420 Da’ Real Deal

420 Greetings

~~~~~~~ Da’ Real Deal ~~~~~~~
2015 – da’ dea fda aap an a fake war on drugs

Watch closely as the Congress and the President work in a bipartisan manner in the best interests of the citizens. It all occurs below the surface at a very slow pace and after about a week of it you won’t be able to tell that anything actually happened…is the way it seems an appears with many things concerning the P.O.T. {plenty of trouble} as in da’ old dragnet series lol…
well, lotsa changes have been takin’ place an very rapidly now, it appears, as with most things, politics is behind times concerning the truth of the real reality concerning things{of the past} that is,,,an well the way I see it all forms of drugs should be Legal an Labeled… bout all there is to it.. an controlled by the system that {supposed}…

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2 thoughts on “420 Da’ Real Deal

    • well, one could hope so , that there could be a peaceful transition an revolution,,, now thatd be some kewl new history for mankind huh! …. well time will tell. thanks for ur positive werds, glad thiongs are gettin better for u also ! namaste’ Q

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