Best moments of the FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Championships 2016


Since it’s still flight week in Q’s werld  2 videos here 2day! : 1st one is Best moments of the FAI Hang Gliding Championships 2016 in Krushevo! condensed into a 3 minute video



 An mixin it up a bit here

below is an introduction

to a kewl page on Q-tube


FAI Air Sports Channel



Vertigo? watch this Intense! vid here! Below

Highlights | FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championships 2016

Q sayz fly safe everyone..&….nope

“crashing is not an option!”

Hangliding Adventure


Flight Week>in Quarksire’s werld every september!

doin’ it in da’ air!

Hang gliding movie “Free Flyers” (full movie)


Mels wife @ meriams crater one day!

Hang gliding movie “Free Flyers” (full movie)is a pert extra-ordinary film…for all those whom wunder what it “feels” like…to visit the sky! the way i do…well here is a movie that pert thouroughly represents what its like to fly hangliders!…

I know i cheat now an fly one with an engine but well, i am getting older .I fly to have fun not to try to kill my self or scare the hell out of myself


hang gliding movie “Free Flyers”
World famous hang glider pilots launch from Utah’s most iconic flying sites.
Starring John Heiney, Zac Majors, Wolfgang Siess, Alex Tatom, Dan McManus, Todd Weber, Joe Bedinghaus, Beau Buck, Jackson Menius, Jeff Davies, Jeff Parrott, Bob Lenc with many other pilots and even a dog named Shadow.


Yes i live in a fantasy werld when i fly but is it a fantasy nope it real as heck! yes inded no fantasy! here!….



For upcoming movies and videos go to:



The Art of Kiting by Q

And that leadz me to this!!


Where Life Imitates art 🙂


Application frum Life to art an art to life, well, in my life the art is assembly {puttin er together } then there is KITING kiting is an art


…Kiting Imitates the art of flying without flying.


…the Flying then is the easy part



an the hardest thing bout the art of Flying is The Ground


🙂 yep yep 🙂


soft landings are always gewd landingz in my werrld 🙂


when i need a fix when i fall down an might find myself with a broken heart! well, i can jest seek My Arts be fine with dat after all


🙂 My Stairway to Heaven! 🙂


i like to go FLY FLY FLY any way i can………Dats my art!.an when i can’t do dat


Waz a white Xmas! in colorado

I Jest ride on an on with all my heart!…


an dats a whole other form of Art!..


Adios till next time an check out WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


for more worldwide interpretations of where Life imitates art!.



Optimistic Now Bout Weightless Circles

And that leadz me to this!…


Being Optimistic Now Bout Weightless Circles…

Optimistic now bout weightless circles…..well i call that thermal-ling in my werld, an when hot air rises an not mine i like to fly in it coming up soon as momma earth warms up this spring makin’ fer some great rocky mountain soaring


🙂 .an well now since i have been off the internet for 5 different Photo Challenge keywerd posts.So…I thought this time I’d take my time to say happy new years to all my readers an web viewers an keep on keepin’ on in 2016 Ahead… “NOW” Snow outside!

2016frtan more snow


having said that my blog in the past years has become Full “CIRCLE


and am very optimistic that i shall be “WEIGHTLESS” very soon once again..


..I am at present NOW jest Undigging from the last storms! that blasted through Colorado…So point is that this blog has come full circle over the years, to where i do appreciate my readership a lot an do so hope they enjoy the photography an stories i bring to them with what concerns me in life, Holistic Healing arts an flying my trike an riding my bikes are what its all bout when i am not busy unburing myself frum the snowstorms that blast through here 🙂 So still learnin’ how to speel here dis’ squirrel is, so i also missed da’ “ALPHABET” challenge …Hopefully i will be a more frequent flyer again but my counseling of others an also healing my self has taken the forefront above my full time blogger posts i have been doing for years.. All so i can say I thoroughly enjoy browsing the weekly photo challenges here, is like being able to travel the werld all over weekly with a buncha kewl people when i access fly round anread an gander @ all ur blogz,


^^^ jest another weightless day in Pagosa! ^^^ going down anyone! ❤

🙂 ^^^ so much fun yeahhhhaaaa.^^^ 🙂

an Now very optimistic always bout recovery 2 🙂

I can also show my fav pics to the werld like in peru flying the paragliders etc etc.definitely weightless below an optimistic also i will get down safe


an all my catagories to the right you might access also 🙂 so keep em coming i get more from werd press folks than the common internet, You guys all rock!…..Optimistic now bout weightless circles… my life goes roundy round!

Thank you all my visitors this year an the few before 🙂 for being a positive crowd of wunderful people …especially the wordpress gangs of weekly challenges frum michelles pet challenges to more! WordPress is growing ever so much ever so often, my congrats also to the wordpress staff for hanging this all together for the publik an kicking ass on facebewk an all the others u rock wordpress guys..and are much better than yahoo 360 or multiply formats were!
Keep on Keepin on Werld N Keep on comin back ,, see ya on the rebound 🙂 …PS: i ussually keep em half way un werdy an short an simple the photo challenge posts but this one is my once a year thank! YOU for Being YOU!…So return ever so often for more updates on Q’s werld of HIGH adventure.



…….love an light an over an out frum Q………

Da’ Dangerous Business of Life Marching on

***** yeas because someone kept searching this search ”

Link of da day > 10 links on this page to help anyone bored that wants to come fly with Q 🙂 tweahaa…..

FishTales and the new Student by Quarksire

snow is thawing an time to get back on the dirt an up in the air as much as possible ! so check out link an page some highlights .

“Crashing NOT an Option

So, Presently doing yearly service an rebuilding the frt end an brake system on trike now , hopefully will be in air soon again;  no fooling!!! April 1st is da goal 🙂

March On Top Dogs

Have a splendid Sunday… i be welding away! Hasta’

~~ Q ~~



It’s a dangerous business, Frodo,

going out your door.

You step onto the road,

and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

J.R.R Tolkien-

frumn da’ lord of da’ wingz



*** click on photo above or balloon below to come fly with me! ***



Have a Splendid Rest of the Weekend Werld

Howeva u fly er get around


*********** Quarksire **********


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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Express Urself

From Q 2 U


for da’ wordpress weekly photo challenge…Da werd of da’ week is Express Yourself.

SumtimeZ Serene flight are da' best!

SumtimeZ Serene flight are da’ best!





Today, we challenge you to show us what “express yourself” means to you. It could be the delightful, gummy grin of a baby grand-nephew, a message of love written with a biplane in the sky, the clenched fist of anger and frustration, or even a lunch with an attitude. This topic is wide-open and I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Have fun!





Weekly Photo Challenge Descent

tryingtofindlift Enjoy ur Flight.

Even if da only thing one can do is descend,,,instead of ascend.or Maintain…on a day without any lift!


This week, show us your interpretation of descent.


sumtimez one descends - sumtimes one ascends

sumtimez one descends – sumtimes one ascends

an in da end one has to COME DOWN! lol yeah to Descend!

an in da end one has to COME DOWN! lol yeah to Descend!

Have a Splendid Halloween Everyone!

.. Q ..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

Between is the werd of the week for thee weekly photo challenge and well,

for me what better thing than to be between 2 buddies flying round Cortez after the snows thaws then it is to be between women lol..but is what it is so i go fly instead for now 🙂 anyone care to join in jest let me know 🙂 mikeys a loner here in need of a flying buddie and or a riding buddie? till then i got these 3 Top Dogs to go play wit,,,an me animalz at home 🙂 hasta’


…check see my other blogs bout top dogs and my

ultralight trike adventures

if ya wanna learn more…is a whole lotta fun

and don’t cost a lot either…

Ok fly safe to everyone in the werld

dat’ reads da Q



Danielle Hark of Broken Light Collective challenges us to photograph between. This week, capture something between two things, reflect on the process of transition, or interpret this word in your own way.

  • Want to participate? Each Friday, we’ll provide a theme. Publish a new post with a photo interpreting the theme. Include a pingback and we’ll list your post below. Learn More

Gurls Do It 2 by Q

as so is doing what one loves!

up up an away …yes gurlz do it too!

so a bita DFC Fly Gurlz fer ur SUN-day!!!




Yeah an ya say it’s only a guys sport well, listen up lewk see, and watch an learn, its as easy as “PIE” LoL




2 Old 2 Fly I think NOT sayz Quarksire

***** tOO old to fly, well, not for these 2 ladies that come over and fly with Instructor Johhny! @ Top Dog Aviation



although The company auctually does not fly on sundays,,this post-it is in response to a fellow blogger tellin me she was too old to try it! here ya be :),

  if ya want to fly ya might want to make it a weekday like these ladies did,


Weather permitting an health permitting, we fly an instruct wanna bees year round, but this is the best time of the year for new students, still a bit chilly but warming up finally here it is


next post-it i am going to put together some pics of my flight here round my place and even over my own house



so till laters, have a great even er morn wherever ya are on da planet!


check see my videos section if ya would like to see some vids of us flying round etc etc…

an click on related links below to see more 🙂