Michelles Weekly Pet Challenge Meet Geronimo

Introducing Mo


Short for Geronimo!


A New Member to Quarksires family of dogz


he got his first puppy shot today! so no parvo for dis guy ..i do so hope he is a happy camper! a real tail wagger!


Michelles Weekly Pet Challenge

Here they are:



Sydnee Pee and Kimberly Waggin Master hugmamma
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Quarksire Z car an da kitty The Carrs & Meekah
Raewyn Forbes becca givens Michelle
Priceless Joy becca givens Nato
Priceless Joy Lor B Tired Kitty
Little Binky . hugmamma
Passionately Bored Emily

this past week there are some very kewl pics


13 thoughts on “Michelles Weekly Pet Challenge Meet Geronimo

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    • me too. hes like a live teddy bear he is, too bad he can’t stay a puppy 4-ever an has to grow up lol, will have to take as many opics as possible while he be a little kid still lol…… thanQ fer poppin in to say high linda 🙂 … Q

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