Da’ Motobot – Created to Surpass You

‘Created to surpass you’: Humanoid bike-riding robot unveiled (VIDEO)…..# 5 has come alive but on a scoot! lol…..

© Yamaha
A robot that can autonomously ride the fastest motorcycles in the world has been unveiled by Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company expects its creation to one day be able to ride bikes at a speed of more than 200 km/h.
Called the Motobot, this is a fully capable motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that unites both Yamaha’s motorcycle and robotics technologies. The Motobot is able to ride entirely on its own with no human participation. So far, Yamaha has not disclosed much about the robotic system, except of a few words in a short press release“R&D [Research and Development] is currently underway with the goal of developing the robot to ride an unmodified motorcycle on a racetrack at more than 200 km/h,” the Yamaha statement says.
What is also known so far is that the Motobot interacts with the bike in exactly the same way that a human does, twisting its wrists to control the throttle, squeezing the clutch, changing gear and hunkering down behind the windscreen.
The only limit to its capability is that it so far needs a pair of stabilizing wheels on both sides of the motorcycle to prevent the bike from tipping. It is hoped that they won’t be necessary in the future.
The Motobot has been developed to serve as an unmanned test pilot to ensure a human rider’s safety. Instead of using human riders to test unknown and potentially dangerous prototypes, Yamaha can make use of the Motobot to ride hundreds or even thousands of test laps before humans get involved.
A video clip featuring the robot’s capabilities has been released. In it the robot-like voice of a child is speaking the part of the humanoid biker.
“I am improving my skills every day, but I am not sure I can even beat the five-year-old you,” the voice says. “Perhaps if I learn everything about you, I will be able to catch up… I was created to surpass you,” it warns.
© MotorcyclesDreams
Original Source : Youtube & Yahama & Rt.com

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge From Every Angle

Well, post-it of da’ week! is

frum Every Angle”.

an since this is Ignacio 4 Corners Bike Rally weekend here i thought i’d post a few pics of this scoot here!, an is an excuse fer a longin post-it! no challenge ..it’s jest fun lewkin at all the challenge pics all over the werld evry week take a lewk here.

Rhinoan i never did a gallery so i guess if’n ya want to see the pics bigger click on em 🙂


I had lotsa choices but selttled for these ^ they are of my scooter i bought for my son to have when i leave this werld or whenevr he wants to come an get it, so he can take it to shows an the rallye an ryde his gurlz round on it…I call it da’ rhino bike, waz over 34,000 dollar new bike, an has been to sturgis once an the 4 corners rallye a couple of times an to da ryde of da century 🙂 yeahaa,,saving for steven, yes thats how proud i was of a young man turnin 21 an being sane! still, in this werld today! 🙂 So, hopefully after he comes an gets it an rydes it a bit i can take for a ride every now an again also..is a lot more fun than my other bikes to ryde an an ego trip also an yes, fast & loud…did i say loud lol 🙂

infinity1,,that can be ridden till infinity! 🙂   ..

infinity-logo*****to infinity an beyond!*****

this "means>"Moving forward without hesitation!"

this Writing  on rt sidecover “means>…”Moving forward without hesitation!”


For this week’s challenge, photograph a person, or a piece of fruit, or a toy — any stationary object — and experiment by photographing it from different angles. While there is no minimum — and you’re always welcome to adapt every photo challenge to meet your needs — I challenge you to choose three of your favorite shots and post them in a gallery on your blog.

rhino5We all take pictures of something or someone by standing directly in front of our subject, clicking the shutter, and calling it a day. It’s often the way we take photos when we first pick up a camera — though what if you were encouraged to try photographing your subject from every conceivable angle? Your results might just go from ordinary and uninteresting to original and inspiring. Sometimes the perfect image comes to life by simply changing your composition, and photographing your subject from a different angle.
..Till next time adios an
Ω frum da Q

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Ride of the Century….


…vrooom vrom 🙂

Rally Time

Four Corners Motorcycle Rally – Labor Day Weekend – Ignacio Colorado

❤ felt-Well wishes to one and all ,,be safe no matter what ya do this holiday weekend, watch out fer the other guy and the bears lol….

… Q …

Off-Road Hover Bike Will Be Available in 2017

Hoverbike combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle.

Possibly Available in a couple a years :)

Possibly Available in a couple a years 🙂

When compared with a helicopter, the Hoverbike is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole new way to fly. The Hoverbike flies like a quadcopter, and can be flown unmanned or manned, while being a safe – low level aerial
workhorse with low on-going maintenance.

Is the hoverbike about to become reality?

Hoverbike: is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better.

Off-Road Hover Bike Will Be Available in 2017

Is the hoverbike about to become reality?

oH PS: Besides wanting one i thought i’d give the creators of star wars credit for this one lol 

🙂 🙂 🙂

A Portable Motorcycle

It may be Ugly bit I want One

rissian 2 wheel drive portable motorcycle

russian 2 wheel drive portable motorcycle

Russian made Motorcycle

Packs in the Trunk of your Car

Who doesn’t want a motorcycle that you can ride absolutely everywhere you want to go, that you can carry, that you can disassemble in 15 minutes and pack in your car trunk. I forgot. It floats, too. This Russian motorcycle is extraordinary, does much more than the American made Rokon. It’s called the Tarus, weighting only 110 lbs, equipped with a 2-stroke engine for a maximum speed of 40 mph. What you are going to watch is the prototype before production. But supposedly you can buy the blue prints for the equivalent of $37.00 (not a typo) Do you want one? I do, for example to play in the Black Hills during Sturgis Bike Week.


or da’ ignacio bike rallye check out the Related bike links below 🙂 enjoy 🙂 Q


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Big Boyz an dere’ Big Toyz

4 corners Rally Time

Biker Dogs

Big Boyz an dere’ Big Toyz

It’s Magnanomous Monday in me werld 🙂 an well… Thinkin More Bout My Big Toy..below,,,

rhino5 Rhino

an Big boyz an their big toyz,well:not jest things that fly but things that go fast an are on the ground, my big boy above as so below here is real fast!


1800cc’s of frank(en)stien s&s power is fast yep yep….. but nothing like the big boys in the picture shows here..they are auctually incredible..

it all started a couple a years ago when i was at my shop an a guy came by with this

it's called a boss hog! a corvette powered motorcycle

it’s called a boss hog! a corvette powered motorcycle

…and then another guy came by with that


…lol…i was all so amazed…they came by to lewk at my flying wing things and well all i wanted to do was ride these fascinating machines.an talk bout biker dogs lol…

another bikerdog @ da' rallye

another bikerdog @ da’ rallye

these machines are amazingly fast…

got the chance to ride in a v8 trike an well a corvette engine under ur but without nuting but 3 wheels is a blast i must tell U another blog bout dat!}…so for all my speed freak fans out there this postit was for u an i know i got a few guys who like the fast toys,,, i myself wanna build one of the V-8 trikes though.. 🙂 i think anymore more horsepower than i got here under me is well deserves 3 wheels 🙂 …cya on the flip side, yep harder to flip over also, an since i fell over in my driveway on my motorcycle an did a tif/fib blow out and 2 years recovery well…take it frum a guy that knows ..3 wheels is more safe with the horsepower an “weight” of the big engines 🙂 ok well fly safe an ride safe whomever ya might be an thinks fer checkin in to see some kewl vids.

.. Q.

.lambo Bike wowza i thought the viper bike was kewl but the lambo well another deal,an well his creation are well in a class of thiewr own an yeah took some real vision….


hope ya jarheads an ryderz outhere enjoyed this!

…so there ya have it folks a few from my youtuber werld

Hope ya enjoyed the video show today 🙂 come back again for another round frum Q’s Motorcycle action an videos pages…




🙂 when it werkz 🙂

..till then keep on keepin on !


Motorcycles Ying to Yang


Quarksire’s Rhinobike

Time to share a few shots of my Rhino Bike which is my family heirloom for my kid to have forever for to ride when dad is dead an gone

***when ya live alone well ya can’t have to many

biker dogz < Link 🙂

or motorcycles.i have 4 ..



***This is RHINO! he is a Brute S & S custom all vance an hines xtras carburated an stroked and camed race engine, $ 2500 each custom lazer cut one of a kind  wheels,$5,000 paint job*a liittle bitta chrome 🙂 A Frankenstein engine! a loud an proud stroked 1600 cc engine built to 1800 – so did i mention = FAST!*


*****to infinity an beyond!*****


******will go faster******

then most would like to go on 2 wheelz




******was $35,000 new in 2006 ******

still lewks an rides like new:)

Custom 3 month build by Moons Cycles in Ignacio, Colorado.*




***** 13,000 miles now it has ****

i put 3000 miles on it last summer******

Wanna see some kewl motorcycle action

check out this page

click here:)



Well, its that time of the year folks, 4 Corners Multiple Motorcycle Rallies, Time to put on the Leather Jacket and fill up the gas tank, an go be a part of the biggest party in the 4 corners yearly.The following blog of mine is nothing special but gets more hits than any other blog in my werld i think it has sumthing to do with the title lol…..



What comes round here is the

4 Corners Motorcycle Rally 

2 different rallys auctually come to the 4 corners every year, brings approximately 50,000 Harleys and assorted machines to

Rock the Rockies!




4 corners 2012Image




Ryde safe fly safe drive safe live safe be safe


PS: IF UR bored this winter an have a nuhkerin’ to go ridin…well yell at the Q here,,,if ur a passenger well, no heavyweights, 160-170 lb rider is bout all i can handle, unless u got ur own scoot then come ryde with me 🙂 in the rockies this summer …lets make some THUNDER! Happen! Q




" 2 Infinity & Beyond "

” 2 Infinity & Beyond “

oh he has hair folks ya jest cant see it lol 🙂


GunBarrels End


9 Lives Plus @ Gunbarrels end With a Crusty Demon Named Q

~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~

Livin’ @ the Gunbarrels end does have some certain advantages, others not so certain: for it is pert certain that if sumpin happens “real BAD” and i am alone up here well, that’ll be the DAY! huh er night that is, whatevr it is then.

So, This week it has jest been a scratch, fer scruffy Q to become alike a crusty demon, lol..although it did tear my sweatshirt offa me arm an scratched me bike 😦 .{oh well needed a new paint job anyhow}. an it wasn’t on a dirt bike today, as ya can see!… well is what i get fer lewkin’ @ the view whilst i try to ride up a challenging hill in the first place on this street bike not intende3d for the dirt!, but is what it is i seem to do that a lot up here! use things for what a they are not intended for. like driving my show bike down the hill to get to the highway,

Quark's Rhino Bike

Quark’s Rhino Bike

some would call that nuts, others might not, my friend charlie lives farther out then me and he has been heard rumbling by as of late…is starting to warm up round here and time to pull the bikes and the boats outa the garage etc etc, an my flying machine. Time to park the snowmobiles till halloween!…Although is a great time of the year right now to get such deals on such things as snowmobiles and things, cuz ya got 6 months to be able to use it if that!…Specialty toys! …but i like it thata way, Jest Lewkin forward to Rally time here this year again, A bit of flying time and Thunder in the rockies! ,,
So i got a guy with a Sno-mo that wants to trade fer a car right now, and the car that needs a lotta werk, hmmmm? what should one do.we shall see,,till then i’ll go out and chant on the edge of the cliff on gunbarrels end, would someone please stop the wind, on Gunbarrels end today! U’d think i was in OK er Texas! er something right now jeez, will keep ya posted! till then Fly Safe……or go fly a kite!

That’s safe enuff right ,,, jest not in a lightning storm!…. Q
Now if i turn around the other direction again, lewk back forward and down up an around, i see the light of a new week an day ahead of me, an a better view from my life at the end of the gunbarrel. Better to lewk at the gewd sights an warm up with the sun and spring into some new views & delight in the fact maybe i’ll go the week without getting hurt, at least once 🙂

Here are a few shots frum the sights of Q @ Gunbarrel’s end. ….Skeered of heights an whatnot …No way!

frum snow a month er snow back to Now! almost spring at last





~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~






^time to throw some horseshoes^^tink tink^ i think!^

~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~


^^ am going to build a Launch ramp^^ right here one day, is 800 ft to the valley below 🙂 an can launch from the cliff across the way as ya know , but is a long walk from the road to get to it..




Saying good bye to the snow!

Frum The other end of the Gunbarrel Ya Know!

where weather changes by the hour!


Okay over an out frum Q

~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~

An Rememebr!

“Crashing is Not an Option!”

~ Q ~

 4 Info:Gunbarrel – Name of a Road it is , not another rhyme er reason, though! chow 4 Now… Have a great week All who reads da’ Q 🙂 4 what its werth at the end of a gunbarrel!
whats a Crusty Demon Ya might ask,an who has 9 lives 🙂 well click here to find out if ya don’t know !



also frum quark’s youtube playlist

> From Quarks Playlist CLICK HERE TO SEE! <


RE-CAP of LAST WEEK! Below 🙂 for those who missed the show !