The Lady Wore Black

On a lonely walk this morning
A light mist in the air
Dark clouds laughing at me in silence
Casting shadows through my hair


In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit
Eternal life was her debt to pay

The lady wore black
Its the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free

The wind song whispered a warning
Telling me to beware
Of the quiet shadowed woman
And of the sadness I would share

We sat together for sometime together in silence
Never speaking in words
Of all her thoughts she spoke with her eyes
And I listened remembering all I heard

The lady wore black
Its the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free

The words she spoke were of forgotten lives
And of all knowledge gained
Memries I had and didn’t know why
With a smile she explained
I should have listened to the winds cold warning
And walked the other way
I touched her soul and now I bear her sentence
But for her love I’ll gladly pay

The lady wore black
Its the sign of the prisoners lives
The lady wore black
See the years through the tears in her eyes
The lady wore black
Her mystic power calls to me
The lady wore black
Her love can set me free

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1983 Debut Album – Queensrÿche


Wish Only Well
To desire; to long for; to hanker after;  to have a mind or disposition toward.
So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly.
In a good or proper manner; justly; rightly;  not ill or wickedly.

believe it er not
so quark says let urself be wowzad:)

Say WOW, smile…and pass it on!

WOW 101


interjection:used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure
An outstanding success
to impress greatly



Im Free Bchaz

 Breakin’ Da Chains That bind U?

Can be interpreted many ways…

Depending upon ur perception….

Whether Chains of Love


Whether Chains of passion or chains of hate,

or even Chains or resentment that might fill ones heart

Or Chains of Addictions AllSo, Unn-Naturally


Above art Created and Done by Jennifer B. Chaz <{link}whom has allowed me to post her art on this page bout freedom and removing the chains that might bind us to a different fate or destiny that we might wish for, sometime one jest has to like give up ya know and break all the chains so one can have a chance to heal and werk n themselves, break the chains that bind us to addictions and people evrn are very hard thing to do but sometimes for ones very own sanity is is the best move to make at the time,,,,and jest say WOW

so? if ur an avid reader of me ? remember the blog bout Watch It! …well this is a deeper perspective and a long bok link also, to many an answers, a definite book markable blog for future reference i do so believe……

Watch your thoughts – they become your words

Watch your words – they become your actions

Watch your actions – they become your habits

Watch your habits – they become your character

Watch your character – it becomes your destiny


^^^ Pic is a link to Jennifers Blog also!:) ^^^ thanks jenn for da inspiration!

BReak the chains that bind u to a false reality today i say!
We create our spiritual destiny with our repeated thoughts and most of those thoughts are implanted in our minds by others who suffer long-standing mental mis-presumptions which are seldom, if ever, examined. These Lessons are an invitation to indulge in that examination. Rejection of it will only add a level of delay and pain that is clearly not necessary.

Ideas are the food of the soul. The sharing of them is nourishment for the Spirit. Free will must be able to function in an environment in which it is honored. Creativity must be respected as a spiritual quality in which humans are encouraged to indulge. Only then does the advanced technology that makes all this possible tend to be a servant to mankind rather than its master.

As we now know, it is the divine acceptance of as much incoming information as possible which will tip the scale from feelings of corrective pain toward those of purposeful pleasure. Acceptance marks the entry into the ego gate in both individual and cultural minds. Habitual denial ensures ignorance and ongoing corrective pain until there is conscious acceptance of that which has been created. The degree of acceptance corresponds with the level of conscious experience. At present, the species ignorance of the emotional guidance sets the stage for incoming personalities to fall victim to the limiting beliefs offered as institutions, traditions, and truths. The structure which accomplishes the acceptance of emotional guidance will give rise to far more optimal kinds of humane experience. This fully human kind of functioning encourages the expansion of consciousness at a much faster pace than has yet been experienced by most human beings.

Acceptance suggests trust and trust equates with faith.<{link}

But the faith suggested is not a blind faith in that which is being served up by our established institutions, but rather a willingness to trust our inner feelings when inviting higher knowledge to penetrate our consciousness. This material attempts to make the point time and again, that there is already in place a system that can flood us with the knowledge of unlimited potential of spiritual development and we need merely understand and appreciate the universal concept of the All That Is.

There are many who answer the calling spirit and offer spiritual truths through artistic interpretations which resonate with others. Such inner directed and outer expressive individuals are often referred to as light workers. Such individuals have accomplished the spread of spiritual information to the degree that critical mass is closer than ever. It falls to these enlightened ones to carry the torch and to help bring their own higher levels of consciousness to the masses. These people, the compassionately meek yet with courageous integrity, understand and forgive the cost of ignorance for the benefit of free will. They seek to bring forth the Christ consciousness that lies dormant within the human potential—faithful that even when pushed by pain the spirit will lead humanity from the darkness.

And may u beee one who answers this calling is all i can hope for, the one that reads this with all integrity and personal self seeking moral honesty!

again i prefer to be one of These people, the compassionately meek yet with courageous integrity, to gracefully understand and forgive the cost of ignorance for the benefit of free will….so sad to say!:(….
if i was unable to forgive! i would prolly die by the effect caused:(

for some werds can auctually inflict pain, till we realize the bs involved and the truth by readin the chapters above!

there are many paths to take,,,much knowlege to also partake. LOve and light to also forsake or love is our personal choice:(…which path we take!
for we have free will
if we read this book first before one is to come talk to me bout it it would be much prefered
the whole book is right here right now for u to read frum my blog page, if ya want to buy the hard copy or see kinks etc etc…go to the websi=te at the bottom!

The choice of where we wish to place ourselves along this path is ours. The tool to what knowledge we wish to accept or reject is our feelings. In the truest sense, if it feels right we can and truly should do what we imagine we can. 

LOVE ERASING LOVE BY opposing anything in the book above
or below….is jest what it is at that point
some of the greatest minds in the world on poets could not ever practice what they preached or really live what they envisioned for the reasons fore mentioned above
or the whole book below that is posted below have a look
all page links are in blue!:)
the whole book is posted below for the world to see because they need to! by the authors request
but if ya wish to support him in his quest to spread this information you can go to the website and buy the book copy to be sent to ur door!…to read and or maybe hand out to one whom may not have a puter!

NOTE***THIS PAGE UPDATED JULY8 @ 10 PM…blue links i spent so much time on did not werk, so have inserted the PDF to the BOOK HERE! 417 Pages


LINK> A bit of Cosmic Awareness 4 U <LINK
Alpha Section- Human Nature
Lesson One- Overview of The Human Condition

Communication & the Fluid Creative Reality
Disconnection & Rigid Physical Reality
Attempts at Reempowerment
The Feeling System – A Spiritual Safety Net
The Task at Hand

Lesson Two: The Spiritual Nature Of Humankind
Humanity as Spirituality as Divinity
Frustrated Human Purpose & Evil
Natural Morality
The Civilized Planet
Human Spirit: Consciousness & Intention
Altered States of Consciousness
The Illusory Fragmentation of Spirit & Will

Lesson Three: The Mental Nature Of Humankind

Enter: The Realm of Mind
The Goal of Mind
Mental Tools Can Be Double-Edged
The Biblical Fall From Grace
Current Mass Reality: The Mind of Man
The Divine Spiritual Safety Net

Lesson Four: The Physical Nature Of Humankind
Spirit as Self in Physical Form
Human Emotion: An Undiscovered Sixth Sense
Feelings & The Human Immune System
Feelings Communicate Essential Spiritual Needs
The Individual (Power) Needs: (Explore, Create, Meaning, Power, Esteem, Freedom)
The Group (Connection) Needs: (Affiliate, Connection to ATI)
Feelings as Feedback Between Mind & Body
The Hardwired Responses
The Fully Functional Feedback System
The Self, the Mind, the Body

Beta Section -The Feeling System
Lesson One: The Emotional Nature Of Humanity
Reclaiming the Lost Emotional Sense
The Interpretation of Emotional Signals
Validity & Judgment of Knowledge
Beliefs as Gems & Slivers
The Effect of Mind Upon Emotional Signals
Mind & Spirit: The Twin Selves
The Effect of Mind upon Motivational Responses
The Right Response
Emotional Boundaries

Lesson Two: The Emotional Behavior Of Humanity
Emotional Motivation
The Approach Responses – Right & Light
The Light Response
The Avoidant Responses
The Flight Response
The Fight Response
Summary of Behavioral Corrective Responses

Lesson Three: The Six Basic Feelings
Emotions of Spirit
The Emotions of Body
The Emotions of Mind

Lesson Four: Summary: Emotion The Sixth Sense
Heeding the Spiritual Directive
The Spiritual Commitment
Living in the Light
The Daily Meditation
The Meditation of The Clock
The Daily Feedback
Creating Community

Gamma Section -New Beginnings
Lesson One- New Tenets of Human Existence
Existing Directives
Scientific and Religious Directives
Political and Governmental Directives
The Power of The Individual
Restoring the Blank Mental Slate
Tenets of Human Nature
Tenets of Human Existence
Tenets of Creative Reality
Tenets of Social Structure

Lesson Two- The Power Of Habit

A Gift of Mind
Habits of Defense: The Self-Preservationary Impulse
The Eight Deadly Habits
Resistant Escapism
Resistant Defensiveness
Resistant Self Deception
Resentful Blame
Vengeful Gossip
Vengeful Aggression
Vengeful Violence
Cycle of Resistance

Lesson Three The Life-Giving Habits of Self  Expression
The Role of Judgment
Clarity of Purpose
Faith in Spirit
Competition Within Self
Patience & Faith
Self Promotion
Creative Artistic Expression
Expressing Within the Creation

Lesson Four Universal Values & Needs

The Scientific Authority
Spiritual Intention Vs Human Mental Needs
Spiritual Values Embodied in Human Needs
Role of Human Needs
Dynamic Flexibility of Human Needs
The Need for Power
The Need for Freedom
The Need for Creativity
The Need for Connection
The Need to Find Meaning
The Need to Build Self Esteem
Summary of Needs

Delta Section -Implications For Personhood
Lesson One: Implications For Self Concept
Self and Human Purpose
Local Self Distinctions
Interpretation of Feelings and Attribution
Positive Feelings & The Self
Other Self Goals

Lesson Two: Implications for Child Rearing

The Parental Responsibility
The Parental Choice
The Parental Role – Physical Development
The Parental Role – Mental Development
The Parental Role – Emotional Development
Engaging the Emotional System
Attachment, Trust and the Learned Emotions
Cultural Manipulation of the Emotional System
A Word About Guilt

Lesson Three: Implications for Human Development
The Developmental Responsibility
Development & “Karma”
Development & Divine Judgment
It’s Never Too Late
Self-Evaluation – Getting Started
Awareness of Needs
Accessing Core Beliefs
Needs & Life Stages
Earliest Years: Trust & Connection
Ages 1-20: Power & Freedom
Independence, Creativity & Early Adulthood
Mid Life Evaluation: Meaning & Esteem
The Golden Years
Death & Dying

Epsilon Section-Implications For Human Interaction
Lesson One: Implications For Morality
Biological Hedonism
Multiple Meanings of Emotional Signals
The Concept of Evil
Excitement & Morality
Guilt & The Human Conscience
Learning Errors
The Power of Apology & Forgiveness
The Historical Stages of Moral Interaction
Caveman Morality
Cooperative Morality
The Role of Trust
Tit-For-Tat Morality
The Golden Rule

Lesson Two: Implications For Interpersonal Relationships

The Cooperative Level of Existence
Intimacy & Community: The Gift of Sharing
The Energy Dynamics of Intimacy
The Fellowship Relationship
The Professional Relationship
Gender Roles
Intimacy & Sexual Love
Love as Distinct from Need
The Myth of Love as Codependency
Love & Its Pitfalls
Cultural Conditions Placed upon Love

Lesson Three: Implications For Group Relationships
Why Groups?
The Group Organism
The Developmental Cycle of a Group
Power Dynamics
The Group Structure
The Isolated Group
Social Stratification
Enlightened Group Affiliation

Zeta Section – Implications For Social Structures
Lesson One: Implications For Religion
Religious Purpose: Divine Connection
Divine Freedom
Divine Empowerment
Divine Goodness
Divine Desire
The Power of Prayer
The Temple of Light
Meditation for the Temple of Light
Religious Transcendence
Religious Community Service

Lesson Two Implications For Government – Need-Meeting

The Grand Game
Economics of Resource Exchange
Universal Humans Rights – Basic Self-Determinism
The Biological Condition of Justice
Social Justice
The Biological Condition of Civilization
The Role of Government
The Governmental “Body”
Safeguarding – Ensuring Global Justice
Global Cooperation without Violation
Fostering Global Connection
Competitive Versus Cooperative Defense
Sanctioning Violations
Local Government & The Feedback Cycle
Representative Government – The Value of Each Voice
Financing Good Government
Public Infrastructures
Global Government Mission Statement

Lesson Three: Implications For Education

Developing the Public “Mind”
Creative Experiential Learning Versus Receiving Judgments
The Scope of Public Education
The Structure of Public Education
Early & Elementary Education
Intermediate & High School
Continuing Education

Eta Section – Implications For Health
Lesson One: Implications For Mental Health
The Concept of Health
Biological Flexibility & Destiny Challenge
Natural Self-Development
Challenge 1: The Mother Versus The Victim Challenge 2: The Father Versus The Martyr
Challenge 3: The Contributor Versus The Servant
Challenge 4: The Lover Versus The Actor
Challenge 5: The Speaker Versus The Silent Child
Challenge 6: The Seer Versus The Intellectual
Challenge 7: The Transcender
Therapeutic Approaches to Mental Health

Lesson Two: Implications For Physical Health
The Physical Focus
Active Faith in the Body
The Pleasure Principle
The Power of Mind
Managing Emotional Stress

Lesson Three: Implications For Wholistic Health
Health in the New Millennium
Energy Medicine
Disturbances to the Chakras of Mind
The Seven Chakra Centers of Mind
Chakras One & Two – Bodily Grounding
The Root Chakra (Tailbone)
The Second Chakra (Abdomen)
Chakras Three & Four – Mental Grounding
The Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)
The Fourth Chakra (Heart)
The Final Three Chakras – Grounding the Spirit
The Fifth Chakra (Throat)
The Sixth Chakra (Forehead)
The Seventh Chakra (Crown)
Personal Health Care
Chart -The Chakras of Mind

Theta Section – Implications For Evolution
Lesson Theta One: Evolution
The Pursuit of Self-Understanding
Evolution Vs Creation
The Ongoing Evolving Co-Creation
The Power of Free Will
The Evolution of Consciousness & Information Processing
Darwin & Lamarck Revisited

Lesson Theta Two: The Spiritual Compass In Evolving Gestalts of Consciousness
The Quantum Potential & Expansion of All That Is
Receiving the Purposeful Guidance
The Self in Evolutionary Context
Autopilot, Semi-Autopilot & Manual Modes of Guidance
Autopilot Self-Regulation
Semi-Autopilot Self-Regulation
Manual Free Will Self-Regulation
The Emotional Evolutionary Destiny of Humanity
Evolutionary Path Of Evolving Consciousness and Feeling Experience

Lesson Theta Three: Human Evolution
The Journey from Pain to Pleasure
A Brief History of Cultural Evolution
Levels of Human Conscious Experience
Survival Level of Existence
Survival Level of Empowerment & The Chakra System
The Individual Task at Hand
Historical Survival
The Being Level of Human Existence
Three Perspectives of the Being Level Mind
The Transcendent Level of Existence

Omega Section – Conclusion
Lesson Omega: Epilogue
The Mission of Enlightenment
Historical Shifts & Modes of Attunement
Direct Access
Final Words
The Universal Spectrum of Love & Light

all lessons above and book to purchase to own is to be found here

yes a quantum potential u do urself have
believe it er not!

WoW Moments

Another layt night and just soaking at the Pagosa Hot Springz and checking my e-mails….whew.First thingz First:)

A wow Moment {WISH ONLY WELL!}and a long blog to follow concerning the topics of Passion to Trust to WoW!Image

^^^ from 300 feet above ground @ sunset over Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Quarksire ^^^

…..had a wild couple of weeks….got a few kewl stories to tell when i get more time on line here….bout animals and men and women alike lol.and yes i am still in love,:)…not to change prolly till the day i die jest grow greater and greater:) all my loves and my life that is:) stay tuned I havent gone really very far…cept the long blogs that I write myself have been put into note pad form at home on my computer there…so when i get back to having more time i shall start posting the pics and stories then:)….

this is possibly a blog that turns back the hands of time concerning obstacles overun by love and living and knowing what is verses what isn’t:)…even across the expanses of the globe as we see it today…:) the i net has made the earth seem a much smaller and a much larger place all at the same time:).in my werld…so is living and overcoming obstacles from passion to trust to wow:)

experiencing passion and trust on grander scales takes even more trust but the passion has to come for the trust to happen and vice a versa…kewl combo here i think anyhow:)

then i say WOW 

hope alls well in ur werld this fine day er night from Q:)


A DAY TO FLY ! 🙂 by:

Quarksire aka mike in da Rockies 🙂


When the sun comes up in the eastern sky,
I head for the mountains, it’s a day to fly.
Such a feeling to sit and hold this wing :),
to know before long, I’ll soar past my woes.
From up in the sky, things seem so small,
my mind is at peace, nothing bothers at all.
If I can keep the calm feeling of peace so strong,
the task that awaits me, won’t take too long.
Soaring with Eagles,
Memories for Eternity
Our Tiny little wings are not that of a jet,
but it can take us to places some have not seen yet.
Free as an eagle above the lofty clouds,
I take a deep breaths and then I descend.
Disappointed that the day will soon end,
I look forward to soaring like a bird again.
So here’s to the wonderful times spent in flight,
no words can describe the beauty so right.
Always in my mind and in within my soul.
Is the light I receive from each Flight:)
Lewkin’ towards more of those beautiful Sunset Flights
so that was a dream come true
this is jest another reality of sorts
cuz i feel u should be allowed in every hearts Desire to Lust Passionately 4 evr for the love of ur life:) whomever that might be.
so heres Jest a tidbit
For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Companion”:


“WHERE HAS MY PASSION gone?” you may have wondered at
times. “Will it ever return?” “I just don’t feel like doing
anything,” may have been a persistent thought for far too long.
Or perhaps, “I don’t know what my purpose is, what I am doing
here, or even what excites me anymore!”
Passion is one sure thing that returns when much of everything
else seems to be leaving our lives. Although it most assuredly
leaves for awhile, it always comes back. And when it does, it
comes back in a dramatic, intense, and more purified way. Like
two ships passing in the night, when the energy surges arrive, out
goes the darkness and in comes the creativity.

I can remember a time when I was feeling all the unpleasant
feelings that come when we are in darkness…because when it is
up and ready to depart, we are really in it. But at the same time
that the darkness was leaving, intense and compelling amounts
of creativity were arriving. What a strange combination of
feelings and experiences! But thank goodness for this creativity
which arrived through the vehicle of the “pushing” energy surge.
It made everything much more bearable. When the higher
vibrating energies arrive, they always bring with them higher
ways of being and connecting. And creativity through passion is
a mainstay of the higher ways.

If passion were to be defined in energetic terms, it would be all
about non-resistance in regard to our physical vehicle, which is
the conduit for energy to move through. When we are
passionate about something, we are ready to go for it with
absolutely no hesitation. This state of non-resistance, with
absolutely no hesitation, creates a very open vessel for energy.
Passion can occur when we first meet that certain someone. In
the beginning, we may think that they are oh so perfect, and
therefore, a state of passion for them is created. If they have no
resistance back at us, then there is really passion! Planning a
creative project can also create passion. In order to create this
energetic state, we usually plan everything in our minds exactly
the way we want them to be. In this way, there is no hesitancy or
resistance, and energy therefore pours through in full force.
When we get very passionate or excited about something, it is
because we feel it deeply at every level and we just know it is
right. Passion exists because we know that something is in
alignment with what we are about. When something matches our
vibration and our purpose, it then creates a state of passion, or
uninterrupted energy flow.

Although there exist times during the ascension process when
our passion is completely gone and we can really feel as though
it may never return, it does. Through ascension, we purge and
release much of any darker or denser energies within us. These
include fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, and a powerlessness
to be able to get what we want. After these states begin to leave
us, what is then left is a much more defined sense of who we are
and why we are here…and what we are here to create! It is then
that our passion returns.

The higher vibrating energies bring with them great amounts of
creative energy. So this part is intact. But what takes awhile is the
ascension process itself in regard to releasing the dis-connect
parts of ourselves. We cannot be creating from these aspects. We
need to be creating from a strong connection to Source. When we
feel passion-less, we are simply rebooting and readying for the
next phase. All things are coming into a better and higher
alignment for the “creating” times to come.

After so much releasing within, we eventually arrive at a place
where we are very ready to create through this uninterrupted
energy of passion. This powerful energy needs an outlet and
creativity is then very necessary to our lives. When our passion
comes in again, it is time to create what you have always been
about and what you came to create.

For a long while, my passion was gone, as I was really going
through my process. Always a very passionate and exuberant
person, I though that I must be getting old or was simply
withering away. I didn’t know what it was like not to be
passionate and so I felt like only half of a person. But passion
returns…and especially for our very New roles. I have never been
involved in and more excited about so many different things! From
art to humanitarian projects, to much of anything else, I can barely
keep up with myself. And with everything falling at our doorsteps
in the higher realms, it can be hard to choose!

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to define your
passion and begin creating. The energies are most certainly
building for you, as you are readying to bring forth something
very dear to your heart. When your passion returns, it indicates
that “all your ducks are in a row,” and you have successfully
completed the first phase of ascension. Have fun and good luck!”

above  an notez below info i got frum from Karen’s Werld
For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Companion:“TRUST”“TRUST, TRUST, AND trust some more.” This could easily be
one of the most pivotal mantras of the ascension process. Going
through this many times confusing process can create feelings of
bewilderment and perhaps leave one wondering if everything
and anything is in divine right order at all.
As the ascension process slowly but surely creates a higher level
and higher vibrating human, when we reach these New and
higher ways of being, they are not always how we expected them
to be. And with so much leaving our lives along with so much
change occurring, we may wonder what in the world is going on.
Even though we may not consciously know at the time why and
what our lives are evolving into, simply trusting in the process
can bring us great comfort and relief. At lower levels things may
not make sense. But at the higher dimensional levels they always
make perfect sense. Although the phrase “All is always in divine
right order,”
may at times sound trite and repetitive, and get old
as well, when we are able to see through personal experience that
this process is in total perfection, that old, trite phrase begins to
make some sense.Over and over again, as I have viewed things from a higher
dimensional level, the perfection is always evident. Things are
always working like a perfectly oiled machine
. And even though
it may appear otherwise, these strange and confusing
experiences are here to support us in every way.

For instance, one typical higher level scenario involves the
separation of partners. So many times I have seen individuals go
through what they interpret as an “error” or a painful experience
of being left behind or “dumped” by their romantic partner. This
painful experience usually places them in the victim posture.
What is almost always occurring is an immense expression of
love at higher soul levels
. One partner knows that the other is
ready to experience more of their higher purpose, or ready to
expand and grow, and hence, will then leave the other in order to
give him/her this very important opportunity.

In this same arena, another scenario can also express itself.
Partners separate because the vibration of the planet has reached
a certain level. Before we were born, we agreed to fulfill certain
roles and purposes. Each of us has several soul partners and
there are many in our soul groups. We came to serve as
companions and supporters for each other…not necessarily as
romantic partners. When the planet reaches certain frequencies,
we are then activated according to our pre-birth plans. In this
regard, we separate from those we have been with during certain
phases of the ascension process. We need to now fulfill New and
different roles, and therefore, need to go in different directions.
At lower levels this may manifest as a sudden “not able to get
along” experience and reality. But the truth of the matter is that
at the higher levels, we need to separate and will then create an
impetus at lower levels. If we are not fully conscious at higher
soul levels, scenarios will then occur that inevitably get us where
we need and have chosen to be.

There is always great and expansive love at higher soul levels.
This is also very evident in regard to the love shown us by our
non-physical “guides” or those non-physical beings that have
chosen to watch over us during this process. We are never
abandoned here. We are only left alone so that we can grow and
expand through experience. Losing jobs, loved ones, money, or
our health are all part of the process designed to get us where we
need to be. Things are always being navigated at higher
dimensional levels

If you have chosen this page, you are being reminded that all is in
divine and perfect order. You are being asked to trust, even
though you may not be consciously aware of the reasons for your
current experience. As you evolve through the ascension process,
and rise to higher levels enabling you to “see” beyond the veil,
you will in time come to know and understand what this
experience was all about.”


To access the newest energy alert, kindly utilize the link below:

q says thank you karen for all ur kewl stuff:)

I say sometimez it seemz like
The only things we ever keep
are the things we give away.


Hope everyone has a splendid
whatever it is ur havin:)
glad i could share part of mine with U::)
other times all I can say is

I think. Therefore, I Wish Only Well.


Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well,
you can create your own world into what you wish?
And what is your own world?
It’s the place in life where you are:
your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends,
work, environment – in other words, your LIFE.
By Wishing ONLY Well, you make your own world
the whole world better.
It’s neither altruistic nor selfish..’s logical!
You reap what you sow.
Of course that doesn’t mean that
exactly what you did will be done to you.
That would be too easy.
It means that you will never know
the exact moment that you will shine or will fall,
depending on how you live your life.
Choose the high road, and expect the best.
You create your own world, and by extension the whole world, every minute.
believe it er not
so quark says let urself be wowzad:)

Say WOW, smile…and pass it on!

WOW 101

used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure
An outstanding success
to impress greatly

Wish Only Well
To desire; to long for; to hanker after;  to have a mind or disposition toward.
So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly.
In a good or proper manner; justly; rightly;  not ill or wickedly.

WOW is Wish Only Well

and on that note I WISH YA ALL WELL !
PS: trust ur machine is oiled well now:)
i in the process of getting all the quirks
and gremlins out of a new car i jest
bought fer my angel and I:)…is very kewl:)
till layterz:)

so with wing tips a flexin

and clouds high in the sky

breaths as balloons full of air

from way up there ya know


I now fly fly fly:)

Mindmelting once again

into unbelieveble but so very true territory

i do i do fly so high…yes i do:)


hopin i don’t get 2 high:)

when thinkin from down belowst

shes like an earthquake in my soul


a tornado in me heart:)

a hurricane in me head


Like a wolf hound

she sings to me night and day


my blue angel wolf:)

Q’s werld

 a place by wolf creek in america in the rockys mountains:)

where Balloons an Ultralights and hangliders and paragliders can fly freely around:)


Do the WOW sign!

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Show the world that you Wish Only Well