Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week 33


3 Heartz fer 3 Aminalz i no longer have today!

 Tubz Ziggy & Stardust!

They beTakin da’ spotlight This day in my heavenly hardrive!

  1st is Tubz here

… Tubz was da’ Kewl of the Kewlest Kittie Katz …


 Tubz Ziggy & Stardust!


Link> ♥ ONE Blu HEART fer ZIGGY –  Da Cutest Kitty who gotz ate by da dog, lewked at me an said why oh why an died….


Then there was ..The jaded one..HE Deserves 9 heartz!




Jade da’ spade Stardust here thought he had 9 lives but well …dissapeard one day soo……….

below are some pics from last weeks challenge click on the pic or the logo below to go check em out. Da’ pic on da top right in the photograph collage’ below is my kitty on da hunt 🙂 some very kewl entries last week..xhweck em out..i really don’t know whether i am late er early er what but well is saturday an i ussually do this on tuesday lol…ok …bye 4 Now! Q




Thank you to all who took part in michelles  felt weekly pet challenge for fun;  i especially like da chickz in a bowl lol pic an da cat jest a hangin’ and the siamese woods stalkin’ easter dog to da peeking kat to the all knowing animal lol…  Here are the links as posted in Mr Lnky: All 2 kewl fer skewl in q’s-bewk dis’ week!
SOME; Very Kewl Entries This Week Folks 🙂 Love em all! dis’week sayz da’ q..so everyone getz a smiley guy 2 day!.no aprilz a foolin’ wheres that 19th person i know she had a pic for this..? Ok calling all animal owners.? letz see whatcha got? Q

**** “THis Webby Werld By Q is Rated PG” ****


jest click on logos or pics above to see more


Michelle’s weekly Pet Challenge

have a splendid week all

~~~~ Q ~~~~


pssst!!!!!!….PG: is for paraglide! lol………..

well werks fer me, whooo hoo ..an boy do i have a mr. linky fer U!..

Since this week was bout

Tubz Ziggy & Stardust! maybe next week i sould do one bout mars an jup 2 ..we shall see lol..or ill jest brand anoteher with my brandon, he be growing fsat ,wowza….or fast i guess lol…omg. it is 5;00 pm april 26th i lewk outside right the hail an rain got all quiet …It’s freiking snopwing …Geezzz….. wow.. ok easier to clean off wood ..wont be so wet , my prayers are answered an i was all wooried bout the rain lol….!

15 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week 33

    • dat kitty has a smirk bout himself lol yeah dats true prolly why sash bit his head off who knows, right in frt of me a couple night laters in the kitchen ,, jeez,,,,oh well,,,lotsa kats seem to come an go in mikeys werld …ok nuff from midnight rambler here cya 🙂 …..

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  3. aww, what a lovely tribute:) My first daughter is still with me – lots of pics on the wall and I have her ashes. Chloe was my boy’s first sister and Pee’s guardian sis:) Great post this week. xx

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