Quarked Shiny ProjeKts

~~quark’s shinny paint job! on a quarked projekt frum scratch~~twaz a corvette to start with! believe it er not! in da’ 80’s i built quite a few of these kit cars like on t.v.show miami vice they had a couple of our cars also, we built cars for princes an rich football players like lyle alzedo etc etc.they would bring us their vette an we’d make it a ferrari…till we got sued by ferrari an shut down :(~~~

I always like my projeKts to be shiny when i give them back to the customer…


these here are a few examples of my SHINY projeKts when i have finished them….

~~~~~~ frum one kinna shiny to another kinna shiny lol ~~~~

to another!…. πŸ™‚ ……

a shine on for many years to come some of them have been the customers gem 4-ever…



each one i have built an painted an sanded an polished has been a β€œDiversion, distraction and delightful detour,” in my life; sumtimes for a year er so! an it is this weeks theme for β€œOoh Shiny”. jesta few of my shiny projeKts πŸ™‚

Ooh, Shiny!

Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours


It be Elemental Sir’ Watson sayz da’ Q

It be Very Elemental Watson! there are 2 ways 2 fly er more yes indeed if ya don’t got lotsa $$$

πŸ™‚ an dats me folks lol πŸ™‚

so quark sayz :

..an so many variables there of also …but; all different forms of the ultralights are fun to fly

well, instructor johnny moved to utah, so if ya want lessons frum him ya would have to visit salt lake area now…:(

…not as fun maybe as a powered glider but i can’t afford one they cost way to much mula…sosa i fly a raged ol’ butterfly wing

..not really though; she is in pert good shape. not many hours an lots to go as far as i am concerned, this wing will last me my lifetime ..i am sure when it comes to the ultralight trikes i fly…

~~~~~~~~~~~it’s Elemental Watson no matter how ya fly it is a different lewkin’ werld frum up dere’ @ 3 er 400 ft.



Erica v says; For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire. How do you capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water? Or, more personally, is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?

After i land when i go flying i feel more connected to the earth in a different way! πŸ™‚ indeeD! so!

Take a moment to explore these elements, in or out of balance, together or individually, as you pick up your camera this week.


Textures in da’ Sky when ya fly!

There is a certain texture to the air an the clouds also…..yes indeed.the air density changes a lot an also the humidity which changes the texture an creates the clouds etc etc an is evident when ya fly in the skies in an ultralight… πŸ™‚ even the clouds have texture an the ground does also frum da’ air!

an ya can feel it when ya fly at different temperatures an speeds also…whether it is hot or cold the air density changes an so inevitably does the texture of the air i call it!…in sailplane terms when the texture is coolest is when there are thermals an the air is thick an dense an warm an rising πŸ™‚ best days of flying ever that is .

and enjoying the different textures of ground an sky is pert awesome sometimes yes indeed i must say so myselfΒ 


~~~ if da’ texture of da’ air is jest right!


an once upon da ground an back home Q notices da’ stickbug relies on texture to climb upon! and well, when i am home alone an frazzled werkin’ in da’ garage er whatnot..well, texture is da’ name of the game an thats a whole another sketched out blog haha…some of my sketched metal photoart! frum da’ garage “grinder art” i call it !…yep it qualifies for the werd of da’ week at the photo challenge “texture” lol.

Cheers to one an all over an out frum

Brought 2 u by da’ Quantum Quarked one Q

Hub Cap Ice Spikes are unusual


Guest host Lignum Draco asks us to experiment with something unusual….an i seemed to get quite a few comments on the hub cap shot i posted all iced up a couple of weeks back …so here are some kewl pics of da’ superspikesΒ  on cars coming down off da’ pass on a blustery day in the colorado rockiess @ wolf creekΒ  πŸ™‚Β 

Have a splendid week 2 all the worldwide werdpress visitors i gots droppin by!.

πŸ™‚ ENJOY! πŸ™‚


********a chilled out chevy*********


*****^^^an another chevy^^^******


***** ^^^^^^ a cold whatever ^^^^^^ *****

ramstar**********a cold dodge ram lol**********





last werd was Collage

wtf is all i can say whenΒ  it wont even let ya copy an paste it .. so is all bout balloons now it be..is dat time of the year in Pagosa Springs… for mike an his friends to be flying daily!… here are a few pics

in a gallery! form as requested this week in Collage werd of da’ week @ werdpress photo challenge ……




Werd of da’ week twas Bridge

Da Bridge of Sighs………


…Da’ Werd of da’ week twas Bridge

@ wordpress weekly photo challenge.so there i was

..new wing on top of car an heading thru New Orleans! me jest trying to beat da’ storm…but now an hour laterzzzz




A DELTA Winged Flyer da’ Quark is

*** Variations on a theme ***

**** da’werd of da week is Delta.

an is sumpin i think about a lot..but in a different sense…than the rushing of water going out to sea for my kinaa thoughts of DELTA are those of my wings i fly…da’ delta wing…damn i want to get back in da air soon! Being grounded sucks! Truly………so i spend a lotta time in recovery thinking bout the cool days i got to fly my DELTA wing i da past…lotsa hours upon da’ wizard wings …an bout 40 er 50 hours on da ol’ butterfly in da garage an bout 20 0on a wrecked 21.5 golf strutted wing in da garage i got to fix an repair sumday another projekt yep! lol …jest sortin thru some pics of da past here!……an rememberin.”crashin is not an option” but if one must do it gracefullY! πŸ™‚ ***


For this week’s photo challenge, share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time.

~Bottom Line is at all facets of my life @ present …Reality has it i have been in recovery for the last week not able to hardly stand the pain, very humbled here to say the least..when everyday chores become a challenge let alone going out to fly lol….. ~

check out last weeks post-t if’n ya missed it bout Transient things Photographed inΒ Time

Transient things Photographed in Time

Β Β Β Β 

This be the Rocky Mountain Way2 lewk @ da werd transient!.werd of da’ week was transient….Transient..Drifters, nomads, and even the state of impermanence: this week, share your photos of transient…..well my choice is a few things that only the photo keeps forever in time..

there are a few different ways to interpret that werd but for me it is thngs that do not stick around……….so in a way jest bout anything can be transient dependin upon ur perspective….especially things which once photogaphed will never be the same…..

here are a couple of shots of things that are transient in my werld but come back evry year.cept well.the tree has fallen now so no more shots of lightnin’ or rainbows beyond it..etc etc.

..so my take on transient with a couple a few of my fav shots…i have taken over the years!

peace-out frum da’



twas’ a darin’ night to be out walkin on hilltops….






………..Drivin’ into da’ storm Photo: by Quarksire πŸ™‚


Rainbows ussually appear 2 be curved an not straight

My heart is like a rock 4 my best friends ever!


might live on the edge of life itself….but my best friend well, she lives on the edge also…an as a result well;

red light green light ..

well..da’ holy spirit gave me da green light fer dis thing called love ! 2017 ! 4 that i am grateful!

I hold onto dis’ heart solid as a rock! cuza she is a friend that treats me right!






My love solid as a rock for her an 4 my ever ness is bout it!

in da’ quasicle werld of da’…an a bonus is she has offered me a kidney! if the transplant team thinks thay can make it werk ..we shall see …


Enjoy ur week….an to see more worldwide friends shots frum fellow werdpress bloggers ..click here :)amazing how far wordpress photo challenge has growd up in the past few years…is a pert kewl getaway to lewk @ photos frum friends all round da werld! Indeed!

453 Responses; june 2017

WordPress Weekly Worldwide Photo challenge


..my werld, her werld, their werld, our werld, whatver werld, it is it is a great werld this week to me πŸ™‚ in dis’ here ol’ multiverse i live within lol…well: I’M ALIVE!”

Quantumely speaking that is ! ha! πŸ™‚




….. πŸ™‚ ! STAY KEWL ! πŸ™‚ ….This post also is dedicated to friends long far gone that Q has had…an people, faces an good times for to always be in da’ ol memory!..here is an old friend vic .big bear cali! wunder if he is still alive i do! old long lost friend!


…an walter Omstead ? where are u will the internet find ya over there in swiss german ville!?will the internet spider find ur name an u find me lol ? we shall see πŸ™‚

as the hummingbirds well they also consider me as their friend since i provide food for them to come back evry year frum 3000 miles away to visit me an make babies every year! ?


an i sure miss my best friend evr in my life mr. crow aka gary hedinger twas an awesome guy an a cherokee healer..whom…yep could talk to the animals in some very kewl wayz πŸ™‚ those whom knew crow know what i am talkin bout here above is a clearcut pic of what i am talking bout talking with the animals!.an well dis’ here page full of links! for those whom come by the werld of Q an read his stuff..touchin infinity microwerlds beyond space an time!.


Peace-out to one an all! an a cherokee blessings‘ er 2 2 yaz as he would say.*****

*****poof i be outa here fer now!*****


Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money an Motorcycles

Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money am Motorcycles

an not exactly in this or that order lol…

Then theres this thing called Security
there are 6 er 7Β  kinds right up front to me truly…

#1 is Money!

“da security of money! “

#2 That i always attach the “jesus” bolt with a wire safety!

Da’ Jesus bolt is da’ one with the safety clip in it, if it comes out ya jest say “OH JEEESuS!”

#3 security that when the Vario is beeping real fast means ya are climbing πŸ™‚

Morning Airtime is Q’s favorite Time πŸ™‚

also, security ya got a grip when the Vario is pointing straight down!

#4 – that there is K-9 security round me life! πŸ™‚

#5 – The Security of being in love with a partner!

an #6 a good running motorcycle! haha..

oh an again
on top of the bottom of the list i can’t forget the Security of me DOGs ( knowing they are going to get food!…

dinnertime @ Q’s place


da’……..Quarked dog “Willy”

It is my belief! that
Paws an wagin tailZ! ie dogs an women!
heal more wounds & scars than any other therapist can.
so i have always had a dog round as a sorta Security Blanket! an a woman also when one can!
an even someone to talk to ..yep my dogs understand English pert good! indeeD!

best security blanket & gurlfriend i ever had! was sugar!

πŸ™‚ …
so – jest a few shots of some live security blankets frum Q’s perspective it twas an is!

da’ security of being warm an having a roof over my head i believe is the most important security next to LOVE!

an da’ security of knowing i have kicked tha alcohol an being co-herent an sober for almost 20 years feels good also!
Peace-out 4 now an have a good week werld!
Whatever ya be up 2 πŸ™‚
over an out frum