Textures in da’ Sky when ya fly!

There is a certain texture to the air an the clouds also…..yes indeed.the air density changes a lot an also the humidity which changes the texture an creates the clouds etc etc an is evident when ya fly in the skies in an ultralight… 🙂 even the clouds have texture an the ground does also frum da’ air!

an ya can feel it when ya fly at different temperatures an speeds also…whether it is hot or cold the air density changes an so inevitably does the texture of the air i call it!…in sailplane terms when the texture is coolest is when there are thermals an the air is thick an dense an warm an rising 🙂 best days of flying ever that is .

and enjoying the different textures of ground an sky is pert awesome sometimes yes indeed i must say so myself 


~~~ if da’ texture of da’ air is jest right!


an once upon da ground an back home Q notices da’ stickbug relies on texture to climb upon! and well, when i am home alone an frazzled werkin’ in da’ garage er whatnot..well, texture is da’ name of the game an thats a whole another sketched out blog haha…some of my sketched metal photoart! frum da’ garage “grinder art” i call it !…yep it qualifies for the werd of da’ week at the photo challenge “texture” lol.

Cheers to one an all over an out frum

Brought 2 u by da’ Quantum Quarked one Q

6 thoughts on “Textures in da’ Sky when ya fly!

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  2. Have just spent more time than I realised looking through your blogs, particularly those about PKD. Remarkable seems to small a word to encapsulate what you’re having to endure. That having been said you come across as someone who is not going to let things get in the way of you doing what you want. The motto “Illegitimi non carborundum” springs to mind 🙂
    Looking forward to future posts, now off to see what “flying motorcycles” is all about.

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