Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week (45)

Welcome back Michelle, Glad ya made da’ rounda bout a safe journey for the body mind an soul, da kats an dogz ain’t too sure what to think of the guest here lol….yep, she said is a challenge to have certain petz

Meet Pepe da' pet

Meet Pepe da’ pet

🙂 huh! 

pepe la pew :) by Q

pepe la pew 🙂 by Q


believe it er not da skunk smells better dan da ferret anyhew: an no officer i wawsn’t smokin skunk weed 🙂 lol

pepe la pew wit da Q

pepe la pew wit da Q


Michelle said: thanks to all who took part while she was away,,, here is a link tot he latest pet challenge page although Q is a late one this week 🙂 is what it is.


petchallengeSo till next time round ; a great week to all fellow aminal loverz out there in Q’s werld, time to go tend to mine over an our frum Q…below is a list of entries whilst michelle was away an playin


1. Passionately Bored 10. anotherday2paradise 19. Isoleevie
2. Peyton and Sydnee Pee 11. Oliver being cute in his pink tunnel 🙂 20. Kimberly and Sydnee Pee
3. Emily 12. Mao – Yuki’s cat – being very cute ^^ 21. becca givens
4. Raewyn Forbes 13. Here kitty kitty – love happy notes 22. Holly Rene
5. Little Binky 14. Kimberlly and Sydnee Pee 23. Squarebird
6. love happy notes 15. Holley @ Destino 24. Basiga
7. Colonialist 16. Quarksire’s Sugar Dog
8. becca givens 17. scrapydodog
9. anotherday2paradise 18. Isoleevie


5 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week (45)

    • LoL not mine but a friendz 🙂 i think i’ll pass on raising snakes, ferretts reptiles an skunks LoL … she said pepe’ wouldn’t a stay outa da dog an cat food and got along with them ok so she trapped him and had him fixed an added to her damn fam 🙂 LoL huh 🙂 but he is awful cute, a mean little clawed critter though, lewk, so sweet though huh . not quite! lewk at his clawz 🙂

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