The Werd Waz CelebRate

A young monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned

to helping the other monks in copying the old canons

               and laws of the church by hand.


He notices, however, that all of the monks are

copying from copies, not from the original manuscript.

So, the new monk goes to the Old Abbot to question

this, pointing out that if someone made even a small

error in the first copy, it would never be picked up!

In fact, that error would be continued in all of

             the subsequent copies.

The head monk, says, “We have been copying

from the copies for centuries, but you make a

good point, my son.” He goes down into the dark

caves underneath the monastery where the original

              manuscripts are held

as archives, in a locked vault that hasn’t

been opened for hundreds of years. Hours go by

          and nobody sees the Old Abbot.

So, the young monk gets worried and goes down to

look for him. He sees him banging his head against

                        the wall and wailing.

“We missed the R! We missed the R!

               We missed the bloody R!”

His forehead is all bloody and bruised and he is

crying uncontrollably. The young monk asks the old

abbot, “What’s wrong, father?”

With a choking voice, the old Abbot replies,
“The word was …


who mised Da’ Little AR…

says the ol munk 😦
Ar ar ! 🙂

…… Q

Self-Awareness to help Awaken Humanity

a Mike to Mark Day again it is, cuz Mark sent message to Mike 🙂 I must reflect upon myself, seek out my own inner darkness and negativity and replace them with light and greater positivity. a great message 🙂 an so apprapo, Thanks Again Mark. I so Mark ur werdz, Mark Dis Page also Wit da Stamp of Q Stamp out negative thoughts People, and even percieving the werld negatinely, change the way ya see the werld the werld will change…i believe.

Endless Light and Love




Wise ; Wise words from Lao Tzu, and I am one in which needs to take note of them and make deeper observations to my own self-awareness.

Each and every day I try so hard to help awaken humanity, I care so much about the environment that we live in, the future for our children, the wars raging on all around the world, the hunger, the discrimination, the object poverty, the cruelty and selfishness inflicted on the many by the few whom have control that it breaks my heart. I fight off tears all day long due to the suffering I see all around me, and I feel the hurt that is going on in our world….But, I myself must dig deeper if I want to help make change happen, I must try harder, I must reflect upon myself, seek out my own inner darkness and negativity and…

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Love at First Sting






Let it Be – Let the voice inside do 4 U:)

~ trust it ~ from experience ~  belief creates ~



Da Scporpions : Love at First Sting

Released: 1984
Manufactured By — Polygram do Brasil Ltda. — 814981-1
Recorded and mixed at Dierks Studios Cologne, 32-track digital recording & mastering.
Genre: Rock, hard rock

Tracklist : (A and B stand for the sides of the vinyle version)

A1 00:00 Bad Boys Running Wild
A2 03:55 Rock You Like A Hurricane
A3 08:09 I’m Leaving You
A4 12:27 Coming Home
A5 17:28 The Same Thrill
B1 21:02 Big City Nights
B2 25:12 As Soon As The Good Times Roll
B3 30:17 Crossfire
B4 34:54 Still Loving You

Fly High


not the story of Icarus!
but morelike
 Icarus, defying the gods,
wanted to fly like a bird,
but the sun punished him
 and sent him crashing into the sea.

on their fabric wings
and holdin’ all along
Greater ideals than to defy the gods and gravity.
They want to taste the splendour of the world
through the span of their wings.
To play a small part in the great symphony of the sky.
To empathise with the Egret and the Albatross
as they thank fate that they were not born
to an earthbound life.

One where their only strife
is heavy winds
and dark cloud days,

May all ur days help ya rise above it all no matter what ,

an Fly High Till Ya Die 🙂 lol


Screaming in Digital

 Screaming in Digital,,,


as we live and grow as the swans…

from gray matter to white as light

we learn what the growing is then all about:)

So, as they do we also learn to



Sometimes just being with somebody, rather than words, is all that is needed to help.

Sometimes it is difficult to see someone we love struggling, in pain, or hurting. When this happens, we might feel like we need to be proactive and do something to ease their troubles. While others may want our help, it is important to keep in mind that we need to be sensitive to what they truly want in the moment, since it can be all too easy to get carried away and say or do more than is really needed. Allowing ourselves to let go and simply exist in the present with another person may actually provide a greater amount of comfort and support than we could ever imagine.

Perhaps we can think back to a time when we were upset and needed a kind word, hug, or listening ear from someone else. As we remember these times, we might think of the gestures of kindness that were the most healing. It may have been gentle words such as “I care about you,” or the soothing presence of someone holding us and not expecting anything that were the most consoling. When we are able to go back to these times it becomes easier for us to keep in mind that giving advice or saying more than is really necessary is not always reassuring. What is truly comforting for another is not having someone try to fix them or their problems, but to just be there for them. Should we begin to feel the urge arise to offer advice or repair a situation, we can take a few deep breaths, let the impulse pass, and bring our attention back to the present. Even though we may want to do more, we do not have to do anything other than this to be a good friend.

The more we are attuned to what our loved ones are feeling, the more capable we are of truly giving what is best for them in their hour of need. Keeping things simple helps us give the part of ourselves that is capable of the greatest amount of compassion-open ears and an understanding heart.


so no pressure..jest

 -paitience – perserverance – understanding –

and most importantly of all





my answer in many situations….


Ur Love WILL Conquer All Thingz:)

Namaste’ 2 U frum Q


Screaming In Digital

I am the beat of your pulse
The computer word made flesh
We are one you and I
We are versions of the same
When you can see what I feel
Don’t turn your back on me
Or you might find that your dreams
Are only program cards

Your mind is open for me
Open for intake of all propaganda
Your Eyes see now what to see
My eyes see only the programs you give me

I’ll teach you to laugh and to cry
They’re really the same you’ll see
All of the why’s in your life
Are under my control
Feed me more lines
I will try to tell you all I can
Before the light you must know what lies
Behind my screams

I can’t tell you all I know
Am I the son that you’ve always been wanting
There’s more to me than what shows
Are you my father
The one that was promised

Hush now, I’ll give all you need to know
and pre-live your dreams for you
You’re a good boy

Freedom belongs only to those
Without video screens
For eyes and mouth

You have no voice
To be heard my son
No one can hear when you’re
Screaming in Digital

I’m not your slave
You can’t control my emotions
No Father, please let me keep learning

Can’t you see I’m human
Can’t you tell

I’m not your slave
Oh Father no
Please don’t keep me from dreaming
Oh can’t someone hear

Song by queensryche recording by Emi Recordings

Rage for Order Neue Regel

Well, tonight as i swam lap after lap for my physical therapy and mental therapy also,Like sum kinna fatal dream it is……


i kept thinking of this album still, Rage for Order, something i guess i desire in my disordered 2 person life i attempt to live as one person, is a trip but is what it is, promises fortold and promised were never honored so i am left out in the cold not sure how to deal monday when i arise auctually, till then i can only pray LoL{wait} and think, not funny, but is what it is,,,,When someone else has a stranglehold what can one do? Not sure what the answer really is to that either cuz i seem to be jest a pawn in some adolescent game now:( is not the way i envisioned a love life of mine to be to me 5 years ago, fete?destiny? er well jest plain actions of another and my choices as a result to hang in there no matter what has led me to this point, am sad though when i read blogs bout someoner loosing their whole house to the floods in the lowlands here in Colorado, may miracles find their way to those in need today is all i can say.over and out Q

PS: feel like i did when i was a kid on the swimteam again, have swam almost 2 miles this week alone now:)..feels good and no chlorine either is mineral water, good for the skin also…have a great Sunday everyone Q

Reach for a new horizon
Setting sights on a circuit scream
Hail the new arrival on
Static signs from a distant wanderer
Fill the air nights are never seen
Face the electric time shock now
No it’s not a dream anymore

I will light the way for us to find
Order of a new kind
Join us on the stay the road is mine
Poets line in a rhyme of silence
Gathered from the winter air
Warms the children’s eyes they see
The time is near for the signs

I can hear the chimes
Ringing for you for me
I can see your eyes
Your hands joining with me
I can feel its time
Come together hold the light
Keep the flame we can’t let this world remain
the same

I can hear the chimes
Ringing for you for me
I can see your eyes
Your hands joining with me
I can feel it’s time
It’s time for the world to hear
Neue Regel is here

The Killing Words

THe Killing Words:

Queensryche The Killing Words (Live)

Soundtrack For Every Heaven Or Hell


Wait for me I’ll understand
I just need time to comprehend your changes
There’s always been these changes in you
I remember that there was a time when
Fears we had we left behind and we danced
But it seems the more we learn
We learn that it’s

Over, over
It’s dangerous this game we play
You’re killing me with words

Forget if you can
The way you moved when our hands touched
You forced me to force you
Do you remember the dreams,
the nightmares we shared?
The poison of love so pure it’s deceiving
And deceit is all we have it’s got to be over

Over, over
It’s dangerous this game we play
You’re killing me with words
Over, over
Too late to take a chance again it’s over

Now the wireless in my hand is ringing
The distance of our lives keeps spreading
The pounding of my heart, I’m not listening
Your voice from far away is screaming it’s over

Over, over
Too late to take a chance again
It’s over
Over, over
It’s dangerous this game we play
You’re killing me, killing me
Over, over
You’re too late to take a chance again
It’s over ~~~~~~~~~~~ 😦 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rage for Order is the second studio album by the American progressive heavy metal band Queensrÿche, released on 14 July 1986. The album was re-released on 6 May 2003 with four bonus tracks.

This version of The Killing Words (Live) is one of the bonus tracks.

Rage for Order was the first album cover of Queensrÿche to prominently feature the band’s Tri-Ryche logo, as nearly all later album covers would, each time with subtle changes made to the logo. Although not credited, the front cover was designed by the late English-born metal and rock journalist Garry Sharpe-Young, who later also founded MusicMight.

“Queensrÿche-I Dream In Infrared (1991 Acoustic Remix)”, sound recording administered by:: EMI

Friday 13th ShadowWalker

Walk In The Shadows

What? You say you’re through with me
I’m not through with you

We’ve had what others might call love
You say it’s over now,
What’s done, what’s through?
You can’t stay away, you need me
I need you

When the fire starts the pain’s too much
For your mind
You need attention, what’s good is only mine
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart
Just come to me
I’ll take you home
We’ll walk in the shadows
By day we’ll live in a dream
We’ll walk in the shadows

You say you don’t feel safe alone tonight
Cause you feel the pressure building in your head
Our secret’s safe for one more night
But when the morning comes remember
I’ll be with you

We’ll walk in the shadows
By day we’ll live in a dream
We’ll walk in the shadows
One day you’ll be with me
If only you believe…


September 12 Infared Dreams

i woke to find this am i dreamed in infared 🙂 oh how i do so love mitsi thoughm u rubbed her to my fancy this am for my werrkout fer the day, she is my birthday present from the higher order of thingz to me this year!

Queensryche Week 🙂 4 ME 🙂

I only see in infrared

As you awoke this morning
and opened up your eyes
Did you notice the tear-stains
lining your face were mine

Don’t you wonder, can’t you see
what’s happening to our lives
I can’t keep living this masquerade
When my lonely eyes see only your face at night

I only see in infrared
I can’t dream anymore
Can’t you see I need, too
I can’t stand the pain

You’ve gathered all my secrets
and I don’t know who I am
I even feel alone when you’re near
’cause you’ll never understand

When we first met I must have seemed
a million miles away
It’s strange how our lives have touched
But the time is right
I’ll leave tonight
Don’t look in my eyes
‘Cause you’ve never seen them so black

I only see in infrared
I can’t dream anymore
Can’t you see I need to
I can’t stand the pain

album: “Rage For Order” (1986)


Came about today cuz yoday is my birthday and my angry angel of light 😦 deletes all my comments i comment to her latest blog after 4 days ago asking me if i needed help then to only leave me hanging and post that post to her blue angel page and well 😦 bummer has it i neeeded help and she pulled my own carpet out from under neath me in the grand finally:( to burn me too 😦 and disconnecy and celete all my comments, i am devastated after 4 years almost 5 this september, and what a great bioiorthday blessing huh!… is all i can say… an a well tearjerker book she wrote , will be on the bookshelves soon LoL, not funny!@ all but is what it is,,,acceptance that even the people u love may not be wjay ya see, and people do change is the sad thiong sometimes for the werse, used to love the love poem, now this latest poem is catagorized in her love poems to the guy with the well ill not say here she has all over her pages,till another post good day to one and all that got this far 🙂

Peace out,,Namaste,,,,,Q