


an last but not least …

~Colorado Springs Flying with Tracy Tomlinson
One of the beautiful places I visited in this summer. Fun flights with Joe, Rick and Tracy near Colorado Springs. I want to go back there and fly again…..


So, Skybound wit Henry in Colorado, waz wat my mind waz all bout this fine day!…

have a splendid week werld…frum da’ Q


… More ultralight trike stuff frum Q below …

Ultralight Trike Flying

Framing up Da’situation B4 Flying wit Q

Frame up da’ situation before ya go jump off a cliff!



Frame is da’ werd of da week @ werdpress photo challenge.


So before one goes an jumps off a cliff one has to check out the airframe in Q’s werld. it b called pre-flight…an also get in the correct “Frame of MIND”


Got to square it all up; top to bottom ..even in a triangle werld….

Square er not.


gettin it all squared up before take off

In q’s werld…..one still has to frame up the situation!


Even if U are 81 years old!

before they take to the air..


.an even after they land!




so yes a framed up shot once one got it all framed up LOL frum up there 🙂

🙂 This week 🙂

Nancy says I’d love for you to look at things a bit differently. Whether it’s through an actual picture frame, a few stalks of grass, or even the spokes of a bicycle tire, find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see!


Use your surroundings to capture a different point of view.


Rocky Mountain Highs Once again!

alien to some…..


an anoder note frum da possibly poetic side of da’ Q

in da broad daylight had a fight with da devil da devil won, then i said, leave me alone, in da broad daylight.

An I won da’ fight. we get deeper an life goes on, heaven is up there, it can be anywhere, deeper we go life goes on, the feeling strong, bring it on. Face me – embrace me in the skies of love, turn over a new leaf, bring it on! life goes on, getting strong, bring it on!

Embrace me find me before i HIT THE SUN!.

I am so forever skybound in love with u soaring forever i know though on does eventually have to hit the ground. No matter what do it softly!…so it don’t make a sound, momma earth is the hardest part bout being an angel, flyin’ round ….fly safe everyone and enjoy da’ vid how ever u fly…..from one of quarksire’s playlists on you tube.

an yeas – once again!

fly safe everyone… an remember

“crashin’ is not an option!

No matta how ya fly!



Look Up Before one Leaps

 Wordpress Phrase of da’ week this past week waz Look Up….so of course furst thing i thought of was having to lewk up before one leaps…


An when in da’ air also lewkin up ever so often to see that the wing is all doing well! It is advised to ABORT jest before taking off because of a twisted line on the paraglider, an on the trike a twisted cable…I have to keep this in mind a lot wit my sport, once upon a time i lewked up to see da’ “JESUS” bolt coming out of my shaft that holds the wing on,


Da’ Jesus bolt is da’ one with the safety clip in it, if it comes out ya jest say “OH JEEESuS!”

,,so i abruptly descended an landed, another time i failed to lewk up before launching an as soon as i took off the wing wanted to do a left turn all by itself, Result of a twisted cable that hold the wing tight on the left side,,,,


so i had to hold the wing in a right hand turn to fly it straight, obviously i came back around an landed…twas’ an assembly problem i had missed on my pre-flight inspection. lol. gewd job huh mikey.


So, anyhow next time i go fly, an every time; i truly have to remember this Phrase..


 LOOK UP! Before ya leap!!

q-jumpa owwwwooooo… 🙂 yeahhaaaaa

Look Up

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

wtf 50 percent lol


half an half lol…

Went an opened the garage to take the scoot fer a ryde down to the mail boxes here, which is 5 miles away, Mark, my neighbor comes up every weekend an we go fer a ryde to check see the mail, well I waz gonna do a posty-it bout 50% ers an how they take more than they give, an ya only end up with 25% in the end an they use the other money to pay others they an con into doing their werk for them, even though they say they don’t like that person, they will use em to capatalize on the $$$ they took frum me right in front of my face thinking i can’t add er something i assume….then they call me delirious an go hide in their hole, in fear, FEAR that i will retaliate jest like the others that retaliated in the past to them for what they did an do, anyhow was a long TRIPOLAR rant, don’t think anyone wants to read,{so i did not publish yet} it was meant for the self obsessed user an abuser but they probably will never read it anyhow, for in their eyes ignorance is bliss,, so on one side is WTF an on the OTher side IS wtf? quite a knotty mess to untangle…I say how’d dat happen….Did a burnout into the garage after dark last night an well, picked up a new friend, at least this one did me 50-50 lol.half fer each side….instead of half of half which in da end is only 25% wtf…all i gotz to say bout dat…@ da moment anyhew,  time to go fishin’…all a matta of perception an perspective ain’t it now huh! .yep yep..


off fer a ryde – an time 2 go play fish!



rivers clearer an trout come alive ! well sumtimez 🙂





couldn’t get a grip on da river so came to sit by da’ lake an ferget bout all da jerkz lol…

..this is what the lake lewks like frum the air 🙂 a shot below


echo lake frum my quarked  drivers seat

..Welp, don’t wanna trip ya out with 100 quotes, so maybe next time , till then , have a splendid night an er day wherever ya are on dis ol planet!



Quarked DreamZ Yessiree….In Hawaii….


:::::::::Every year for quite a few yearz i have been wishing to go here an go there when i can afford to, #1 on my bucketlist for the past couple of years is to be able to go meet up with some folks i know in the trike werld on the internet, an have been following their adventures for many years, don’t even need to renew my passport to visit there either, so #1 on my bucketlist for 2016 is to adventure for a few days to Hawaii…an visit with Paradise Trikes..If i can afford to i would like to take my own wing an spend a couple of weeks there in the either fall er spring would be wunderful to see frum my perspective there. – High Up in Da’ Air 🙂 ..Da’ Quarked part of da’ dream is Takin a female friend on that adventure with me also, somy mind says keep on dreamin mikey…even if they say they are ? whatever it is an i am crazy to wanna Luv em well is what it is 🙂 time tells all godly desires, what i know is when i focus on doing sumthing, eventually i get there, wherever an whatevr it is..when well who knows; an with whom? ? who knows? i can only dream an see what comeZ up! .so, yes some dreamZ do Cum true! I’m crazy enuff to try, ? question is is she { my dream gurl:LoL} really ready to get that HIGH! lol….



::::Quark::::: 🙂 ::::Quark:::::

A Quarked Future

Quark’s intent this week after missing a month of challenges..is Jest to rise above it all once again, Future is da’werd of da’ week…..


Quark risin’ above it all!

NEW REALITIES…The past and the present might be open to interpretation, but are still constrained by the reality of what was and is. The future? It’s tremendously intangible, brimming with possibility..This week, share that which represents the potential of things to come..


..see the other worldwide photo entries this week at wordpress weekly photo challenge here…over an out till next time.Snow melting around here an finally able to get around to werking in me garage


Quarksires Place frum da’ air 200′ above flyin over 🙂

..an fly safe howeneva ya fly 🙂 Q…

Beyond Roads

Quarks Q-Tube is dedicated to an a lot bout flying ultralights an whatnot. This vid is of a sorta fun toy I’d like to have in my stable sumday! 🙂 I fly the hardwing styled trike now like my pic below, am servicing an setting up to fly this spring here i am.


  This does lewk like it’d be lotsa fun for going out to the back country with an exploring, When the road ends what does one do? so enjoy this vid if’n ya choose to watch… an until next ..yes, Q’s still alive! lol…even though some might have thought i disapeared fereva, well i’m back! No april fools joke this year, the joke was on me, so ya live life an learn is what it is! have a splendid one Q 🙂

PS; one day at a time one second at a time.is all ya get frum Q right now!

Chow & namaste’PSS:

“Crashing is Not an Option!”


Optimistic Now Bout Weightless Circles

And that leadz me to this!…


Being Optimistic Now Bout Weightless Circles…

Optimistic now bout weightless circles…..well i call that thermal-ling in my werld, an when hot air rises an not mine i like to fly in it coming up soon as momma earth warms up this spring makin’ fer some great rocky mountain soaring


🙂 .an well now since i have been off the internet for 5 different Photo Challenge keywerd posts.So…I thought this time I’d take my time to say happy new years to all my readers an web viewers an keep on keepin’ on in 2016 Ahead… “NOW” Snow outside!

2016frtan more snow


having said that my blog in the past years has become Full “CIRCLE


and am very optimistic that i shall be “WEIGHTLESS” very soon once again..


..I am at present NOW jest Undigging from the last storms! that blasted through Colorado…So point is that this blog has come full circle over the years, to where i do appreciate my readership a lot an do so hope they enjoy the photography an stories i bring to them with what concerns me in life, Holistic Healing arts an flying my trike an riding my bikes are what its all bout when i am not busy unburing myself frum the snowstorms that blast through here 🙂 So still learnin’ how to speel here dis’ squirrel is, so i also missed da’ “ALPHABET” challenge …Hopefully i will be a more frequent flyer again but my counseling of others an also healing my self has taken the forefront above my full time blogger posts i have been doing for years.. All so i can say I thoroughly enjoy browsing the weekly photo challenges here, is like being able to travel the werld all over weekly with a buncha kewl people when i access fly round anread an gander @ all ur blogz,


^^^ jest another weightless day in Pagosa! ^^^ going down anyone! ❤

🙂 ^^^ so much fun yeahhhhaaaa.^^^ 🙂

an Now very optimistic always bout recovery 2 🙂

I can also show my fav pics to the werld like in peru flying the paragliders etc etc.definitely weightless below an optimistic also i will get down safe


an all my catagories to the right you might access also 🙂 so keep em coming i get more from werd press folks than the common internet, You guys all rock!…..Optimistic now bout weightless circles…..as my life goes roundy round!

Thank you all my visitors this year an the few before 🙂 for being a positive crowd of wunderful people …especially the wordpress gangs of weekly challenges frum michelles pet challenges to more! WordPress is growing ever so much ever so often, my congrats also to the wordpress staff for hanging this all together for the publik an kicking ass on facebewk an all the others u rock wordpress guys..and are much better than yahoo 360 or multiply formats were!
Keep on Keepin on Werld N Keep on comin back ,, see ya on the rebound 🙂 …PS: i ussually keep em half way un werdy an short an simple the photo challenge posts but this one is my once a year thank! YOU for Being YOU!…So return ever so often for more updates on Q’s werld of HIGH adventure.



…….love an light an over an out frum Q………