Weekly Photo Challenge Freshly Ephemeral

So…off an gone fer a week whatz one gonna do ..but say high werld..An i’ll do a double linky here fer fun


4 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge “Fresh”

werd of da' week is "fresh"

werd of da’ week is “fresh”

…For this week’s photo challenge, share with us a photo that expresses something fresh. This topic is particularly wide open to interpretation; you might take a macro shot of blades of green grass peeking through melting snow, or the condensation on a glass filled with mojito, made with freshly-squeezed limes. Maybe the sweet face of a puppy, or a landscape at sunrise, the fresh start of a new day. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint

fresh on the frt side

fresh on the frt side

Then there is the other side of life i assume a week laterzzzzzzzz…..Show us what ephemeral means to you. It could be a dry leaf floating on an errant breeze, the sleep-floppy smile of your waking three-year-old, or the cake that turned out just right before the hungry hordes descend on it. So looking forward to see the fleeing moments you’ll capture!.although its still a fresh lewk at thingz today!…after a week away!.

Fresh "Pink"

Fresh “Pink”


freshly ephemeral

freshly ephemeral


more fresh paint

more fresh paint


emperically ephemeral!

emperically ephemeral!


half a shadow

half a shadow


freshpaint5Fresh paint again!

freshpaint6freshly Ephemeral!

fill er up an we be outa here

fill er up an we be outa here Takin’ Freshly Ephemeral meomories with us!

Have a Splendid week everyone



Freshly Ephemeral is da way of me week!

Freshly Ephemeral is da way of me week!

Spaceship 1 an da’ Global Flyer

Fly Right! w da’

Men in White

Global Flyer & Spaceship one an a few composite canard design videos brought to u today in this playlist for my airborne lovin friends.

globalflyermen in white 🙂

Space Ship one and Rutan videos 🙂

1 of 13 videos The second video concerning spaceship one is pert incredible i’d say, Spiraling into space at 20,000 miles an hour… I am a rutan fan an well love the vari-eze planes so these guys have a spot in me werld 🙂 My father was building his second ex-plane an almost done with it right before he died. come for a bita rutan flying an composite airplanes! 🙂 light airplanes that get real high!.in da middle of da day when da sky goes black! no virgins here! lol

..check it out.same cover pic but different vid.jest click next in the video player.

 Then theres when the day ends …sumtimes well is jest one big rush! hope u enjoyed urs !


an well ATTITUDE ….its whats important yes indeed!

in da same playlist is da Berkut: A bird with an Attitude

The Telepathic Dog Who Knew When His Owner Was Coming Home

i don’t do a lotta re-blogs, but i have done this test myself an yes folks it werks, da dog trick that is the rest ya can figure out for urself 🙂 😎 hope all my readerz are  having a splendid week  🙂

Please click on the original article an watch the video an check out the other related articles…if’n ur interested is some fun stuff!… Q

I shall return! lol……..

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Da’ Wall

at least its a cool wall to lewk at! lol

at least its a cool wall to lewk at! lol

For this week

Wall, how apprapo since i have had a wall on my internet for months now…hopefully they got the wall torn down fer good now! lol.all in all it was jest another brick in da wall!..

another view another wall from 200 feet above in my ultralight

another view another wall from 200 feet above in my ultralight

Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.

werd of da week "WALL"

werd of da week “WALL”

Money 2 Burn?


Yeas frum Lot 420
a Tittalatin Tuesday 2 ya! frum Q

420 Greetings

… MARIJUANA NEWS frum Lot 420 …


..Money 2 burn or invest? well, not I but if i did have lotsa money to invest with my 420 greeting.com werld i would put it here an there, but well mainly here if i had a lot of it..I been attempting to get a few specific individuals interested in my company to no avail, so i guess i’ll have to start like the little guy, an spread my wings slowly! do it one dollar one day one step at a time Its a non profit anyhow so money is for others eventually anyhow! So … 🙂 read up an check this out!. An if’n ur like me maybe this is a good place to start investigating.could be ur childs retirement! ya neva know!….

Privateer Holdings Announces First Institutional Investor in Legal Cannabis Industry—Founders Fund

Privateer Holdings, the world’s first private equity…

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Da’ Dangerous Business of Life Marching on

***** yeas because someone kept searching this search ” http://quarksire.com/?s=instructor+johnny

Link of da day > 10 links on this page to help anyone bored that wants to come fly with Q 🙂 tweahaa…..

FishTales and the new Student by Quarksire

snow is thawing an time to get back on the dirt an up in the air as much as possible ! so check out link an page some highlights .

“Crashing NOT an Option

So, Presently doing yearly service an rebuilding the frt end an brake system on trike now , hopefully will be in air soon again;  no fooling!!! April 1st is da goal 🙂

March On Top Dogs

Have a splendid Sunday… i be welding away! Hasta’

~~ Q ~~



It’s a dangerous business, Frodo,

going out your door.

You step onto the road,

and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

J.R.R Tolkien-

frumn da’ lord of da’ wingz



*** click on photo above or balloon below to come fly with me! ***



Have a Splendid Rest of the Weekend Werld

Howeva u fly er get around


*********** Quarksire **********


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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Orange

Orange Wants me to post

Halloween an Sunset shotZ 

an such, an spring is not here yet!

Quark's Orange GT

Cops Love Quark’s 140 mph Orange GT

My orange EGO here is buried under 2 feet plus of snow till spring!…she has new tires but they are not Studz! lol




Will lewk forward to takin’ her to the carwash again in spring!


What’s not to love about orange? It’s vibrant. It’s cheerful. It makes a statement. It’s the perfect punctuation for a punchy photo.An well the cops in my arena like it also ! lol…makes me a popular pull over ..keep me on side of road to show all tourists they like to pull over “fast Lewkin” carz, talk to me bout my car an let me go!….yehaaa off to the runway again! testing testing!. Orange U glad it’s photo challenge time !

This week, share a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color, or provides a bold highlight. Shoot for at least three photos, and look for different shades — bright neons, deep rusts, delicate peaches.!

werd of da week "Orange"

werd of da week “Orange”

Mirror Mirror

Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY! an funny faces!

Whence an where

lol…an who made who…

an then! jest to bring a bita humor into ur day!



…well above an beyond all things is the seriousness of not being serious sumtimes,,,seriously now! but? isn’t it really jest how ya perceive an lewk at things now?


i mean whats it gonna be ? i ask my friends an associates,,,well hopefully 5 years ahead will be productive, am “god’s ” mission lol whatevr that is will be accomplished…well at least for me that is anyhow,,,,we shall see where it all comes into play ie…fate verses destiny verses many other thousands of scenarios that could possibly exist!


so be it take it one day at a time an remember when! lol…. an seek to do it again,,,be young at heart an do it again whatevr it is u liked to do that makes ya feel like a kid again,


is the most healing thing i can think of today…keep on keepin on an take it one day @ a time follow ur dream even if it gets washed up a bit;


so ryde safe fly safe drive safe be safe an enjoin all ya do 2 day! lifes not over yet – jest change the plans a bit !!! an ride a different direction an choose a different choice for tomorrow to be a better tomorrow for a memory u can then call yesterdays past in ur future! in da dayz of future passed!…no that wasn’t a buncha gas..but well has been one really even the bad things taught me a thing er 2 id have to say! … 🙂

changing perception makes all da difference in da werld!

changing perception makes all da difference in da werld!

 Happy Thoughts ur way 2 day!

frum da’ Q


Mother Tynetta Muhammad and the 19 Code

***a Realization a day! keeps da’ doc away!
New Universal World of Peace…a topic for
the Unitted Nations! yes indeed………

time for grown-ups to listen!

time for grown-ups to listen!

“Woman has the knowledge instinctively within her of the proper movement of the 28 day lunar cycle. The more we know about the rhythm of the universe and the more we know about the cycles of the orbits of all objects in space, the more we will value and love womanhood. Woman is impressed, is imprinted, in every divine act of Universal Order.”
~ Mother Tynnetta Muhammad ~

When there is so much prejudice an crazy perceptions of things an whatnot for some well, its all bout numbers, some its all bout money – some its all bout time- an others bout belief systems? some believe in a frequency shift for world peace an the greater good for peace an love an good things for all of mankind that wishes for it to be thata way!…I hope someone gets my drift on this post-it…. i attempted to show it to a baptist reverend in my neighborhood, an he slammed me an told me i was a supporter of the BAD GUYS! HIS RELIGION IS AGAINST anything that believes things different than he sees it with his one an only god! well far from the fact;far from the fact I am siding with “the bad guys” …i was attempting to share with him the quest of many on the planet especially women whom would like to see timeshift and change come bout in many ways.He believes we ought to nuke the middle east how insane huh! Well, i think the timeshift thing is a noble idea….especially changing the whole worlds time system back to that of mother earths daily routine…he didn’t agree….so will leave it up to my readers 🙂 have a great rest of the week as we march into march.world wide

an please if this topic is of any importance to ya, read the rest of the original post-it by red queen, at her 1320 blog page, frequency shift. and pop on back here to comment if ya wish:)

Namaste’ Red Queen frum da’Q.


We are now entering into a New Time and a renewal in our history in which Telepathy is being applied in accessing higher and higher states of spiritual consciousness in which not only a few will become masters of this art, but the New Civilization will be ruled by the Minds of the Righteous in a totally New Universal World of Peace. — Mother Tynetta Muhammad

In this time when there is so much prejudice, misunderstanding, and judgement regarding different faiths, I ask that you read this with an open mind and heart. We are transcending history and lifting above our dualities and preconceptions in order to see the divine mathematical template woven within all people, events, traditions, etc. This is what we call the hand of GOD = GALACTIC ORDERING DYNAMIC.

At this present stage of time we recognize that words are full of conditionings. The Law of Time and synchronic…

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Weekly Pet Share My Child Eats Bugz


…. PolariZes da’ brain! lol …..


Believe it er not!



Michelles Pet Challenge


Weekly Pet Share




peace-and-love-1Last week was all bout mo dog 🙂

Weekly Pet Share Shadow-Walker-Mo