Venus, Synchronicity, and Galactic Consciousness

******”We are a microcosm of the the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos and all the multiverses, ad infinitum. Everything is fractal. Everything is connected to everything else”….harrahhhh for da’ year of da’ Wizard ūüôā may 2015 bless dis’ holy werld with love & light & a new consciousness …yes indeed! ūüėé thank you RedQueen ‚̧ … Q PLEASE READ THE ORIGINAL POST-IT fer all da’ correctness of info…

‚ÄĚThe synchronic order is the telepathic wiring of the fourth-dimensional mind. Navigating it with clarity is all-important. Through our activation by these codes, we are receiving a new perception of reality showing that we are players in a Plan of enormous scope and multidimensional possibilities. In order to make the most of the daily synchronic order code practices, it is highly recommended that you first begin by doing a session of natural mind mediation ‚Ķ Once you have cleared your mind, you will see with fresh eyes the wonders that await you.‚Ä̬† ‚ÄďValum Votan, Rinri newsletter III Vol. 1, no. 3


Some people ask: What is galactic consciousness and how is it applicable to my day-to- day reality? What good are time codes when I am working a 9-5 job and raising a family?

Just recognizing that time is the invisible foundation that our lives our woven through is the first step. We have to start where we are.  Our quality of experience is in accordance to the frequency we are tuned to at any given moment. Time codes are a gift and tool that allows us to daily experience the hidden connections that bind all reality into One. blue-storm-restructuring-1 If you are really new this, you can begin by directing your attention to the simplest cycles of nature:  Night and Day. In breath, out breath. Lunar, Solar. Masculine, feminine. The law of alternation. Night is receptive (in breath-feminine-Moon); day is active (out breath-masculine-sun).

If you think that numbers are complicated or have a math block,  I can relate…

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