Moby Grape Monday frum Quarksire

This Velvet Early morning Fog Amongst the Cool damp rain soaked treez i lewked into my hard drive an found this….sO LISTEN MY FREINDS, an salute to all fallen camrades today!


Moby Grape – Monterey Pop Festival (1967) ”Indifference”, “Sitting by the Window” & “Omaha”
to END the show fer the weekend turning back the hands of time,,,,,,,,Moby Grape from the monterey pop festival in cali years agoi yes i grew up there and was a fun life in the 60’ me an ol hippie i don’t care …truth is i was a couple a years behind the scene i was 13 when this was recorded,,,but all the older kids were talkin’ bout it and so i bought the album along with mick jaggers stuff too lol.Her Satanic Majesties Request,,,when in jrr high i bought the vinyl led me to this also….One of the best ’60s San Francisco bands, Moby Grape were also one of the most versatile. Although they are most often identified with the psychedelic scene, their specialty was combining all sorts of roots music — folk, blues, country, and classic rock & roll — with some Summer of Love vibes and multi-layered, triple-guitar arrangements….ENJOY….an browse da other moby grape songs bet ya have heard…and also da blue cheer stuff of the day….anyhow these songs here well, mean sumpin to da’ Q to someone out there…hope ya enjoy…if not well, it’s been fun!..hugzz to U frum Q….jest sittin by da’ window here tinkin of U..watchin for the afternoon rain…..was a rainy day yesterday so it brought me to listening to this………all ur indifferences set aside……..

Jest another Blast Into the Past Here For some holidayzed Weekend Fun!

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