Fourty Six and Two

Lyrics and Video for the Tool song Forty Six & 2

The Shadow as defined by Carl Jung
46 & 2 chromosomes explained by Drunvalo Melchizadek
Art by Alex Grey

But I can Still See My Shadow

for one side mirrorz da other but whatchu see?

Change is coming through my shadow, for my shadow won, My shadows shedding skin.

There are constructive and destructive types of shadow, Carl Jung emphasized the importance of  Being Aware of Shadow Material and incorporating it into conscious awareness Lest one project these attributes onto others
The human being deals with the Reality of the Shadow in 4 Ways. Denial, Projection, Integration, and/or Transmutation. Join in My child as my Shadow moves closer to meaning, I’ve been crawling on my belly clearing what could have been:(…I’ve been wallerin in my own Chaotic insecure dellusions, I wanna fell the change consume me, feel the outside turning in. I wanna feel the metamorphosis and cleansing i have endured in! MY SHADOW MY SHADOW…Change is coming,,,now is my time..LIsten to my Muscle memory, Contemplate what i have been clinging to 46 & 2 ahead of me.I choose to LIve and to GRow, take and give and to, Move, Learn and Love and Cry,

I’ll do what it takes to step through ….into the light that is!

Jest think i need a gurly traveler lol….er sumpin like dat ya know, been 3 years since da’ soul traveled …like with her geezzzzzz, my gurly traveler….mmmmmmmmmm

…………… more click on vid:)……….

there is a reason u an i are here,,,believe it er not:)…………..

46 & 2



Birdman Island Boogie

in da broad daylight had a fight with da devil da devil won, then i said, leave me alone, in da broad daylight. An I won da fight. we get deeper an life goes on, heaven is up there, it can be anywhere, deeper we go life goes on, the feeling strong, bring it on. Face me – embrace me in the skies of love, turn over a new leaf, bring it on! life goes on, getting strong, bring it on! Embrace me find me before i HIT THE SUN!.I am so forever skybound in love with u soaring forever i know though on does eventuallyhave to hit the ground. No matterwhat do it softly!…so it don’t make a sound, momma earth is the hardest part bout being an angel, flyin’ round ….fly safe everyone and enjoy da’ vid how ever u fly…..from one of quarksire’s playlists on you tube.


4 Corners Ultralight Trike Adventures

over-echoabove shot by Q over Echo Lake here one morning jest

floating roun’ in da; air

Adventures With Instructor Johnny Top Dog Ultralights and Quarksire and Dan da’ man Flyin’ round da’ 4 corners region. Pagosa Springs to Cortez Area Music is from Stigma, throw away and falling in are the songs..For more info on 4 corners Trike Demo rides contact quarksire@yahoo for tonmorrow i shall throw it all away and go fly fly fly!…Enjoy……Q

Simply SuperDell

Paramotor World Champion Dell Schanze does his trademark endless wingtip drag winning the WPPGA YouTUBE World Championship by an astonishing amount. No other pilot on earth can currently come close to matching this incredible display of masterful piloting. Powered Skydiving or Paragliding is the power sport for the 21st century. The equipment flown here is the 2010 Limited Edition Flat Top 200 SUPER with the Medium Eris III RS from Sky Paragliders. Incredibly the Flat Top paramotor flown here still maintains the highest safety record for any ultralight aircraft. Zero deaths and only one injury to date have ever occured on this particular model because of the amazingly innovative features. The only injury ever recorded was a Team Red Bull Pilot who death spiraled the aircraft into the ground at over 50mph and he has since recovered. 1 injury!! You may watch what these incredible pilots do and think they are going to die any second but remarkably this particular unit known as the Flat Top has so many safety features that just 1 single injury total and zero deaths, out of all the units on the market has ever been reported. That is just unheard of in any action sport. To contact the distributor for more information just go to or call them at 801-631-1731 or in the USA you can call them toll free at 800-707-2525. This remarkable aircraft breaks down in minutes to only the size of a large suitcase and can travel with you anywhere you go. Your own personal backpack aircraft with an unlimited number of uses.