Weekly Photo Challenge Work of Art by quarksire

It‘s a wunderful Ryde!Life with Q as he sumtimes spends months er more on a Werk of Art!


*******This one started out as here and progressed as the picture story shows here..for my werk of art..*****


**I called this one ” Target Practice “

some werks of art take more time than others ya see in this trade


was a challenge and fun to do! and made a few bucks too!







*end result …well my werk of art! *


*********** Quarksire **********


Work of Art

“Art” isn’t just paintings and sculptures, it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning — even food. Show us a thing, place, or person that’s a work of art to you

When someone says “art,” they often use it as shorthand for “paintings and sculptures.” Art is everywhere, though: in nature, in architecture, in literature, and more. It’s anywhere we see beauty and meaning.



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Weekly Photo Challenge On the Move




Imagea good morning & day 2 U if’n ur

on the move!

On the Move

Whether on foot, in a kayak, or on a train, we can document our lives easily. More than ever, the moments of our in-betweens are photo-worthy and shareable.

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Quarked Photography


Biker Dogs on da move! < click here


Hangliders on the move 🙂 < click here


On da move here to > Quarked Vids

have a great day an weekend if’n ur on da move



Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring



It may have passed you by, but yesterday was May Day. It’s a holiday that’s been celebrated for millennia in a multitude of forms by a variety of cultures all over the Western hemisphere as the first day of spring; when winter has finally loosened its clutches on the world (well, the northern part of it at least!) and the landscape begins to come alive again with green, growing things. No matter where you are in the world, it’s a time of change.


It also seems to signal the exact moment when little boys and girls absolutely must be outside from dawn to dusk (and beyond, if they’re allowed!). To me, “spring” means little kids being pulled in endless circles while they giggle and shout and beg for longer and faster rides in their shiny Radio Flyer wagon:

Spring for the Quarked one meands 2 things, Snow is melting off the mountains and it is warming up in the cool crisp morning air here…So,  i can ryde and fly also…time and $$$ permittin’

Where there are RAINBOws there is spring,,fer da’

Click here to see more spring shots of rainbows an an parable by Q bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors of the Rainbow! 

by da’ Q


click on pic above to see mroe Spriong pics from da daily press photo challenge group 🙂

Magnanomous Mondays Heartfelt Photo Challenge

Where things jest Flow an Flow: This will be the THE HOMEPAGE for

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page; Ping back here: do a page and link it here; jest click on me heartfelt heart here!….to join in an share! will do a weekly page to ping back dere also 🙂

Frum Da’ Heart Liketh frum a’ fiery Volcano! jest ..

whatevr ya post-it ..please make it

a Post frum-da-heart!

Simple but Quarked minds arrive here!:


Where Werdz flow an Every Picture tells a Heart felt Story!

Whats ur heartfelt picture story?

i have one evry week ..so this is my place fer a place to store that for now,,,that now..a weekly rant er share er whatnot jest for fun! an maybe a laugh er 2 well see!….click in anytime all in fun i like to learn an know more bout my folowers an werdpress freinds 🙂

heart 2 heart ya know!


So; wit a bita Compassion ; it is born ; Magnanomous Mundacities;

4 a Magnanomous Mondays Heartfelt Photo Challenge

all 4 a bita fun to see what happens; Puttin it out dere’thanks,

SO; ,yes ,,shere a link on the page,,with a kewl story or picture story ud like to put together or already have with a story with ur paintings art or photographs 🙂 ..and link back here ..will be a growing page for links galore to artists of all kinds werldwide for fun i do so hope sum weekly fun frum a 

purple soul w/a purple toungue an all lol


frum Willies Werld an Da’ werld of Q

…Where every picture tells a story an ten pictures could write a book! ..A place where we lewk either back ahead er both and forge a new future to be a past hopefully one not to dread in ones head…got it! ok now get one with it ,,create – don’t reacte!….so do as many chapters as one wishes, and do a Bewk of sorts every Monday when ya plan the week ahead or lewk back at the past as what is er what is not to be in the future past once again ..is what i do in my

Mundays Mundane Journal,

now turnt into jest journaling on the net now so here it is..my mondayz!…,,get my drift,,well, whats life without a plan huh,,future er past an future past again,,plan the plans ,,but not the outcome is my cupa’ tea i serve weekly NOW with the Magnanomous Mundacities i have to share on Mondays, is what i plan here anyhow is to get a grip on days of future past and get on with the future whatevr it might be,, an blog bout whatevr suits my freiking fancy on monday,, whether the werld likes it er not lol!


Ussually a story er 2 an a picture story also er whatnot,,,if ur part of one of my Photo Groups er whatnow feel free to make pages and comment and link to this page..and or that page on Magnanomous Mondays as they come around the werld of Q..

within & without Q’s Whacked out werld of intro-spection and retrospectyion yep yep 🙂 …


..well mundane uer not u tell me lol…i prefer not… so is more like flowing fast an hard evry monday,,for creation  of a new week ahead….lol

and well hopefully things flow positively!; er even if er not well, is a day i set aside to re-arrange all them thoughts, put em in perspective an in da’ right place and all an move forward without hesitation towards and into a greater better and a new week; an start all over once again so to speak;  always hoping  for the best outcome even for the werst situation is what my monochromed sumtimes monday and mundane mondays are all bout! where any topic goes, fer the picture show



so are u on da right track er not? ,,,well,,if’n ur not get on track,

drop me a line ;say high an let me know all is well..

Over an out frum Q

Jest one more day to share ur werld 🙂


wit da Q an da www of da wordpress  Internet!!

ok gonna test mr linky do dad here – we shall see  okay and if u have done a page ud like to share with the Q here at the Magnanomous Mondays webwerld , well jest insert ur link in here and walla! ur in :)can submit ur page anytime all week an at next mondays round up when i do another magnanomous blog post i will post all the linky links there,,and move on 🙂 ..can join in any time fer fun, will be an honor to have ya round if u are who i think u are lo  🙂  🙂  ok so hope that was easier for ya ,, now try that lady! ok! werks fer me 🙂 ok let me see ill be da first! ok 🙂 hmmmmm 🙂 well first ya got to do a Magnanamous blog then ya post the link in mr linky here! Simple as dat! ok bye fer now Q and thanks michelle ? finally figured out how to do this Magnanomous blog thing finally was a chore but got er done 🙂 lol..thanks 🙂 my discussion concerning this at mr linkys is Unconscious Mutterings; whatz on ur mind ? anything?



Quarksire's Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page Ping back here:

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page Ping back here: do a page and link it here; jest click on me heartfelt heart here!….to join in an share!

On Top Wit Quarksire

~ Rise Above it All ~Yes it is incredible an ask if u want to use my photos for $$$

~ Rise Above it All ~Yes it is incredible an ask if u want to use my photos for $$$

Quarked one say Gettin’ da right shot for the weekly photo shoot ON TOP well; an

according to daily post @ wordpress!

On top can be a feeling, a perspective, or a physical location.;


well, that’s where i’d prefer to be a lot anyhow, an well, altitude as well as attitude is a good friend to me 🙂

when I am on TOP! an High Above!


i auctually have hundreds of pics for this topic throughout my blog since i fly these wings so well,

so, keepin’ it simple today…since this is bout jest posting one photo fer the day,

i couldnt resist these 3


if ya want to see more ON TOP or HIGH ABOVE PICS BY DA Q

JEST SEE MY SIDE BAR – i have lotz…

i also live on gunbarrels end and well that also ON TOP LOL :)…




this is a weekly photo post where lotsa folks post photos sumtimes into the hundreds.. so if ya are into photography and wish to see what others come up with round the world with for the topic ON TOP ,, check it out click here on this paragraph 🙂 will take ya to The Daily Post @ wordpress.or click on the camera here below



weekly wordpress photo challenge

quarksires weekly wordpress photo challenge entry plus more                        Ok over an outr frum  Q !





Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge : This Week Krista SAYZ: 

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.


In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that captures the threshold — that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning. It could be a door about to open, or something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom. Looking forward to seeing how you capture “threshold.”

– Krista



ANTICIPATION ONCE AGAIN^^^^@ a LAUNCH SITE 6 Freinds wait to be towed into the air by a hanglider trike like mine, i can tow a hanglider up behind me if i wish and have a daring friend that wants to fly! 🙂

an well Q has 5 ways he KNOWS how to FLY Sport planes, Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hanglider Trikes and Hangliders An can’t afford an airplane , sold my paraglider due to health , and can’t afford buy a sailplane or i would tomorrow! so I have a hanglider trike in the garage an another broken hang wing to fix!… so at least i can still fly…when i feel up to it…

Till then I AM Jest

Quark takin’ off to a new reality in my hanglider trike here below….




Quarks off! off^^^^^ an aloft! whoo-hoo hoo hew

and in a nother version to ya now i must say good bye: as we anticipate LANDING the damn thing…..oh please soft landing fer Q 🙂 lol


QUARK SAYS GOOD BYE THANBKS FER DROPPIN IN TO HAVE A LEWK SEE AT ME PHOTOGRAPHY concerning the THRESHOLD jest before flight fer me and well yes A THRESHOLD BEFORE LANDING  too. 2 different thresholds to conquer with every flight fer me anyhew 🙂 ..the rest is easy lol flying that is 🙂 any kid can fly its taking off and landing in wind thats the tricky part 🙂 have to learn how to fly with mind and heart instead of the reactive brain, jest be and do an live in the NOW is the best thing when i go fly and rock on either one of the 2 THRESHOLDS!



ON MY KNEES 4 U – U know who! u ARE!

Every flight this time round fer the werld evry day

On the Threshold of goin up er comin down!
Werlds of werdz changed by Q:)
So, Forgive me please 🙂
Honorable Q says 🙂

When little birdz fly
listen to my werds
forgive me for i fly
i fly to and away
from u i fly
Till the day i die i do
let my fear not come true when with you
i see a new you every time
i fly away
to an fro frum an 2 U
beside my face i see
a new place
a new werld
a new day a new way
every day i fly
to and away from u:)
So, please tell me why.
every time it is
befere and after i fly
i think of u
and shed a tear or two!
i sure miss the real U i knew 😦
deep inside and beside this mind and this place in space
a new different mind for u i prayed for in my latest dreams of U
thanks 2 YOU!



Cheri's weekly wordpress photo challenge


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life: Ignacio

Cheri says In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that brings a street to life.

So, yearly in Ignacio, Colorado; the streets come to Life With

the 4 Corners Motorcycle Rally;

<Click here or on pic below to see lotta more pics of the event:)


VROOM VROOM frum Ignacio, Colorado 4 Corners Motorcycle Rallye



…The streets definitely come to life yearly and is fun to be a part of the show



sumpin to lewk forward to every year I have for the past almost 20 years now here.


Ryde on everyone and Browse Happy,

An Remember “Crashing is Not an Option” however ya get there

Box's Gurl & Ryde :)

Box’s Gurl & Ryde 🙂

Quarksire aka mike in sunny southern colorado


Click on the link below to learn more bout the weekly Photo Challenge and see all the entries,

ussually a lot in her comments section that Cheri has @ her Daily post webwerld


Cheri's weekly wordpress photo challenge

Cheri’s weekly wordpress photo challenge


also Ya can see more street life entries from this week

from all over the werld here at;

Chris’ WordPress WebSite WHATS IN THE PICTURE?”

well, to find out CLICK HERE!:)