Tony Hawk Lands a 900 At 48! years old

Jest a Quick vid to show that old guys still gots it!.

yep yep…an for my sk8 buddies that follow my werld,


tony has been a household name since my last child was born, that was over 20 years ago…an inspiration to my son evr since he could watch tv an ryde on a sk8board πŸ™‚

..Goes to show what TRY TRY an TRY again means.Truly! 48 years old he can still pull off a 900

Β  πŸ™‚

how bout that !!!


6 thoughts on “Tony Hawk Lands a 900 At 48! years old

  1. Tony is amazing, my best friends kids watch this and I happened to be there…Great post for today.

    • right on right on…..waz hopin sumone that would appreciate it would watch πŸ™‚ .take care thanks fer poppin in an commenting,,,now the boys are prolly at u-tube watching various vids…. πŸ™‚ enjoy πŸ™‚ an take care frum da’ Q aka mike in pagosa colorado … πŸ™‚

  2. This is incredible actual footage during the 80-minute attack on the USS Laffey. About the best naval footage ever shot by a Navy cameraman. The camera was

    in the gun turret under attack. It’s Amazing! The USS Laffey, ”The ship that would not die” was hit by 6 Kamikazes and 4 bombs, but remained afloat after an 80 minute battle that included 22 Kamikaze attacks.

    Click on the link below, and then click on the photo of the gun turret to activate the video.

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