About Quarksire da’ Q



Q-Bird aka mike here 🙂
Jest a Half Bald, half disabled Half Lived  maybe half baked guy lol In the Rockies by Wolf Creek whose passions are to Fly, Soar Glide  and Ryde and Has a pension, a Heart, Mind and a Soul fer doing the next best thing an taking it one day at a time:) Camera in hand Photography a lifetime passion of the Q, fer whatevr its werth, maybe in the future someday, jest a place to share, etc etc….ps; is more than jest all bout me also here read more an u’ll find out what Q does non-profit wise as a full time blogger!…I intend to start a donate here button and do myself a go fund me site now for my kidney disease..hopefully i can generate enuff funds to get my new kidney installed.i have a donor jest have to get the $$$ to get thru dialysis for 6 months an then get my donor to denver with me an stay there for 30 days for the transplant an recovery procedure…Right now i am werking an fighting daily jest to stay alive with dialysis every 2 days for the rest of my life til i get my new kidney if i do not get the transplant..an that i can’t afford so only in america right ..geez….

PS: I am engaged in a kewl relationship with a kewl awesome lady…..am thankful to wordpress for introducing us to each other! has been quite a journey the last couple of years…updating this august 2017 …

:):) take care 🙂 🙂

PSS: to that note i do have PKD,,Polycystic Kidney Disease,see my chronically speaking section , u can read all bout it ! is what it is,,,…one day at a time in Q’s werld!

PHOTOGRAPHY of People Places an Thingz is a fav hobby of mine also

this here place called werdpress- On Word press here i also do photo challenges and WordPress Events Blogs!check that out by visiting my Page here bout

***to direct visit my***

*** YouTubeWerld CLICK HERE ****
aka mike
in da’ Colorful Colorado Rockies:)

229fscdnamaste’.2 U frum…quarksire the quasickle quarked one Q
aka mike
in da’ Colorful Colorado Rockies:)


take the Quasicle quizicle personality test and see what color ur soul is today since ya stopped by :)<<<click here

it’s always fun to see new colors an faces on deeze pagez here


Thanks fro dropping by the werld of Q, this blog is mainly turnt into a blog bout spirituality, reality, non-reality, the sub atomic werld an alike things and ACIM { a course in miracles} Cosmic History Chronicles and the other interests featured on the sidebar on my home page, an music videos galore which are of interest to the quarked one here, again thanks for dropping bye!…


Peace out ..



99 thoughts on “About Quarksire da’ Q

  1. Not female, happily enspoused, love taking snaps and solving the great enigmas of life before breakfast each day. I sense a kindred soul and wish you the very best. In the meantime, keep them puppies yippin’ ~! 🙂

  2. Great about page, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is full of interesting stuff, I don’t know what to look at first, so I’ll just close my eyes and see where the cursor lands. lol. Have a nice day.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following my photo and travel blog. I am looking forward to exploring your site as well. I am looking forward to some summer flying after being away from home for awhile. By the end of the month, I hope to complete a flight review and get back behind the controls again.

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  6. Thank you so much for checking out my blog – and for the feedback on my art 😀 ! Enjoying your blog too

  7. Hi Mike, so pleased to meet you. Thank you for dropping by my place. It brought me here to yours to thank you for the follow. Think I’ll hang around 🙂

  8. You got a great blog. Keep up all your good hard work. If your not entertaining us u are educating us. That is quite a package deal! I would say. Must be all that clean, fresh air at Pagosa Springs.

    • THanKz Zena …. Although i do keep my place here award free, an non-political – if @@ all possible, although i do very much appreciate the gesture.take care: namaste 2 u frum da’ Q

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  10. Hi there Q-Bird, hope you are having a good summer over there in the Rockies, letting the wind blow though your hair. Just popping on over to say many thanks for the follow that you bestowed on my humble blog. Really appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. Let me prowl around your site and lift my soul, MM 🍀

    • right on 🙂 thanX fer poppin’ round da’ wacked out werld of da’ Q 🙂 da feelins mutual i read ur post-its frequently also 🙂 peace-out 🙂 Q

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