Mother Tynetta Muhammad and the 19 Code

***a Realization a day! keeps da’ doc away!
New Universal World of Peace…a topic for
the Unitted Nations! yes indeed………

time for grown-ups to listen!

time for grown-ups to listen!

“Woman has the knowledge instinctively within her of the proper movement of the 28 day lunar cycle. The more we know about the rhythm of the universe and the more we know about the cycles of the orbits of all objects in space, the more we will value and love womanhood. Woman is impressed, is imprinted, in every divine act of Universal Order.”
~ Mother Tynnetta Muhammad ~

When there is so much prejudice an crazy perceptions of things an whatnot for some well, its all bout numbers, some its all bout money – some its all bout time- an others bout belief systems? some believe in a frequency shift for world peace an the greater good for peace an love an good things for all of mankind that wishes for it to be thata way!…I hope someone gets my drift on this post-it…. i attempted to show it to a baptist reverend in my neighborhood, an he slammed me an told me i was a supporter of the BAD GUYS! HIS RELIGION IS AGAINST anything that believes things different than he sees it with his one an only god! well far from the fact;far from the fact I am siding with “the bad guys” …i was attempting to share with him the quest of many on the planet especially women whom would like to see timeshift and change come bout in many ways.He believes we ought to nuke the middle east how insane huh! Well, i think the timeshift thing is a noble idea….especially changing the whole worlds time system back to that of mother earths daily routine…he didn’t agree….so will leave it up to my readers 🙂 have a great rest of the week as we march into wide

an please if this topic is of any importance to ya, read the rest of the original post-it by red queen, at her 1320 blog page, frequency shift. and pop on back here to comment if ya wish:)

Namaste’ Red Queen frum da’Q.


We are now entering into a New Time and a renewal in our history in which Telepathy is being applied in accessing higher and higher states of spiritual consciousness in which not only a few will become masters of this art, but the New Civilization will be ruled by the Minds of the Righteous in a totally New Universal World of Peace. — Mother Tynetta Muhammad

In this time when there is so much prejudice, misunderstanding, and judgement regarding different faiths, I ask that you read this with an open mind and heart. We are transcending history and lifting above our dualities and preconceptions in order to see the divine mathematical template woven within all people, events, traditions, etc. This is what we call the hand of GOD = GALACTIC ORDERING DYNAMIC.

At this present stage of time we recognize that words are full of conditionings. The Law of Time and synchronic…

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5 thoughts on “Mother Tynetta Muhammad and the 19 Code

    • 10-4 an thanQ… seems only those whom might have paid attention to where the sun rises an sets off thier horizon for the last 10 years would notice…but i sure do yep link will have to do apost bout it soon i shall 🙂 cya 🙂 Q

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