Come fly wit’ Flyboard World Champion Gemma Weston

Flyboarding has become a real competitive sport…


Stayin’ wit my theme of Flight Week is kinna like flyin! LoL

World Champion Gemma Weston…

shows her skills in dis’ vid of what it’s like to fly an still be teathered by an umbiblical cord to the sea…

The Flyboard World Champion in the ladies division at the 2015 XDubai Flyboard World Cup was New Zealand’s Gemma Weston. Lewks like fun to me,,is one of those sports for the physically inclined an younger, so well, i can sit back an watch an say that lewks like fun lol…My self, i shall go back to my hanglider trike…sumpin an ol’ guy can still do, i can’t handle a whack like hittin da h2o like gemma does wow..same with paragliding for dis ol’ man now…no more whackin da’ ground hard thats all there is to it. without the trike no way, but give me a handicap trike, Then i’ll go play….Da’ Hardest thing bout flying is Mother Earth! or the Water! when ya whack it don’t whack ..crashing is not an option here! anymore lol…. even gracefully!

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Ps: zapata sold his company….an rights to zapata air!…

Quarksire’s Flight Week

Svetlana Kapanina: World Champion Aerobatics Pilot

17 minutes of fun here! wit Svetlana Kapanina;

World Champion aerobatics: a cockpit view


This is an edited version of a longer video that showed the entire flight, including waiting to go. I’ve edited down to just a bit of warm up and climb, then the main event after a couple of minutes. So: if u like flying this is a extraordinarily kewl video, but jest an ordinary day at the office for an outrageously talented pilot! Svetlana Kapanina….

🙂  Enjoy  🙂


By winning the 2005 World Aerobatic Championship in the female category for the 5th time and finishing fourth overall (including men), Svetlana Kapanina confirmed she was the best female aerobatic pilot of all times.

Svetlana has been awarded 30 Gold medals in World Championships. But when she won the 2005 World Aerobatic Championship in the female category for the 5th time and finished fourth overall (including men), Svetlana confirmed she was the best female aerobatic pilot of all time.


Only three pilots won more than once the world title in their category: one man, Peter Jirmus (CZE) in 1984 and 1986, and two women, Betty Stewart (USA) in 1980 and 1982, and Catherine Maunoury (FRA) in 1988 and 2000. That gives an idea of Svetlana’s outstanding achievements.

In 1987 Svetlana graduated from medical school, speciality – pharmacist. The following year she started flying in Kurgan, by 1991 she was a member of the Russian Aerobatic Joint Crew and by 1995 she had graduated from Kaluga Pilot’s School. Although she believed she would never devote her life to flying, what started out as a hobby has turned into serious work as an aerobatic professional.

It didn’t take her very long to join the world’s elite aerobatic pilots. Perhaps her training as a gymnast and many hours on the trampoline has contributed to her success, without requiring so many flight hours.

In 1991, she was Absolute Champion of Russia and in 1993 she won silver at the European Aerobatic Championships, her first international aerobatic contest. She was awarded the medal “For Service to the Motherland” in 1995 and “Award of Honor” in 2002.

Even with her busy schedule she still had time to start her family, giving birth to a son in 2002 and a daughter in 2004. She trains within the Russian National Team structure and attends the 24 hour daily residence training camp at Borki Airport, not far from Moscow.


Here are some of her International Category 1 achievements:

World Aerobatic Championships
2007 – ranked 1st female (4th overall)
2005 — ranked 1st female (4th overall)
2003 — ranked 1st female (2nd overall)
2001 — ranked 1st female (6th overall)
2000 — ranked 4th female
1998 — ranked 1st female (3rd overall)
1996 — ranked 1st female (4th overall)…

European Aerobatic Championships
2006 — ranked 1st female
1997 — ranked 1st female (3rd overall)
1995 — ranked 4th female
1993 –ranked 2nd female
1991 — ranked 2nd female…

Svetlana Kapanina – extreme aerobatics Jest 2 much fun!

view frum the ground ;

an over da’ top! performance!

an video!….




A Quarked Flight Week


Quarksire’s love of low level flying

 Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level is my kinna vid…wow….although these 2 guys are flying 200 feet off the ground an doing 450knots an doing 4 to 5 g turns…full screen is a fun watch…anyhow fer a guy who loves his low level flying

Filmed from the backseat of an RAF Typhoon flown by 2013 display pilot Jamie Norris on an ultra-low level sortie through the Mach Loop and the Lake District.



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Quarked Vids

James May’s Big Ideas 1of3 Come Fly with Me

James May’s Big Ideas 1of3 Come Fly with Me-jest a simply fun vid to watch if ya never saw it 🙂 although he don’t mention the stuff i’ve shown in my flying cars catagory…paragliders, hoverbikes,hoverboards  an all…etc etc…

James May’s Big Ideas 2of3 Man Machine- dis one he coers exoskeleton ya can wear is wild 🙂

On Da Edge of space wit James May BBC

In dis’ vid go to da’ edge of space wit- James May –


in this BBC documentary ` In this ride of a lifetime one can see da’ curvature of the earth in a spectacular new way..


a vid werth da’ watchin’ cuz u’ll prolly never get to do this urself..but thru the internet ya can see how it be

🙂 fer realzzzzzzz 🙂

So, come an take a ride wit james may to da’ edge of space.

🙂 Enjoy ur ryde 🙂



don’t inflate ur flight suit now without ur visor down, ur head might pop out the hole …….safety furst …yes indeed 🙂 ~~~an well;

Your brains didn’t blow up your eyes didn’t bulge out and your guts didn’t fall out, that’s a good day so far…this second vid is the complete show, an what james had to go through jest to be able to go take a ryde in dis awesome flying machine…dubbed the werlds fastest an largest “glider” flying to 70,000 feet where water boils an ur eyes would pop out, is an incredible feat yes indeed. 20 years ago i might have been able to handle that but now well, jest to be in the space suit would prolly take me out!…so i’ll stick with watching the vid here…




when ur on top! “LAUGHT IT OFF YEP” after releasing frum being at the end of ur rope 🙂

DSKM 2012 Kunstflugpassagiere im MDM1 Fox D-9555

sO: fly high an enjoy the ryde no matter which way one turnz lol 🙂
Dis’ 2012 Kunstflugpassagiere im video reminds me jest a lot of my instructor when i was a teenager Walt Sweeney he accidentally bought it back in the 80’s bless his soul when coming in low with the tow rope dragging an it took him to the ground in his tow plane he was towing gliders up that day an the tow rope hooked on the power lines by the highway . 😦  was a drag to loose him then a talented instructor an made one laugh an enjoy the ride,,and well that’s what this post it is all bout is enjoying the ryde the best ya can in life no matter what direction it might take ya up down sideways er what not huh! Learn frum the fun moments an even the fun but remember also 🙂 it’s ok to have fun! well hope u click on this video an enjoy it 🙂 QI

It brought joy to Walt as an instructor to make ya laugh an enjoy the ride 🙂 to give ya a thrill safely 🙂 so remember every one that reads my stuff 🙂
laughing feelz good ,,,,,so hope this makes ya laugh off the edge of the extreme side jest a bit fer jollys 🙂 I always remember the loops de loops an the Hammerhead stalls to be the most fun when flying 🙂 Yeahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa :)an remember walt saying don’t kill us son! lol

SO: Fly safe as ya can however ya fly U an remember
oh yeah ps;

it does huRt 🙂  if’n ya do crash so don’t!